Key & Compass presents:
Eye of the Inca
by John Olsen

Eye of the Inca is a MS-DOS text adventure game written with The Quill and is © 1992 by John Olsen. It was released as shareware as part of his Tales of Treasure collection; the other games in this collection are Perils of Darkest Africa and Revenge of the Moon Goddess.

You play as a treasure hunter exploring a long lost Incan temple. You're looking for 26 gold treasures and a giant diamond called the "Eye of the Inca"! Bring them all outside the temple to the jungle clearing where the game starts and say SCORE to win.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 3.0 of the game. To play this game, I needed to use the DosBox program to emulate DOS on my Windows 10 machine.


Map 1: Ground Level

u u u d Emperor'sthroneroom Emperor'swaitingroom Armory Top oftemplesteps Slave' Emperor'sbedroom West endof corridor Shortcorridor Justinsidethe temple Top ofbrokensteps Base ofbrokensteps Emperor'sharemroom Emperor'sbathroom Treasury Treasurechamber Privateswimmingpool Top ofinfinitesteps Bottomof infinitesteps South endof hall Roompaneledin wood Wineroom Bottomof pool Slavesquarters Banquetroom Ancientrest room Templekitchen Jungleclearing d d d u

Map 2: Upper Level

Priestsroom SacredStoneroom Priestsdressingroom Room withopenceiling Top ofinfinitesteps Bottomof infinitesteps Sacrificialchamber Behindthechamber Rockgrotto Quicksandburialchamber Northend ofcorridor Traitor'shall Shallowquicksand Under thequicksand Southend ofcorridor Tortureroom Furnaceroom Volcanicfire room Bubblingpool,west side Bubblingpool,east side d u u u u d d d

Map 3: Maze

u Top ofbrokensteps Base ofbrokensteps Maze1 Maze2 Maze3 Maze4 Forgottenroom d


Opening notes

I've mentally divided the temple into seven zones and I'll direct you to plunder them one at a time, bringing the treasures back to the jungle clearing at the end of each part. It's relaxing in a way. There's no pressure. You don't need to worry about darkness or eating or sleeping or combat in this game at all.

And it's really quite marvelous to visit a place where darn near everything you find is made of gold. Most of the treasures aren't at all practical or likely to exist, and I hate to think how heavy it all is, but who cares? It's treasure! Take it!!

And here's some procedural advice:

Part 1: The Emperor's quarters

Jungle clearing

> help. i. (You begin with nothing.)

> l. take rock. examine rock. (It's anthracite, which is a type of coal.)

> u.

Top of temple steps

You don't need the corn; leave it.

> examine corn. s.

Just inside the temple

Note: "examine gear" doesn't work.

This is as good a place as any to leave useful stuff.

> examine scuba. drop rock.

> w.

Short corridor

> examine padlock. w.

West end of corridor

> read message. ("beware warrior")

> n.

Emperor's waiting room

Note: "examine warrior" doesn't work.

> examine statue. examine skeleton.

> examine scales. take scales.

> turn statue. l. (The statue is no longer guarding the west door.)

> w.

Emperor's throne room

> examine throne.

> examine chandeliers. take chandeliers.

> s. w.

Slave's preparation room

> examine manacles. take manacles.

> e. s.

Emperor's bathroom

> examine brush. take brush.

> w.

Emperor's harem room

> examine statues. examine tablet. take tablet.

> e. s.

Private swimming pool

CAUTION: Don't enter the pool; you can't swim.

> examine tooth. (You don't need it.)

Take your booty to the clearing:

> n. n. n. e. s. e. e. n. d.

Jungle clearing

Hold on to the tablet; it'll be useful.

> drop scales. drop chandeliers.

> drop manacles. drop brush.

Part 2: The swimming pool

Jungle clearing

> u. s.

Just inside the temple

> take scuba.

> w. w. n. w. s. s. s.

Private swimming pool

> wear scuba. d.

Bottom of pool

> examine ring. take ring. u.

Private swimming pool

> remove scuba.

> n. n. n. e. s. e. e.

Just inside the temple

> drop scuba.

> n. d.

Jungle clearing

> drop ring.

Part 3: The banquet zone

Jungle clearing

> u. s. s.

South end of large hall

> read sign. (while holding tablet: "Stomp your feet twice.")

> stomp feet. stomp feet. (A slot is revealed.)

> examine slot.

> e.

Room paneled in wood

> read sign. (while holding tablet: "Clap your hands twice")

> clap hands. clap hands. (The door opens.)

> e.

Wine room

> examine cup. take cup.

