Key & Compass presents:
Escape from Ice Station Hippo
by Jason McWright

Escape from Ice Station Hippo is a Hugo interactive fiction game and is © 2012 by Jason McWright.

You play as Thor Heyerdahl Anderson, hired to work at Ice Station Hippo with several other experts. Unfortunately, life on the station was a series of incompetent disasters ending with an ill-conceived party to celebrate abandoning the place. You pass out drunk, then wake up to a deserted station. They all left without you! How are you going to escape?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.3 of the game.


Kitchen Sleepingarea Diningarea Lavatory Corridortube MainDome Restrictedroom Outsidethestation Nearshed Supplyshed

Main Dome

Everyone's evacuated except for you!

First, a command to stop Findbot from wandering. I don't feel like chasing after it.

> findbot, follow me.

Okay, start playing normally:

> x me. i. x bottle.

> take device. x device. (Since Findbot's following us, we won't need to use this.)

> take paper. read paper. (This isn't helpful.)

> x core equipment. x computers.

Now check out the radio:

> x radio.

> turn on radio. x cord.

> open panel. (It's empty.)

> x blue breaker. (Diagram of four squares: red-blue-blue-red.)

> x squares.

If Findbot is with you, "search debris" is done by it, not you. And this is what you need Findbot for, to search all the piles of debris at least twice to make sure you've found everything. Everything to find in the debris is randomly placed, but there seems to be at most two items to find per pile. When Findbot has searched all the debris everywhere, then this walkthrough will examine everything you've found. Okay?

> search debris. search debris. take all.

> n. w.


There's two exits: north and east.

> x chest. x toilet. x sink. x shower.

> search debris. search debris. take all.

> n.

Sleeping area

> x beds.

> search debris. search debris. take all.

> e.

Dining area

> x tables.

> search debris. search debris. take all.

> n.


> x stacks. x machine.

> search debris. search debris. take all.

> s. s. s. e.

Restricted room

If you let Findbot wander at the beginning, you might never see the sliver of paper. By default, Findbot is looking for pieces of paper and putting them in the file cabinet where they get lost within the "smashed papers".

> x sliver. x cabinet. open it. x smashed papers.

> search debris. search debris. take all.

Okay, let's examine what was found in the debris:

> x coat. x gloves. x phone. x battery.

> x new breaker. x key.

And let's head outside; Findbot won't follow you out:

> wear coat. wear gloves. e. s.

Near Shed

> unlock door with key. s.

Supply shed

> x meals. x equipment.

> x fresh battery. take it.

> n. n. w. w.

Main Dome

> remove gloves.

> put fresh battery in panel.

> take blue breaker. x new breaker.

> put new breaker in plug.

You want the first and fourth buttons up and the second and third buttons down. The problem is that sometimes pushing a button flips its neighbours too. So frustrating.

> push second. (up-down-up-up)

> push third. (up-up-down-down)

> push third. (up-up-up-down)

> push third. (up-down-down-up)

The radio crackles to life and Point DWPX129 responds. Eventually, you're rescued.






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