Key & Compass presents:
An Escape to Remember
by IF Whispers Team

An Escape to Remember is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2006 by IF Whispers Team. This game was created for IF Whispers 2. An Escape To Remember is a collaborative 'Chinese Whispers' a.k.a. 'Telephone' style interactive fiction piece, written by 14 authors each of whom only saw the preceding section of the the game; see Credits for details.

In this multi-authored game, you play as an secret agent of some sort, holed up in this hotel suite for weeks, hoping that Maurice's insider is for real. Then you hear the signal: a gong ringing three times. It's time to move.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: From Hotel to Forest

Balcony YourSuite Bedroom EmptyLab Theater Office Corridor Mainten-anceCloset On therope FormerLab ElevatorAccess ServiceAccess Sewer Sewer Sewer Sewer Sewer Sewer Sewer MachineRoom SecludedGarden North Endof theBridge Copse Bridge Treetop South Endof theBridge Top ofthe Hut StoneGarden DeformedHut Forest (die) u blowwhistle d d d swingthen east d u u

Map 2: Golfing and Railway

Top ofthe Hut Copse (randompreviouslocation) North OfMarsh Tee Clearing GreatUnder-groundDesert /Marsh Ante-chamber TrainStation#7 ToolBooth#568 WayStation UtilityShed G. U.Depot NarrowPassage BeneaththeBridge Over aBridge End ofTracks Ware-house pushlightbutton d u blowwhistle touchlight wall enter shed out

Map 3: From Marsh to Oasis

In theWatersof Lethe LastOasis Edge ofNowhere WesternReach OpenDesert EasternReach Dormitory StoneHouse Kitchen Rock-slide DustyStreet CanyonWall BlankRoom AncientRepository Apex MysteriousCavern GraniteSpiral Great FireChasm North OfMarsh G. U.Marsh (explode powder) d u u u d d d u


Scene 1, "The Divan Comedy", was written by Dan Shiovitz.

Your Suite

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.) x cushion.

After three turns, a gong sounds three times. That's your cue to move.

> search divan. (You pull out a flat box.)

> x box. s.

Your Bedroom

> take amulet. take case.

> x amulet. x crystal.

> open case. x clothes. search clothes. (You pull out a rope.)

> x rope.

> n. w.


> x ripple. take crystal.

> unlock box with amulet. x device.

> take device. wave device. (It starts to hum.)

> z. (Device is now shrieking.)

> push button. (The ripple is gone.)

> d. (+10; using the rope.)

Scene 2, "Doors Aplenty", was written by Sean Barrett.

On the rope

CAUTION: The bubble will reform very soon, and if you don't act immediately, you will fall to your death.

> swing to window. east.

Former Lab

> x mess. search mess. (You take a test tube.)

> x tube.

> open door. e.

Elevator Access

> x puddle. smell it. fill tube.

> open service door. (locked)

> n.


> x sheen. (A trap from the Sultan.)

> e.

Maintenance Closet

> x mop. take it. w.


> put crystal in tube. (There's a chemical reaction.)

> z. z. z. x liquid. (It's now red.)

> pour liquid on sheen. mop sheen. (You open a path.)

> n. (+10)

Scene 3, "Shadowy Figures", was written by N B Horvath.

Empty Lab

> e.


> x track. x sculpture. x chair. x lamp.

> turn on lamp. (See shadows of Sultan and his son and daughter.)

> z. z. z. (The show is over. The sculpture is gone.)

> e.


> x table. open drawer. read memo. read letter.

> look. x rue. x thyme.

> x speakerphone. x receptacle.

> put amulet in receptacle. (Maurice unlocks the service door.)

> take amulet.

> x lemon. x orange. x grape. x apple.

> take all. (The thyme disintegrates.)

> w. w. s. s.

Elevator Access

> open service door. s. (+10)

Scene 4, "Splish Splash", was written by Mark J Musante.

Service Access

The puddle dries up.

> open grating. d. w. s. e. s.

Sewer (by south gate)

> x gate. e.

Machine Room

> x bench. x curious device. (bubbling liquid)

> x huge machine. (has knob, display, button, hammer, surface, little door)

> x display. ("pulverize")

> open door. (Four cards inside.)

> take cards.

Note which numbers are on which cards; it's randomized.

> x yellow card. x orange card. x green card. x red card.