> w. w. s.

Banquet room

> examine table.

> examine bowl. take bowl.

> w.

Slaves quarters

> examine ladder. take ladder.

> e. e.

Ancient rest room

> examine wrapper. (Leave it.)

> read sign. (using the tablet: "Flush before entering Kitchen.")

> examine lever. pull lever. (Faint sound in the distance.)

The lever unlocks (and locks) the south door of the banquet room.

> w. s.

Temple kitchen

> examine knife. take knife.

> n. n.

South end of hall

> put knife in slot. (A passageway opens.)

> l. (The open panel is west.)

Let's deposit more of our booty:

> n. n. d.

Jungle clearing

Hold on to the tablet and ladder.

> drop cup. drop bowl. drop knife.

Part 4: The maze and key-locked rooms

Jungle clearing

> u. s. e.

Top of broken steps

> drop ladder. d.

Base of broken steps

If you really feel like mapping the maze yourself, drop objects in the maze locations to tell them apart. I suggest using worthless items like the wrapper, tooth, corn, and revolver since you can just leave them in the maze.

> e. n. s. e. s.

Forgotten room

> take key. examine key.

> examine window. (You see the Eye on the other side, plus a bubbling red pool, and a red room on the other side of the pool.)

> w. u.

Top of broken steps

> take ladder. w.

Just inside the temple

> drop tablet. drop ladder. w.

Short corridor

> unlock padlock. (with key; the padlock falls and the north door is open.)

> take padlock.

> n.


> take axe. examine axe.

> s. w. s.


> examine gun. (No bullets; leave it.)

> e. unlock door. (with key; the east door is now open.)

> e.

Treasure chamber

> examine coins. take coins.

> take bar. (Can't while it's in the glass.)

> break glass. examine bar. take bar.

And drop off the booty again:

> w. n. e. e. n. d.

Jungle clearing

> drop key. drop padlock. drop axe.

> drop coins. drop bar.

Part 5: The priests' domain

Jungle clearing

> u. s.

Just inside the temple

Scoop up these four items; we'll need them upstairs:

> take rock. take scuba. take tablet. take ladder.

> s. w. u.

Top of infinite steps

> examine skin. (Leave it.)

> w.

Room with open ceiling

The north door won't open just yet.

> drop rock. drop scuba. drop ladder.

> read sign. (while holding tablet: "Forecast: clear as a bell.")

> examine vase. (Find an gold eagle!)

> examine eagle. take eagle.

> examine statue. take statue.

> turn vase. (A passageway west opens.)

> w.

Priests dressing room

> examine needle. take needle.

> n.

Priests room

> examine comb. take comb.

> s. e. s.

Sacrificial chamber

> read sign. (while holding tablet: "Sacrifice human blood only!")

> examine slab. examine bell. take bell.

> prick me. (with needle; the slab moves revealing way south.)

Ignore the south opening for now.

> n.

Room with open ceiling

I have trouble believing that the Incan language uses the "clear as a bell" idiom, but whatever.

> drop tablet. ring bell. (The north door opens.)

> n.

Sacred Stone room

> examine bracelet. (You can wear it.)

> take bracelet.

Head back to the jungle with our treasure:

> s. w. d. e. n. n. d.

Jungle clearing

> drop eagle. drop statue. drop needle.

> drop comb. drop bell. drop bracelet.

Part 6: The deathly zone

Jungle clearing

> u. s. s. w. u. w.

Room with open ceiling

> take tablet. take ladder. take scuba.

> s. s. d.

North end of corridor

> read sign. (with tablet: "Quicksand Burial Chamber")

Make sure you're wearing the scuba gear and carrying the ladder!

> wear scuba.

> w. (You sink down in the quicksand to...)

Under quicksand

The ladder is your way out of here.

> drop ladder. w. n.

Rock grotto

> examine hammer. take hammer.

> s. e. u. e.

North end of corridor

> drop scuba. take ladder. e.

Traitor's hall

> examine thumbscrews. take thumbscrews.

> s.

Torture room

> examine coffin. (Same description as the throne.)

> take nails. (using the hammer)

> examine nails.

Leave the coffin for now and head back to the jungle:

> w. n. u. n. n. e. d. e. n. n. d.

Jungle clearing

> drop ladder. drop hammer.

> drop nails. drop thumbscrews.

Part 7: The hot zone

Jungle clearing

> u. s. s. w. u. w.

Room with open ceiling

> take rock.

> s. s. d. s. e.

Torture room

> take coffin. w. s.

