Key & Compass presents:
Finding Light
by Abigail Jazwiec

Finding Light is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2021 by Abigail Jazwiec. It was an entry in IF Comp 2021 where it took 18th place.

In this fantasy game, you play as the guardian familiar known as Ezra, formed from light and given to Aurel when he was a child. Today, you wake up bleeding in a forest. You remember raiders attacking. Aurel is gone. You must find him. Your astral gem lets you turn into a black fox with enchanced smell and the ability to speak to animals.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


EmptyBedroom Barracks Tower SecretPassage Cellar Library SecretPassage Rat'sNest Kitchen Raiders'Fort NarrowHall MazeEntrance Shed FortEntrance Post Withinthe Maze Clearing Dungeons Forest WithintheForest e u d push switch out pushgrey enter thelabyrinth e. n. e. n. w.w. s. w. n. w.


You are a familiar of the world, given life by a priestess and given to the child Aurel to guide and accompany him.

You remember raiders and a man grabbing your hand and running. But now you're alone.


> x me. (As "Ezra", you are slender, dark-haired. You wear a bracelet.)

> x bracelet. (for the gem)

> x gem. (Lets you CHANGE into a black fox.)

> open satchel. wear bandages.

> take all.

> x journal. (It's Aurel's, but you can't read it.)

> put journal in satchel.

> wear gem. (You are now a fox.)

> smell. (ash from raiders, Aurel, blood)

> x trees. listen.

> n.


> smell trail. (Aurel.)

> x structure. x moat. x bridge. x flags.

> n.

Fort Entrance

> x gate. x padlock. x shack.

> w.


> x weapons. x wood. x table. x dagger.

> take dagger.

> e. e.


As a fox, you can talk to the horses.

> x brown horse. topics brown horse.

> ask brown about raiders.

> ask brown about gate. (Wants food in exchange for key location.)

> ask brown about name. ("Rian")

> ask brown about forest.

> topics white.

> ask white about name. ("Era")

> ask white about raid.

> ask white about forest.

> w. s. s. s.

Within the Forest

> x trail. x berries. x thorns.

> change.

> cut thorns with dagger. (You have berries.)

> put berries and dagger in satchel.

> change. n. n. n. e.


> give berries to brown.

> look under black saddle. (You take a rusty key.)

> w.

Fort Entrance

Yes, you can manage this as a fox.

> unlock gate with key. (The key is gone.)

> open gate. (You are now in...)

Raiders' Fort

> n.


> x raven. topics raven.

> ask raven about raven. ask raven about Aurel.

> ask raven about library. ask raven about books.

> ask raven about reading.

> x paper. ask raven about paper.

> take paper. ask raven about paper. (Grey for sneaking in, red for secrets, green for death.)

> take journal. ask raven about journal. g. g. g.

> x pendant. put it in satchel.

> x fireplace. x stand. x books, x desk. x window.

> ask raven about raiders. ask raven about rats.

> put journal and paper in satchel.

> s. w.


> x cabinets. open cabinets. x bread. put bread in satchel.

> x pot. x pyre. x utensils. x spoons. x fork.

> x crack. x hay.

> n.

Cellar / A Dark Room

> x bottles. x chest. x crowbar. x crate.

> x cheese. x rat. x trap.

> open chest. x lantern. take lantern.

> take crowbar.

> open crate. (need to be human to do that)

> change. (now you can't see much)

> light lantern.

> open crate. (voices and footsteps approaching!)

> hide.

Two raiders, Rork and Sel, fail to find the crowbar, lantern, or you.

> open crate. x wine.

> put cheese in satchel.

> put wine in satchel.

> extinguish lantern.

> s.


> change. (You're now a fox.)

> w.

Rat's Nest

> x nest. x rat. topics rat.

> ask rat about rat. (He has three items to trade; he wants food or shiny things.)

> ask rat about nest. ask rat about brother.

> ask rat about other rats. ask rat about Aurel.

> ask rat about raven.

> ask rat about cheese. ask rat about bread.

> ask rat about pendant.

> give cheese to rat. (He gives you a copper key.)

... tell the rat about the dead rat? yes. (He thanks you and gives you a strange token.)

> give bread to rat. (He tells you that you'll get lost forever in the maze if you even make one mistake in it. No going backward either!)

> give pendant to rat. (He gives you a note.)

After all three trades, he disappears into his nest.

> x key. x token. (very shiny)

> x note. (You can't read it.)

> e. e. n.


> ask raven about note. ("Enter Neither East Nor West When Searching Walls Near Windows.")

Note that the initial letters are compass directions: E, N, E, N, W, W, S, W, N, W.

> s. e.

Narrow Hall

CAUTION: Don't push any of the stones just yet.

> change. look. (Now stones are GREY, GREEN, RED.)

> x grey. (could be pressed like a button)

> x tapestries. x pictures. x weaponry. x pillars.

> n.


> x raiders. listen.

> s.

Narrow Hall

Make sure you're human so you see the colors correctly.

> push grey. (You fall into...)

Secret Passage (south end)

> x switch. n.

Secret Passage (north end)

> x hatch. u. (You climb out to...)


> x candles. x door.

> open bedroom door. ("P--- off, Rinel!")

> g, (2nd door has muttering)

> g. (wooden door is quiet)

> open wooden door. (locked)

> unlock it with key. (You enter...)

Empty Bedroom

> x dust. x window.

> x bed. look under bed. x blanket.

> x book. take it. x illustrations. g. g.

> x nightstand. ("MK")

> x MK. x whetstone. sharpen dagger. x dagger.

Oddly, after you sharpen the dagger, the whetstone is gone. Its job is done.

> x closet. open it.

> x uniform. take it.

> x carvings. x bear. x wolf. x bird. x goat.

> e. d. s. push switch. w. n.


> change. (You're now a fox.)

> ask raven about book. ("book of fairytales")

> s. e.

Narrow Hall

> change. (You're now human.)

> wear uniform. n.


> x fat. topics fat raider.

> x silent. topics silent raider.

> x carpet. x lanterns.

> ask fat about himself. (He's Dov. The other guy is Zakir.)

> ask Dov about Zakir. (has no tongue)

> ask Dov about Zakir's tongue. (mentions 'magic clan')

> ask Dov about magic clan. (star freaks with lil guardians)

> ask Dov about raiders. ask Dov about tower.

> ask Dov about Aurel. (locked up)

> ask Dov about keys. (for dungeons)

> ask Dov about wine. (try the cellar)

> give wine to Dov. (He gives the keys to you.)

> x keys.

> s.

Narrow Hall

> push red. (Passage east opens.)

> e.

Maze Entrance

> save. change. (Let's be a fox for this.)


Within the Maze (several locations)

Use the directions clued by the translated note. Don't make any mistakes!

> e. n. e. n.   w. w.   s. w. n. w.


> smell green trail. x slab.

> change. (You are now human.)

> x Aurel. topics Aurel.

> ask Aurel about himself.

> ask Aurel about what happened.

> ask Aurel about dungeon.

> ask Aurel about raiders.

> ask Aurel about escape.

> unlock cell with keys. (Note it's "cell", not "cage".)

> push slab.

Suddenly Zakir is attacking with a spiked chain!

> attack Zakir with dagger.

Zakir dies. You and Aurel crawl through a tunnel outside the fort, then ride the horses to freedom.

*** You rescued Aurel and escaped the raiders' fort together! You also managed to do away with Zakir without sustaining any major injuries, so you're home free! What adventures await you next? ***






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