Escape the Bear Campsite


Escape the Bear Campsite was written in Quest 4.0 and is © 2008 by CJ592.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the first version of the game.

See also this game at:, IFDB, and IFWiki.




search lake. use rock on crate.

x wood pile. take nail. search wood pile. take yoyo.

use rock on nail. take hook.

x yoyo. remove string. take plastic ball.

use string on hook. look at mud. x mud. search mud. hit mud.

tap mud. tap mud. take worm. (It takes two taps to coax a worm to appear.)

use worm on fishing line. use plastic ball on fish.

s. throw fish. (Attempting to go south summons the bear for a limited time. The fish must be thrown before he leaves.)

s. (You Escape!)