Furnace room

> read sign. (with tablet: "Fueled by volcanic heat, not by coal.")

> examine furnace. (Can't enter, but see a red glow inside.)

> examine shovel. take shovel.

> throw rock. (A trap door opens below.)

> d.

Volcanic fire room

> examine diamond.

Use the gold coffin as a raft. Yes, really.

> drop coffin. sit. (You are now at...)

Bubbling pool, west side

> e. (using the shovel as a paddle)

Bubbling pool, east side

> take diamond. w. w.

Volcanic fire room

> take coffin.

Take it all home:

> u. n. n. u. n. n. e. d. e. n. n. d.

Jungle clearing

> drop tablet. drop coffin. drop shovel.

> drop diamond.

> score.

You did it! You brought out all of the treasures. Your score is 100% !!

Congratulations on completing this adventure, the EYE OF THE INCA.


No characters section this time, since there are no characters in the game besides the player-character, not even animals.


This game isn't really trying to kill you very often, but your character can die by:



You must eventually bring all the treasures into the jungle clearing outside the temple and type SCORE to win. Some treasures have additional uses before you do that, though.

  1. axe: a heavy gold axe. Found in the armory.
  2. bar: a rectangular gold bar. Found in a glass case in the treasure chamber. Break the glass, then take the bar.
  3. bell: a small gold bell. Found in the sacrificial chamber. Ring it in the room with the open ceiling to open the north door.
  4. bowl: an ornate gold bowl. Found in the temple banquet room when you examine the table.
  5. bracelet: a beautiful gold bracelet. Found in the Sacred Stone room. You can wear it.
  6. brush: a tarnished gold hair brush. Found in the Emperor's bathroom.
  7. chandeliers: finely detailed gold chandeliers. Found in the Emperor's throne room.
  8. coffin: a large gold coffin. Found in the torture room. Take the nails first, using the hammer, then you can take the coffin. In the volcanic fire room, drop the coffin and sit on it to use it as a raft.
  9. coins: a handful of gold coins. Found in the treasure chamber.
  10. comb: a fine gold comb. Found in the priests room.
  11. cup: a large gold drinking cup. Found in the wine room.
  12. diamond: an enormous diamond, the "Eye of the Inca". Found on the east side of the bubbling pool. Drop the coffin in the volcanic fire room and sit on it; the coffin floats and acts as a raft. Use the shovel as a paddle to cross the pool, get the diamond, and return.
  13. eagle: a small gold eagle. Found by examining the vase in the room with an open ceiling.
  14. hammer: an old gold hammer. Found in the small rock grotto past the quicksand. You'll need the scuba gear and the ladder to be able to reach the hammer and return with it. Use the hammer to take the nails.
  15. key: a large gold key. Found in a forgotten room in the maze. The key unlocks the padlock in the short corridor; you can now enter the armory. The key also unlocks the door in the treasury; you can now enter the treasure chamber.
  16. knife: a small dull gold knife. Found in the temple kitchen. Put the knife in the slot in the south end of the entrance hall to open a secret panel.
  17. ladder: a solid gold ladder. Found in the slaves quarters. Drop it at the top of the broken steps; you can now go down into the maze. Also take the ladder into the quicksand burial chamber; you need it to be able to escape the quicksand.
  18. manacles: a pair of gold manacles. Found in the slave's preparation room.
  19. nails: heavy duty gold nails. Found in the torture room; take them with the hammer.
  20. needle: a sharp golden needle. Found in the priests dressing room. In the sacrificial chamber, prick yourself with the needle; your blood on the slab will make the slab slide, revealing a south exit.
  21. padlock: a strong gold padlock. Found in the short corridor. Unlock it with the key; you can now get into the armory.
  22. ring: a detailed gold ring. Found in the bottom of the swimming pool. Wear the scuba gear to go down into the pool safely; you can't swim.
  23. scales: a set of balance scales made of gold. Found in the Emperor's waiting room.
  24. shovel: a wide gold shovel. Found in the furnace room. Use it as a paddle when crossing the bubbling pool, using the coffin as a raft.
  25. statue: a small gold statue of the emperor. Found in the room with an open ceiling.
  26. tablet: a golden tablet etched with writing. Found by examining the statues in the Emperor's harem room. It will translate several Incan signs for you.
  27. thumbscrews: worn gold thumbscrews. Found in the traitor's hall.

Other items

Here are the few pitiful items not made of gold or diamond:


The SCORE command only works in the jungle clearing outside the temple. Your percentage is based solely on which treasures are in the clearing.

You have scored percentage so far.

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