Key & Compass presents:
Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse
by Nathaniel Spence

Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2020 by Nathaniel Spence.

In this small whimsy of a game, you play as a man who, after a very rough day at work, is now dreaming he's in a bathhouse for mechanical people. Explore this facility of clockwork, keys, and oil. If you're very good at examining absolutely everything, you may not only be able to find a way out of here, but also find a way to relax.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on 1.0 of the game.


Cubicle Lobby ChangingRoom Bathroom Corridor Sauna ServiceEntrance On thebench The End stand onbench d


Cover art is displayed.


After a rough day at work, you finally to go bed and sleep...


The Lobby

> x me. x pyjamas.

> x man. x serial number. read it. ("RK MIDI Z")

> x keyhole. x bathrobe. x pocket. (You take a keyring.)

> x keyring. x brass key. x card.

> x clock. x door. x hands.

> x walls. x nest.

> turn hands. x cuckoo. take cuckoo.

> drop cuckoo. z. z. look.

> x broken chick. search chick. (You take a silver key.)

> x silver key. insert silver key. turn silver key.

The man animates and begins to wander randomly, looking for an oil bath. We'll worry more about him later.

> e.

The Changing Room

> x attendant. x lockers.

> e. (Attendant stops you; you're improperly attired.)

Feel free to chat with the attendant, but she really doesn't like you at all.

> ask attendant about attire. ask attendant about bathhouse.

> ask attendant about man. ask attendant about lockers.

Unlocking the locker is a bit more awkward than normally.

> insert brass key. unlock locker. open locker.

> take towel. x towel.

> x doors. take coin. x coin.

> take keyring. (You can't)

The locker's door must have either the brass key or the coin stuck in it. Hold onto the coin for now.

> n.

The Cubicle

Although you can carry the pyjamas around with you, you don't need them elsewhere.

> x bench. x hooks.

> remove pyjamas. put pyjamas on hooks.

> wear towel.

> s. e.

The Bathroom

> x bath. x taps. x plughole. x gauge. read gauge.

> x floor. x design. x cube. x well.

> take cube. (too far down to reach)

> put coin in plughole.

You want the gauge to read "6". You learn this is the correct level by trial and error, by telling the mechanical man about the bath while he's here. If the gauge value is less than six, the man will say it's not full enough, and if the gauge value is more than six, the man will say it's too full.

If you overfill the bath, take the coin and put it back in the plughole to reduce the oil in the bath.

> turn taps on.

> read gauge. g. g. g. g. ("5")

> turn taps off.

> read gauge. (Verify that the gauge is at "6".)

> z. (Repeat waiting until the man is here.)

> tell man about bath.

He gets in the bath and the drainage channels fill. Take the cube immediately while it floats; the well will drain quickly.

> take cube. (success!)

> x cube. x symbol. (There's six symbols; the square didn't display properly for me.)

> take coin. (Not while the man is in the bath.)

> take bathrobe. (Oh, that works.)

> w. n.

The Cubicle

> remove towel. wear bathrobe.

> s. e.

The Bathroom

> give towel to man. (He accepts it and leaves the bath and goes south.)

> take coin.

> w.

The Changing Room

> put coin in door. take keyring.

> e. s.

A Corridor

The man in a towel seems to be waiting for you.

> x sign. read sign. x door. x mechanism.

> swipe card. s. SPACE

The Sauna

The man enters with you and sits down on the bench.

> x bench. x people.

> x walls. x control panel. (too high up)

Feel free to chat with the mechanical man, if you like. The other people aren't chatty at all.

> ask man about sauna. ask man about attendant.

Back to business:

> stand on bench. (too many people in the way)

> remove bathrobe. (A few people leave.)

> wear bathrobe.

> stand on bench.

On the bench

> x panel. x gauge. read gauge. ("mid")

> x slider. ("2")

> set slider to 1.

> d.

The Sauna

One person leaves angrily. Soon, they will return with the attendant, and if you're still here then, you'll scamper back to the cubicle.

> x walls. (You see a door to the southwest.)

> sw.

The Service Entrance

> x window. (You see a magnificient garden.)

> x door. x panel. x recess. x button.

> open door. (It won't open.)

Notes about this puzzle:

> press button.

For each displayed symbol, until the door is open:

Now that the door is open:


You wake up, very refreshed and happy to persue a new life.

*** The End ***





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TITLE: Escape from the Mechanical Bathhouse
AUTHOR: Nathaniel Spence
IFID: 049494ad-2958-48e1-8253-d1b24e1b9684

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Created with Quest 5.8.0

With thanks to the many incredibly helpful forum members, especially mrangel for his continual expert help and advice. Any faults remaining are entirely due to my own ineptitude.


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