> x surface. x hammer. x machine button.

> x knob. (No markings.)

> x painting.

> x prince. x princess. x sultan.

The knob turns to the right unless you specify turning it left.

> turn knob. ("smash")

> g. ("crush")

> g. ("bash")

> g. ("pulverize")

The colors of the cards refer to the colors of the pulverized fruit:

The numbers on the cards refer to the initial letters of the machine's settings:

You must now destroy each fruit using the appropriate machine setting for each fruit:

CAUTION: Using the wrong setting for a fruit will destroy the machine instead!

The display is currently at "pulverize".

> put FRUIT-TO-PULVERIZE on surface. push machine button.

> put rubble in liquid.

> turn knob. ("smash")

> put FRUIT-TO-SMASH on surface. push machine button.

> put rubble in liquid.

> turn knob. ("crush")

> put FRUIT-TO-CRUSH on surface. push machine button.

> put rubble in liquid.

> turn knob. ("bash")

> put FRUIT-TO-BASH on surface. push machine button.

> put rubble in liquid.

The four piles of rubble and the curious device transform into a silver key.

> take key.

> w.

Sewer (by gate)

> unlock gate with key. open gate. s. (+10)

Scene 5, "Stone Cold Regrets", was written by Roger Carbol.

Secluded Garden

> x stream. x hill.

> e.

The North End of the Bridge

> x waterfall. x fissure. x bridge.

> s.


> x machine. (Has display, plaque, white slot, and black slot.)

> x display. (Shows a random low number.)

> read plaque. (The target tally is a random high number.)

This puzzle is simple enough, but I cannot give exact instructions because of the randomness.

> put APPROPRIATE-CARD in APPROPRIATE-SLOT. (Repeat until target tally is reached.)

The machine throws itself off the bridge. Sure, why not.

> s.

The South End of the Bridge

> x weasel. (It's famished.)

> give rue to weasel. (It now follows you everywhere.)

> sw.

Stone Orchard

> x cockatrice. x tree. x nest.

After three turns near the cockatrice, it will attack, but the weasel fights it off and the deadly bird flies away.

> u.


> x nest. x egg. take egg.

> d.

Stone Orchard

> se. (+10)

Scene 6, "Because It is Bitter and Because It Is", was written by Mordechai Shinefield.


> n.

Deformed Hut

> read words. move fabric. (You reveal a mirror.)

> x mirror. read words. (You find gin and a bankcheck.)

> x gin. take it.

> x bankcheck. take it.

You must be on the stool when drinking the gin.

> sit on stool. drink gin. (The roof opens.)

> u. (The bankcheck keeps you grounded.)

> drop bankcheck.

You must be on the stool when attempting to go up.

> u. (+10)

Scene 7, "The Chow, The Whistle, and The Big Bird", was written anonymously.

Top of the Hut

> x bag. take it. open bag. (The weasel eats all the chow.)

> look in bag. take whistle. x it. read it. ("Roc Whistle")

> blow whistle.

A roc carries you away. The whistle is lost. The weasel flies after you.


> x pawn. x queen. x bishop. x knight.

The knight's lance points southwest and looks like a golf club.

> take club.

> sw.


> swing club. x spheres.

> ne. se.


> x cairn. x white sphere. take it. (It's a golf ball.)

> nw. sw.


> drop ball. hit ball with club. (You hear a loud crash.)

> ne. se.


> x stones. d. (+10)

Scene 8, "Recap", was written by Lucian Smith.


> se.

Great Underground Train Station #7

> x tracks. x cart.

> get on cart. (The weasel joins you on the cart.)

> w. (The "exit" there is just black paint.)

> get on cart. e.

Great Underground Toll Booth #568

The toll will be a random thing that you're carrying.

> x moss. take moss. (You can't keep any.)

> x booth. x slot. (Has picture of the toll-item.)

> put TOLL-ITEM in slot. (Gate opens.)

> e.

Way Station

> out. x platform. x tracks. e. (The east exit is fake.)

> x light wall. x large lever. (corroded)

> pull large lever. (won't budge)

Note which item has been drawn on the shelf. It'll be something you've seen before.

> x shelf. x miniature lever. (not mounted)

> take mini. push it. (ouch!)

> show mini to weasel. (It won't touch it.)

> touch light.

