Key & Compass presents:
Escape from Dinosaur Island
by Richard Pettigrew

Escape from Dinosaur Island is a web browser text adventure game written with Adventuron and is Β© 2018 by Richard Pettigrew. It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 67th place.

In this retro-styled game, you play as someone who crash-landed their hot air balloon on Dinosaur Island. Your goal, of course, is to escape this island and get back to civilization.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on version 1.02 of the game.


enteropening d u enter cave u d climb out d dive in DarkJungle Forest Clearing DenseJungle AncientShrine Jungle DarkCave Volcano WreckedBasket CrashSite GameTrail Foot of aVolcano GameTrail RaptorNest Waterfall Cliff Top Hillside Green andPleasantLand Under-waterCave SandyBeach Fresh-waterLagoon Foot ofa Cliff Shallows s u (things via fissure) (win!)


Note that the πŸ”” symbol in this walkthrough marks places in the game where there's a loud bell sound effect.

Wrecked Basket

> x cylinder. x wreckage. take bar. x bar.

> lever cylinder. climb out. (πŸ””)

Crash Site

Once you've climbed out of the basket, you can't go back in. You don't need the fabric and you're done with the bar.

> drop bar. x fabric. x basket.

> n. n. w.


> x wreck. x canopy. open canopy.

> x pilot. search pilot.

> x documents. (Member of "Flight 19".)

> x dog tags. (Lt Charles Carroll Taylor of the US Navy.)

> x hat. (Has goggles)

> take hat. wear it.

> x knife. take it.

> x recipe. take it.

> e. s. s. e.

Game Trail (north)

> x vines. (Something behind them.)

> cut vines. (πŸ”” Found a cave!)

> look. take vines.

> enter cave. d.

Ancient Shrine

> x altar. push altar. (Not strong enough.)

> u. s. s.

Game Trail

> x clay. x footprint. take clay.

> s. w.


> x fissure. (Might be able to fall through here.)

> e. d. w.

Freshwater Lagoon

> x lagoon. x fish.

> dive in. (Because you're wearing the hat with goggles, you arrive at...)

Underwater Cave

Note that this is a safe place. We'll be bringing everything here.

> x spring.

> drop clay. drop recipe.

> dive in. (Back to the lagoon.)

Freshwater Lagoon

> e. u. e. e.

Green and Pleasant Land

> x dinosaur. (Stegosaurus digging. Tasty hidden thing?)

> x ground. dig ground. x root. take root.

> s.

Sandy Beach

> x rock. (wedge shape) take rock. s.


> x driftwood. take it.

> make axe. (πŸ”” using driftwood, rock, and vines.)

> take axe. x it.

Let's find a tree to chop down:

> n. n. w. w. n. n. w. n. n. n. e.


> x tree. (good for firewood)

> chop tree. (with axe)

> drop axe. look.

> x branch. take branch.

> x logs. ("Examine what?") take logs.

Guess the author forgot to give the logs a description. Let's visit that volcano next:

> w. s. s. s. e. e. u.


You don't need the quartz.

> x quartz. x lava.

> light branch. (Now have a lit torch.)

> d. w. s. s. w.


> drop logs. drop torch. (Both fall into the fissure.)

> e. n. e.

Raptor Nest

CAUTION: When you take the egg, head quickly to the underwater cave where the mother raptor can't find you!

> x egg. take egg.

> w. s. d. w. dive in.

Underwater Cave

Time to make things! And yes, every time you do anything with the pot, you'll need to pick it up again.

> take torch. take logs. make fire. (πŸ””)

> take clay. make pot. (It's now a wet clay pot.)

> take pot. fire pot. (πŸ””)

> x pot.

> take pot. take water.

> take pot. take recipe.

While carrying egg, vegetables, recipe, pot of water:

> make soup. (πŸ””)

> look. take pot.

> x soup. eat soup. (Looks like you ate the pot too!)

> drop recipe.

Now head back to that altar:

> dive in. e. u. n. n. enter cave. d.

Ancient Shrine

With the strength of egg soup, you can push an altar.

> push altar. look.

> enter opening. (πŸ”” πŸ””)

You somehow emerge into a forest where you quickly find a way to civilization.


You have managed to escape from Dinosaur Island.

Pressing any key restarts the adventure.





Credits / About Dinosaur Island.

Dinosaur Island was authored by Richard Pettigrew and is a browser based adventure game. It has been written to mimic the popular style of text based games from the 1970s through to the mid-1980's. The tool used to create this game is named Adventuron. Adventuron is the brain child of Chris Ainsley and is available for use at:

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Chris for developing Adventuron and for all the assistance and advice he has given me throughout the authoring of this game. I'd also like to mention Richard Hawkins, John Metcalf and Tim Gilberts for their playtesting, without them the game would be full of bugs and typos!

If you get really stuck, I'm more than happy to respond to help requests.

Press any key to return to the adventure.



You have a six-item carrying capacity.

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