Key & Compass presents:
by David A. Cornelson

Entropy is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2016 by David A. Cornelson.

You play as the android teacher, Chrysilya, on the planet Earthangelos. You have been severely damaged by an attack by the Tra 'Jan Gore and the landscape is now a radioactive wasteland. Survival is a high priority, but perhaps you can do more?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release A.090216.0000 of the game.


Main Cabinof Caledonia EnemyBunker Under-groundRiver SpacePort Edge ofCity Riverbed Geyser ScorchedFields SmokingForest LostBattle-field DeepCrater Above theLost Battlefield Planetary Orbit OutsideShip Air-lock InsideShip Bridge ofTra 'Jan GoreShip out u d d pushbutton in in DarkChamber in d u board ship u out out


As an android, you have some specialized abilities:

Lost Battlefield

> about. diagnose. (Need hip repair, water, energy)

> systems. x main. x memory. x field. x skin.

> x me. (female exterior; utility belt)

> x belt. i.

> x bones. x forest. x crater. x city.

> e.

Deep Crater

Flashback to when children are killed by plasma fire.

> ne.


> x remains. x water. e.


> x gas. (hydrogen plume) x hole. search hole.

> dig. (+1. You discover a hatch.)

> x hatch. open hatch. d.

Dark Chamber

Flashback of bombs falling near the bunker. Dal Mkor tells you that the time displacement device is their only hope.

> x rations. take rations. eat rations.

> systems.

> x interior hatch. (Locked)

> x time.


> w. n.

Underground River

> x fossils. x mud.

Although the room description doesn't mention it, there's a door west.

> x door. open door. push door. w.

Enemy Bunker

> x rack. (empty)

Returning all the way back to Lost Battlefield

Lost Battlefield

> n.

Edge Of City

> s. w.

Smoking Forest

> w.

Scorched Fields

> nw

Space Port

Flashback: Dal Mkor welcomes you to Earthangelos. You are here to teach children.

> x ships. x warp. x Caledonia. enter it. (+1)

Main Cabin of Caledonia

> x hullorx bridge. x air-lock. x panel.

> x cable. detach cable from panel. again.

Lost Battlefield

> u. activate skin. u.

Above Lost Battlefield

> u.

Planetary Orbit

> x planet.

Eventually a ship, the Cho 'Tak Ru, will cruise into view. It's a bit guess-the-verb here, how to reach the ship.

> board ru. (It's moving too fast.)

> fast time. board ru.

Outside Ship

> slow time. push button. (+1)


The captain has been alerted to your intrusion; be careful.

> x panel. (3 buttons: green, white, red; sockets)

> skin. attach cable to belt.

> x green button. (Arrow-shape, points to inner door.)

> x white button. (No clue to usage.)

> x red button. (Arrow-shape, points to outer door.)

> attach cable to panel.

You see a soldier approach the inner hatch.

> push white button. (The air-lock decompresses.)

> push red button. (The outer hatch opens.)

> push green button. (+1. The soldier is ejected out of the ship.)

> push red button. (Outer hatch closes.)

> push white button. (Air restored.)

> detach cable from panel. in.

Inside Ship

> take rifle. x it. in

Bridge of Tra 'Jan Gore Ship

There is one last flashback, explaining how you'll use a time displacement device to restore the planet.

*** You have won ***





Although not listed by the INVENTORY command, you also have as part of you:


Your score is this-much out of a possible 3, in several turns, earning you the rank of ranking.


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