Key & Compass presents:
by Ivan Mattie

Epyk is a Z-machine interactive fiction abuse written with Inform 7 and is © 2009 by Ivan Mattie.

In this short, unplayable, and surreal "game", you could be anyone who happens to be in an open field. If you do the wrong thing, the author will kill you in various spectacular ways. How epic! (But if you cheat and decompile the program, you could get a taco and actually win this stupid thing.)

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Multiverse d u (die) (die) OpenField Tree(die) Tunnelto China Lake ofBlood Fieldof Rice Pagoda (die) (die) (die) (die) d u (die) (die) create wormhole to multiverse cross the universe possibilitywhere ivan gives me a taco


Open Field

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> e.

*** As you walk east, you see Ivan, who is weilding a Holy Crossbow. He fires, and the bolt passes right through your head, killing you instantaniously. ***

> undo

> w.

*** As you walk west, you see Ivan, who is holding a broadsword with a corona of unearthly light. Ivan swings his sword, and easily lops off your head. You have died. ***

> undo

> n.

*** As you walk north, you notice Ivan, who is holding a longbow. Ivan leasurly draw the bow back and lets loose a flaming arrow that, when it comes in contact with you, instantly incinerates you. ***

> undo

> s.

*** As you walk south, you see Ivan, who merly points his finger at you, and you explode into thousands of different colors of petals. Where there petals land, flowers of all colors will grow, illuminating the grassy feilds, that seem to go on forever... ***

> undo

> d.

Tunnel to China

> d.

Field of Rice

Unhappily, this field is no better than the field you left. Ivan will still kill you whichever way you go (except back up the way you came).

Since no conventional commands seem to do any good, I used babel to extract the z5 file from the zblorb file, then used the TXD program to disassemble the z5. Reading TXD's output revealed three impossible-to-guess commands.

The first impossible-to-guess command is:

> create wormhole to multiverseormake wormhole to multiverse.

You are teleported to...


Hmph. Nothing here. Let's try the second command:

> cross the universe possibility where ivan gives me a taco

You are teleported to...


> x godtaco. take it. eat it.

> ne.

Lake of Blood

> ne.


*** The squirrel leaps out of the tree, instantly becoming a fearsome beast, but before you have time to comprehend what it is, or even scream, it rips you apart, killing you instantly, and your blood mingles with the blood of thousands of others who reached the same fate... ***

> undo

Lake of Blood

And the third command? Here it is:

> contemplate the meaning of life and my fat stomach

*** You have won ***

If only you typed that from the start! You could've skipped the entire game!





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