Key & Compass presents:
Folkar Station
by Doug Jones

Folkar Station is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2007 by Doug Jones. It was an entry in IntroComp 2007.

In this incomplete game, you play as a standard clone, revived from cryosleep to deal with three emergencies on the deserted station that's orbiting Mars. Your first task, and only task in this intro, is to repair a hull breach.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


(to hub) turn bolt CorridorACA-4 ControlRoom CorridorACA-3 Repository Mainten-ance Area CorridorACA-2 ACALivingQuarters CorridorACA-1 Foreman'sRoom(Beta 268) OutsideStation (to alpha)



> x me. i. x coveralls. ("ACA-001")

> out. x tank. x tanks. x machinery.

> x terminal. x card. read sign. x food. pull lever.

> ne.

Control Room

> x screen. x panels. todo.

> s.

Maintenance Area

> take wrench. x it.

> x cabinets. open cabinet. open left. open right. (Both locked)

> n. e. s. s. w.

ACA Living Quarters

> x door. open panel. sw.

Foreman's Room - ACA Beta Room 268

You can ignore the bed and closet.

> x desk. open drawer. take keycard. x it.

> nw. e. n. n. w. s.

Maintenance Room

> unlock left with card. unlock right with card.

> open left. x tanks. take tanks.

> open right. x torch. take torch.

> n. e. s. s. w.

ACA Living Quarters

> wear tanks. turn bolt.

You're pulled through and out. You lose the wrench, and there's now a hole in your oxygen tanks.

Outside Station

> x hole. bend edges. weld edges.

One emergency has been dealt with, but two remain.





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