(destination of the light wall)

This is a randomly-chosen location that you've visited before. You're seeking the item that was drawn on the shelf, and it will either be in this location or an adjacent location.

For example, this location might be the Theater, and you're looking for the receptacle in the adjacent Office. Or maybe this is the Sewer, and you're seeking the display in the adjacent Machine Room.

> x light button.

> DIRECTION. (to get to the pictured-item)

(location of the pictured item)

> show lever to PICTURED-ITEM. (The pictured item flips the lever for you.)

> DIRECTION. (back to where the light button is)

(destination of the light wall)

> push light button. (You return to...)

Way Station

> x tracks. (They're now heading southeast.)

> get on cart.

> se. (+10)

Scene 9, "GUDepot", was written by Ricardo Dague.

Great Underground Depot

You're told blatantly that your next goal is to go north from here.

> n. (The cart is on the wrong track.)

> x man. x grocery bag.

> x bronze key. take it.

> enter shed.

Inside Utility Shed

> x map. x lights. x red button.

> x big lever. ("attach cord to generator before turning lever")

> x drawing. x cord. take cord. (not portable)

> out.

Great Underground Depot

> wake man.

> ask man about generator. ask man about grocery bag.

> show mini to man. (No use without a generator powering this place.)

After three turns, he falls asleep again.

> enter cart. s. s. s.

End of Tracks

> x posters. read posters. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> out. unlock door with bronze key.

> open door. s.


> x newspaper. take it. read it.

> x gift box. take it. open it. x toy.

> give toy to weasel. (The weasel tears it apart.)

> n.

End of Tracks

> get on cart. n. n. n.

Great Underground Depot

> out. wake gnome.

> give newspaper to gnome. (He gives you the grocery bag.)

> look in grocery bag. x suit.

> wear suit. search suit. x candy bar.

> in. s. s. out. e.

Beneath the Bridge

> x woman. x wrench. x pile.

> ask woman about bridge.

> ask woman about equipment. (She fixes machinery.)

> ask woman about generator. (She can fix that.)

> ask woman about gnome.

> give bar to troll. (She gives you a note.)

> x note. ("generator parts" with three number codes.)

> se. in. s. out. s.


> read note. (You find the appropriate cases.)

> look. (There's three heavy cases.)

> take heavy. (Too heavy to take with everything else.)

> n.

End of Tracks

Let's leave all our inventory on the push-cart for a while, until we're done lugging around heavy things.

> in. drop all. out.

> s. take heavy. n. put heavy on cart.

> s. take heavy. n. put heavy on cart.

> s. take heavy. n. put heavy on cart.

> in. n.

Over a Bridge

> out.

> take heavy. e. drop heavy. se.

> take heavy. e. drop heavy. se.

> take heavy. e.

Beneath the Bridge

> drop heavy. (That's the last one.)

The troll woman builds a generator from your three cases.

> x generator. take it. se.

Over a Bridge

> in. (You drop the generator onto the push-cart.)

> n. n.

Great Underground Depot

> take generator. out. enter shed.

Inside Utility Shed

You automatically drop the generator and attach the power cord.

> turn big lever. (It won't budge.)

Perhaps the crude drawing of the gnome man means that he has to flip the lever this time.

> out.

Great Underground Depot

> show mini to man. (He flips it.)

> enter shed.

Inside Utility Shed.

The west light is on.

> push red button. look. (East light now on.)

> out. in. n. (+10)

Scene 10, "The Great Underground Stone Head", was written by Carl Muckenhoupt.

Great Underground Desert

> n. (A huge stone head stops you.)

> x head.

> ask head about track. ask head about head.

> ask head about sand. ask head about cart.

> ask head about German.

> take gift box. give it to head. (+10; the head leaves)

A dirt golem from the warehouse arrives, only to dissolve in the new swamp.

Scene 11, "Some Title", was written by Josh Giesbrecht.

Great Underground Marsh

> look. x water. x stone 3.

> drop all. take 3. put it on cart.

> n.

North Of Marsh

> open trapdoor. (The weasel is gone forever.)

Leave your inventory on the cart until you know what to do.

> out. d.

Great Fire Chasm

> x drawbridge. x toll box.

> u.

North Of Marsh

> take stone 3. d.

Great Fire Chasm

> put stone 3 in toll. (+10)

Scene 12, "Home Security, Ltd.", was written by Karl Parakenings.

