Key & Compass presents:
Escape from the Underworld
by Karl Beecher

Escape from the Underworld is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2008 by Karl Beecher. It was an entry to IF Comp 2008 where it took 12th place.

You play as Bobby T. Minion, a demon who has become dissatisfied with torturing the damned in the Underworld. Your superiors are already suspicious and have revoked your security clearance, restricting you to the lowest floor, the Infernal Regions. You must make your way up to the top floor if you want to escape from the Underworld.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


push three Elevator Infernalcorridor(north) Kitchen Staffroom Infernalcorridor(south) Torturechamberreception Banksof theGorge TheBridge ofDeath(TM) SoulExtractionChamber Elevator Admin.corridor(north) Janitor'scloset Admin.corridor(south) Callcentre Callcentre(east) push two Boilerroom Torturechamber1 Torturechamber2


Staff room

> x me. i. (nothing.)

> x Trevor. x papers. x sofa. x posters. g. g.

> ask Trevor about papers. ask Trevor about bridge. (It's broken.)

> ask Trevor about machine. (He'd be grateful for any help.)

> ask Trevor about pass. (It's yours if you can help him.)

> x lockers. open locker.

> read note. take note. (Julian wants a poker he left in torture chamber two.)

> open cupboard. x cupboard. x hinges. (The right tool could remove them.)

> w.


> x stove. x sink. x poster.

> x cupboard. open cupboard.

> x lunchboxes. x cheese. take it.

> e. e. e.

Torture chamber reception

> x desk. x receptionist.

> show note to receptionist.

> ask receptionist about chamber two.

> take clip. bend clip.

> x telephone. ("Extension 442")

> w. s.

Banks of the Gorge

> x gorge. x bridge. (It's raised.) x crank. (Has hole; handle missing.)

> n. n.

Infernal corridor (north)

> n. (Elevator requires a key.)

> w.

Boiler room

> x sign. x mug. x mechanic. x furnace. x pipes. x bag.

> ask mechanic about toolbag. (Not his to give.)

> ask mechanic about furnace. ask mechanic about mug.

> ask mechanic about receptionist.

> take mug. (He would like a drink of water.)

> e. s. w.

Staff room

> ask trevor about receptionist. (Give her the right thing and she might help you out.)

> w.


> fill mug. e. e. n. w.

Boiler room

> give mug to mechanic. (He drinks it and the mug is gone.)

> ask mechanic about cigars. (He gives one, because you got water for him.)

> x cigar. e. s. e.

Torture chamber reception

> give cigar to receptionist. (+2) n.

Torture chamber 1

> x skeleton. take bone. x bone.

> x hole. drop cheese. take mouse. (+1)

> s. w. s.

Banks of the Gorge

> put bone in hole. turn crank. (+2)

> s. s.

Soul Extraction Chamber

> x machine. open door. put mouse in machine.

> push button. x bottle. take it.

> n. n. n. w.

Staff room

> give soul to trevor. (+2) take pass. x it.

> search sofa. (+1) x coin.

> e. n. w.

Boiler room

Mechanic has left his screwdriver behind.

> take screwdriver. x it.

> e. s. w.

Staff room

> unscrew hinges with screwdriver. (+2)

> x cupboard.

> x elevator key. take it. x rusty keys.

> e. n. n.

Note that you don't have to explicitly use the elevator key; just walk north into the elevator.


> x button. push button one.

The elevator is blocked from reaching level one. You'll need to hack the elevator and a disguise.

> unscrew panel with screwdriver. (It's unscrewed but still closed.)

> open panel. (It's completely flush; you can't grasp an edge.)

> hit panel. (Nope.)

> push button two. (You're already on that floor.)

> s.

Administration corridor (north)

> e. (locked)

> s. (Not without a disguise.)

> unlock closet with clip. (+2; paperclip is lost)

> e.

Janitor's closet

> take uniform. wear uniform.

> x sink. look under sink. x bottles. x plunger. take it.

> w. n.


A little tricky guessing the right command here.

> put plunger on panel. (+3)

> x circuit. (You'll need a wire and soldering tool.)

> s. s.

Administration corridor (south)

> x machine. put coin in slot. x can. s.

Call centre

A she-devil tells you to fix the computer to the east.

> x minions. e.

Call centre (east)

> x computer. x wires. take wire. (+1)

> x telephone.

You can't CALL, DIAL, or PHONE a number!

> use phone.

What number to dial?> 666 (+1; a last lousy point!)

> use phone.

What number to dial?> 442

Enter response number> 3 (You pretend to be her boss.)

> w. n. n. n. push three. s. s. e.

Torture chamber reception

The receptionist is gone. More awkwardness: you can't TYPE a number on the keypad!

> use keypad. (+3; chamber two is unlocked)

> s.

Torture chamber 2

> x poker. take it.

> n. w. n. n.


This whole business with the wire and soldering is awkward.

> put wire in circuit.

> open can. x ringpull. put ringpull on wire.

> s. w.

Boiler room

The poker won't stay hot forever. Move quickly.

> open furnace. put poker in furnace. e. n.


I had such a difficult time guessing the correct phrasing here.

> solder circuit with poker. (+4)

> push button one.

*** So long... for now ***






In that game you scored your-score out of a possible 24, in several turns.

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