Key & Compass presents:
En Garde
by Jack Welch

En Garde is an Online Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2018 by Jack Welch. As Faute De Servo, this game was entered in French Comp 2018 where it took 2nd place. The English translation of the game, En Garde, was submitted to IF Comp 2018 where it tied for 14th place.

When this short game begins, your character can't remember where or who they are. To add to your confusion, instead of typing commands, you'll be clicking unlabelled colored buttons where each button corresponds to a command like "east" or "eat". Explore your environment, learn who you are and what happened to you, then solve the remaining problems and save a troubled world.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 8 (English translation) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: The zombie's viewpoint

The blueplace Corridor

Map 2: The mouse's viewpoint

The wolf'sden The scaryplace GreatHall

Map 3: Lucky the dog's viewpoint

push push My home Thetorturechamber Dangerouspassage The littleroom Thekitchen Newcorridor The littleroom The tiledroom

Map 4: Julien the guard's viewpoint

push push Thekennel Operatingroom Corridor,Level 2 Theelevator Biochem-icalLaboratory Airlock Stairway(secondlevel) Stairway(firstlevel) Theprep lab The lockerroom Corridor,level one Theelevator Thebathroom

Map 5: Isabelle the scientist's viewpoint

push push Zoologicallaboratory Surgicaltheater Level 2:PhysiologicalExperiments Theelevator MolecularSynthesisLaboratory Airlock Stairway(secondlevel) Stairway(firstlevel) The histo-pathologylaboratory Decontam-inationroom Level 1:Biocon-tainment Theelevator Thebathroom


Firstly, you'll need to play this game online or on a local server. It uses Vorple which requires the HTTP protocol. You can't play it with WinGlulxe or via the file protocol. Sorry.

Secondly, this game is played by clicking hyperlinks. Initially, these hyperlinks appear as unlabelled buttons in different colors on the left side of the screen. The colors are randomized per game session, so I can't direct you by color, only by what each button means or by the buttons' order.

The game begins with a zombie's viewpoint, but the player doesn't know that yet.

The blue place

The first button means "east".

> east. (1st.)


The second button means "west".

> west. (2nd.)

The blue place

The third button means "eat".

> eat. (3rd.)

The zombie eats the mouse and somehow absorbs the mouse's thoughts. You are still a human zombie, but now you're controlled by the mouse and have the mouse's perspective. The rooms are relabelled accordingly.

The scary place

> east. (1st.)

Great Hall

The fourth button means "open". The fifth button means "north".

> open. north. (4th. 5th.)

The wolf's den

The "wolf" is actually a dog. The sixth button means "south".

> open. eat. (4th. 3rd.)

The zombie eats the dog's brain, and now mouse and dog co-pilot the zombie. Locations are now seen from the dog's persective. You'll learn his name is Lucky.

My home

The seventh button means "push".

> south. (6th)

Dangerous Passage

> push. east. (7th. 1st.)

The little room

> push. west. (7th. 2nd.)

New corridor

> south. (6th.)

The tiled room

> open. eat. north. (4th. 3rd. 5th.)

New corridor

> open. north. (4th. 5th.)

The kitchen

> open. open. eat. (4th. 4th. 3rd.)

A third mind joins the collective, a slice of brain from Julien the guard, although we don't learn his identity immediately. We now see the building from his perspective. Also, the buttons are finally labelled with words and lose their distinctive colors. A new eighth button, "unlock", is added.

The prep lab

> south.

Corridor, level one

> unlock. west.

The Locker Room

> unlock. north. north.

Stairway (second level)

> unlock. north.


You've found a scientist. And there's now a "talk" option.

> talk. talk. talk. talk. talk. eat.

Isabelle's mind is absorbed and she joins the group and we now see the installation from her perspective. A tenth and final button, "repair", is added.

> south. south. south. east.

Level 1: Biocontainment

> push. east.

The elevator

> push. west. unlock. south.

Molecular Synthesis Laboratory

> open. repair. north.

Level 2: Physiological Experiments

> push. east.

The elevator

> push. west. west. north.

Stairway (first level)

> open. repair. south. east.

Level 1: Biocontainment

> push. east.

The elevator

> push. west. south.

Molecular Synthesis Laboratory

You drink a cure on entry. Head for the airlock:

> north.

Level 2: Physiological Experiments

> push. east.

The elevator

> push. west. west. north. north. north.


> push. talk. talk. talk. talk.

*** YOU HAVE WON ***





The following text appears at game's end when you win the game:

> about

This game was originally created as part of the 2018 French Interactive Fiction Competition. The English translation of the game was submitted to the 2018 IFcomp. The game was written in Inform 7. The source code is available on github and is provided under the MIT license. Please report any errors by email to email redacted.

> credits

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