Great Fire Chasm

Go get your inventory from the cart, even though you no longer need any of it.

> u.

North Of Marsh

> take all from cart.

> d. n.

Mysterious Cavern

The new goal is to protect this treasure somehow.

> x treasure. n.

Ancient Repository

The black powder is gunpowder.

> x desks. x shelves. take powder.

> s. e.

Granite Spiral

> x cracks. u.


> x granite tube. x sun. x gate. x crack. x lens.

> put powder in crack.

> move lens. (It's now over the crack.)

> pull lens. (+10; You rush through the gate and hear the treasure getting buried.)

Scene 13, "Archaeology", was written by John Cater.

Blank Room

> x ladder. u. (The ladder falls apart as you reach the top.)

Dusty Street

> x door. n. (You're too big for the space.)

> e.

Canyon Wall

> x weeds. take weeds.

> w. w.


> x mouse. (It's hiding from you.)

> give weeds to mouse. (It now follows you.)

> e.

Dusty Street

The mouse understands you and will obey your commands if it can.

> mouse, north. (It enters, and several rocks roll away.)

> n. e.


> x drain. x torch.

> mouse, get torch.

> mouse, out.

> mouse, drop torch.

> take torch. light torch.

> w. u.


You need the torch to see in here.

> x blankets. x door.

> open door. n. (+10)

Scene 14, "Reflections", was written by Jeremy Douglass.

Open Desert

The door slams behind you, and the mouse runs away. The door won't open again. You may see the mouse again, but it is now frightened again and no longer follows or obeys you.

> x sand. g.

> w.

Western Reach

Caution: Jumping near the canyon is fatal.

> x canyon.

> e. e.

Eastern Reach

> x sky.

> nw.

Edge of Nowhere

Keep looking at the sun, sand, and sky enough times until you've had at least three visions, then you feel a cool breeze from the north.

> x sunorx sandorx sky. (Repeat until breeze.)

> n.

Last Oasis

> x water. listen to water.

> d. (+10)

In the Waters of Lethe

*** You have remembered to forget. ***



Cameo appearances by:



The response to CREDITS is:

An Escape To Remember is a collaborative "Chinese Whispers" / "Telephone" style interactive fiction piece, written by 14 authors each of whom only saw the preceding section of the the game.

To see the author and subtitle of the current section, type "author". If you're interested in contacting the authors, send mail to me (Dan Shiovitz) at email redacted and I will forward it on. You can find the website for this project at if you'd like to view the source code or see more information about the game.

The response to AUTHOR will be one of following, depending on which section the game is currently in:


Note that there is a SKIP AHEAD command that lets you skip the current section of the game. I assume this was primarily a debugging tool, but it was left in the final game so anyone can use it.

Also, you can make the game unwinnable; for example, you can destroy the huge machine in the Machine Room by using the wrong setting for a particular petrified fruit.


I've sorted the inventory items into the scenes where they first appear. No new inventory was introduced in scenes 10 and 14.

NOTE 1: You will have to sacrifice a randomly-chosen inventory item at Toll Booth #568. Examine the slot to see what it wants, and put whatever it is into the slot.

NOTE 2: Although you have no carrying capacity limit and can carry any number of normal items, some things in this game are coded as "heavy". You must drop everything else you're carrying before the game will let you pick up a heavy item, and you'll automatically drop it three turns later if you haven't put it down before then.

