Key & Compass presents:
by Gita Ryaboy

Eunice is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2018 by Gita Ryaboy. It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 59th place.

In this game, you have finally arrived in the fantasy land of Eunice. Here, in the Eunice light, you look like an adventurer, but Eunice itself looks tired and rundown. Use the power of positive, life-affirming actions to restore Eunice's vitality.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


DarkValley d ForestGlen OldHouse SteepTrail FrontPorch PineTrail PineWoods FrontYard QuakingBog BogHeart RockyField DustyField Plain-field Meadow-land Grassland TreeCrown u


Front Yard

> about. x me. i. (carrying nothing)

> read note.

> x garden. smell plants. x trash. x porch. x pot.

You won't be able to reach the porch until something replaces the missing stairs.

> n. x stairs.

Tending the garden has two effects: you get a flute, and a whisk in the Meadowland is now takeable.

> tend garden. x flute. play it.

> x garden. smell plants.

> e.

Quaking Bog

The sign tells you what you can do here. Appreciating nature has two effects: you get a fly, and you can now go east into the bog.

> x sign. swim in bog. jump.

> appreciate nature. x fly.

> e.

Bog Heart

> x toad. x moss. x bog.

> wake toad. kiss toad.

> give fly to toad.

> ask toad about quest. ask toad about treasures.

> ask toad about key.

> search water. g. g. g. g.

> x key. ask toad about hope.

> thank toad.

> w. w. s.


> x whisk. take it. s.


> x tree. take spatula. (Not yet!)

> climb tree.

Tree Crown

Eating the apple has three effects: you get seeds, the spatula is now takeable, and a hammock appears in the Meadowland.

> x apple. take apple. eat apple.

> x seeds. d.


> take spatula. n.


> x hammock. lie on hammock.

> sleep. ("Hope is the thing with feathers")

> w. w.

Dusty Field

> x tin. take it. (Not yet!)

> w.

Rocky Field

> x boulders. x mountains. x board. x paper.

> x notes. g. g. g.

Don't use the TYPE command. Type your statements as your commands. Feel free to be grateful for whatever you like.

Expressing your gratitude has three effects: you get an origami bird, the tin is now takeable, and wildflowers appear in the Plainfield.

> today I am grateful for friends

> today I am grateful for hot coffee

> x bird. e.

Dusty Field

> take tin. e.


> x flowers. smell flowers. take flowers.

> n.

Pine Woods

> x trees. smell needles. w. n.

Steep Trail

> x cup. take cup. (Not yet!)

> n. nw.

Forest Glen

> x grass. x statues.

> danceorloosen limbs.

Your movements have three effects: you get a stone, the statues are now living people, and the measuring cup is now takeable.

> x people. x stone.

> danceorloosen limbs. (Yes, do it again.)

> ask people about Eunice. ask people about Hope.

> ask people about troll. ask people about stone.

> ask people about treasures. ask people about quest.

> se. s.

Steep Trail

> take cup. s. e. e.

Front Yard

> put seeds in pot. x vines.

> n.

Front Porch

> x door. x mailbox. x mat.

> open mailbox. x elf. greet elf.

> ask elf about Eunice.

> give stone to elf. x elf.

Now that the elf is more flexible, she's much more sociable:

> ask elf about Eunice. ask elf about Hope.

> ask elf about treasures. ask elf about quest.

> ask elf about troll. ask elf about mailbox.

> thank elf. goodbye.

> unlock door with key. open door. n.

Old House

> x troll. greet troll.

> ask troll about quest.

> tell troll about joke.

Freed of ennui, the troll starts to make a cake. You will automatically give him the tin, cup, whisk, and spatula if you have them.

> smell. eat cake.

> look. x snake. x trunk.

> greet snake. play flute. (The snake leaves.)

> open trunk. x nest. x egg.

> ask troll about Hope. ask troll about poem.

> put bird on egg.

*** You have succeeded in returning Eunice to its glory! From the mountains and fields to the woods and marshes, Hope fills the land. It is now time to return to your own world. Thank you for your grit, appreciation, humor, mindfulness, flexibility, and gratitude. ***



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