Key & Compass presents:
Final Assault of the Big Green Cliches
by Sam Kabo Ashwell

Final Assault of the Big Green Cliches is a TADS 2 work of interactive fiction and is © 2001 by Sam Kabo Ashwell. It was a participant in the Speed-IF y = 1/x event.

In this short work, it's last stand time. You're pinned down with your companions, Waptrap, Mindbraid, and Aur in a bad position behind a fallen pillar. The infidels are well within range, but you can't see them. Take as many of them down with you as you can.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


(unnamed location)

I think I missed the point of this one. You and your companions (who are unaccountably absent from the room's description) are hiding behind a fallen pillar and fighting the "infidels". So it's a war. But who the two sides are, what they're fighting about, and what it is that kills everyone in eleven turns or so is somewhat unclear.

If there's more to this than examining your surroundings, shooting at the enemy and missing, and waiting for the end, let me know.

> x me. i. x rifle. x ikon. x Waptrap. x pillar.

> x Aur. x Mindbraid. x enemy. x hair. z. (wait until end)

You are killed, but something else happens afterwards. It seems to me that you're restarting the scenario as a new character, this time with the Manicheans.

Perhaps this is a virtual reality? In a combat game? Are you trapped in an endless cycle of death and resurrection?

And they are truly loved; for they are of the blood of God.




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