Scene 1 items
  • a marigold-yellow cushion. It's on the divan in Your Suite.
    • Ignore it. You don't need it.
  • a flat box. Find it by searching the divan in Your Suite.
  • an amulet. It's on the end table in Your Bedroom.
    • Take the crystal from the amulet.
    • Unlock the flat box with the empty amulet.
    • In the office, put the amulet into the speakerphone's receptacle to get some assistance from Maurice: he unlocks the service door for you.
  • a travelling case. It's in Your Bedroom.
    • It contains your clothes and up to one item hidden in your clothes. The rope is initially hidden in there, but you can hide something else there later if you want to.
  • some clothes. They're in your travelling case.
    • Search your clothes to find the rope.
    • You can never remove your clothes from the case.
  • a rope of brightly-colored sashes. Find it by searching the clothes in your travelling case.
    • On the balcony, after getting rid of the ripple-field (see dark metal device), go down. You'll automatically tie the rope to the railing before descending.
  • a crystal. It's part of the amulet.
    • Take the crystal from the amulet so you can use the amulet as a key for unlocking the flat box.
    • During scene 2, at the elevator access, after filling the test tube with liquid, put the crystal into the test tube. After a few turns, the crystal will completely dissolve and the liquid will turn red.
  • a dark metal device. It's inside the flat box.
    • On the balcony, wave the device to start it humming. Wait a turn for it to start shrieking then push its button. The ripple-field will disappear for a few turns.
    • Note that the device will turn itself off after three turns and that pushing the button too soon is ineffective.
Scene 2 items
  • a test tube. Acquire it by searching the mess in the former lab.
    • At the elevator access, fill the tube with liquid from the puddle.
    • Put the crystal in the tube and wait for the crystal to fully dissolve and turn the liquid red.
    • In the corridor, pour the red liquid onto the white sheen.
  • a battered mop. It's in the maintenance closet.
    • In the corridor, after pouring the red liquid (see test tube) onto the white sheen, mop the sheen with the mop. The mopped red liquid will remove enough of the sheen, leaving you with a path safely through it.
Scene 3 items
  • a petrified lemon, a petrified orange, a petrified apple, and a petrified grape. They're all on the table in the office.
    • Take them to the Machine Room and bash, crush, pulverize, and smash them as appropriate (see cards) with the machine there to create four piles of rubble.
  • a memo. It's in the drawer of the table in the office.
    • Read it; it mentions an orchard problem.
  • a letter. It's in the drawer of the table in the office.
    • Read it; a princess is ending a relationship. Also, a sprig of rue falls out.
  • a sprig of rue. It falls out of the letter when you first read it.
    • At the south end of the bridge, give the rue to the weasel. It is now your boon companion and will follow you everywhere until you open the trapdoor at North Of Marsh.
Scene 4 items
  • a yellow card, an orange card, a green card, and a red card. Find them by opening the door of the huge machine in the Machine Room.
    • The number on each card corresponds to a display setting on the machine: 2 = bash, 3 = crush, 16 = pulverize, and 19 = smash. The number refers to the nth letter of the alphabet that each word begins with. The numbers are randomly placed on the four cards.
    • The colors of the cards correspond to the petrified fruit. The lemon is yellow, the orange is orange, the apple is red, and the grape is green.
    • For example, if the red card has a "3" on it, you should "crush" the apple with the machine. However, if the red card has a "19" on it, you should "smash" the apple instead.
    • The cards are also used in a second puzzle. On the bridge between the gardens, put a card into the white slot to increase the display total by the card's numeric value, or put a card into the black slot to decrease the total by that amount.
    • You can turn the 16 card into a 91 card (and vice-versa) or the 19 card into a 61 card (and vice-versa). Turning a card is not necessary to solve the bridge machine's puzzle, but it might make the solve quicker.
    • Use the cards with the larger values on them to get near the target number; the target number is randomized and on the plaque. Use the "2" and "3" cards to zero in on the target number until it is reached.
  • four piles of rubble. Create them by bashing, crushing, pulverizing, smashing the petrified fruit (as appropriate) using the machine in the Machine Room.
    • To create the rubble, put a fruit onto the surface of the machine, turn the knob so the display is the appropriate one for that fruit (see cards), and push the machine button.
    • CAUTION: If the setting is incorrect, the hammer of the machine will break instead of the fruit!
    • Put all four piles of rubble into the bubbling liquid of the curious device to make a silver key.
  • a silver key. Make it by putting the four piles of rubble into the bubbling liquid of the curious device.
    • The silver key unlocks the gate in the sewer that leads south into the secluded garden.
Scene 5 items
  • a cockatrice egg. It's in the nest at Treetop.
    • Sadly, this egg is never used later in the game. But it's a cool thing to have, yes?
Scene 6 items
  • a shot of gin. Find it by reading the words in mirror in the deformed hut.
    • While sitting on the stool, drink the gin to reveal a hole in the hut's ceiling. If you're on the stool, you can now go up onto the roof.
  • a bankcheck. Find it by reading the words in mirror in the deformed hut.
    • Examine it, but leave it behind. The bankcheck is somehow too heavy to take with you up to the roof of the hut.
    • Pssst! If you really want to keep the bankcheck, hide it in your travelling case to get around the carrying restriction!
Scene 7 items
  • a bag of weasel chow. It's the canvas bag on top of the hut.
    • Open the bag. The weasel eats all the chow, leaving a whistle inside.
  • a whistle. It's inside the bag of weasel chow.
    • Examine it: it's a roc whistle.
    • Blow it: a roc carries you to a copse. The weasel flies after you.
  • a golf club. It's the lance held by the knight tree in the copse.
    • At Tee, hit the golf ball with the golf club. The cairn in the clearing is now open.
  • a golf ball. It's the white sphere on the cairn in the clearing.
    • Drop the ball at Tee. Hit the ball with the golf club. The cairn in the clearing is now open.
Scene 8 items
  • a miniature lever. It's on the shelf in the Way Station.
    • The lever can switch the track in the Way Station so it heads southeast instead of east, but unfortunately, neither you nor the weasel can do it because it's electrified.
    • Note which object is pictured on the shelf. It'll be what you need to show the lever to, and it will push the lever for you.
    • Note that the object that can push the lever is either in the room that the light panel takes you to, or in an adjacent room.
    • Much later, after you have the generator plugged in inside the utility closet, show the miniature lever to the gnome man. He'll push the lever for you, and this enables the red button in the utility shed. Now push the red button to switch the track in the depot from northwest to north. You'll know it's done when the east light on the map is turned on.
Scene 9 items
  • a bronze key. It's in the depot.
    • The bronze key unlocks the warehouse door.
  • a newspaper. It's in the warehouse.
    • Give the newspaper to the gnome man in the depot. He'll give you his grocery bag in exchange.
  • a gift box. It's in the warehouse.
    • The toy penguin is inside the gift box, but you can leave it there.
    • In the Great Underground Desert, give the gift box to the stone head. It will leave, and the desert becomes a marsh. It doesn't matter if anything is in the box or not.
  • a toy penguin. It's inside the gift box.
    • You can ignore the toy penguin, but if you drop it anywhere where the weasel can get at it, the weasel will destroy it. Since this is the only thing the penguin does, you might as well let the weasel have it.
  • a grocery bag. The gnome man in the depot has it.
  • a pink polyester suit. It's in the grocery bag.
    • Wear the suit if you want to.
    • Search the suit to find the candy bar.
  • a candy bar. Acquire it by searching the pink polyester suit.
    • Give the candy bar to the troll woman beneath the bridge to receive a note.
  • a note. Acquire it by giving the candy bar to the troll woman beneath the bridge.
    • Inside the warehouse, read the note to find three heavy cases.
  • three heavy cases. Find them in the warehouse by reading the note there.
    • The cases are heavy. Drop everything else before trying to carry one. Move them one at a time.
    • Take the cases to the troll woman, but just drop them near her; don't bother trying to give the cases.
    • When all three cases are beneath the bridge, the troll woman builds a generator from them.
  • a generator. Beneath the bridge, the troll woman creates the generator when you bring all three heavy cases to her.
    • The generator is heavy. Drop everything else before trying to carry it.
    • Drop the generator in the utility shed. You'll automatically plug the power cord into it.
Scene 11 items
  • an enormous stone 3. It's in the Great Underground Marsh after the stone head leaves with its gift box.
    • The stone 3 is heavy. Drop everything else before taking it.
    • At the Great Fire Chasm, put the stone 3 into the toll box to lower the drawbridge.
Scene 12 items
  • a sack containing some powder. Acquire it by taking the black powder seen on the shelves in the Ancient Repository.
    • The powder is gunpowder, but nothing explicitly says so.
    • At Apex, pour the powder into the crack. Move the lens then pull the lens to light the powder, causing a huge explosion that buries all the treasure in the Mysterious Cavern.
Scene 13 items
  • some weeds. They're at the Canyon Wall.
    • Give them to the mouse at Rockslide. The mouse will now start following you and obeying your orders (as well as it can) until you reach the Open Desert.
  • a torch. It's in the drain in the kitchen of the stone house.
    • To make the torch accessible, order the mouse to enter the drain, take the torch, leave the drain, and drop the torch.
    • Light the torch so you can see in the dormitory upstairs. The torch is self-lighting; you don't need a match or anything else to light it with.


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 140, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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