Key & Compass presents:
Eduard the Seminarist
by Heiko Theißen

Eduard the Seminarist is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2007 by Heiko Theißen. It was an entry in IF Comp 2007 where it took 23rd place.

It's the evening of May 13th, 1824, in Germany. You play as Eduard, a student at the seminary. You want to sneak out and meet your friends Wilhelm and Scardanelli in Pressel's gazebo before midnight.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Street Streetoutsideseminary Street Bedroom Toplanding Pressel'sgazebo Dormitory Study Pressel'sgarden Gym Hölderlin'stower Neckarbridge Garden On acrookedtree Bottomof stairs On theNeckar On theNeckar On theNeckar On theNeckar Hall InsideTower Shed u d in s.d.d. enter door launch u launch climb tree launch out d out e/u land d land land



> x bed. look under bed. read note. take note.

> stand. x window. x moon.

> e.


> open cupboard. take book. x book. x clothes.

> open front door. n.

Street outside seminary

> e.

Street (east of the seminary)

> x guard. x newspaper.

> e. (He takes your book, but drops his newspaper.)

> take newspaper. read it. (Note that the accused criminal Hölderlin looks very much like your friend Scardanelli.)

> w. w.

Street (west of the seminary)

The same guard is somehow blocking your way west as well. You can tell it's the same guard since he has the book he took from you.

> e. s.


The lamp isn't takeable, but the candle is!

> x lamp. x candle. take candle.

> d. w.


> x trampoline. x club. take club.

> push trampoline east. (You're now in the gym.)


You can't climb the rope with a burning candle, and if you drop it on the floor, it'll go out. Return the candle to the lamp!

> e.


> put candle in lamp. d.


> get on trampoline. climb rope. u. (Now at top of rope.)

> untie rope. (You do and fall onto the trampoline.)

> stand. e.


> take candle. w.


Okay, it is not at all obvious there's two beds in the Dormitory, except for the odd disambiguation message "(your bed)". It doesn't mention there's two beds at all!

> x other bed.

> push my bed. push Wilhelm's bed. (This is how to tell his bed is closer to the window.)

> tie rope to Wilhelm's bed.

> blow candle.

> take rope. s.

Garden (on the rope)

> d. d.


> x boat. x pole.

> enter boat. take pole. launch.

On the Neckar (several locations)

CAUTION: If you climb the tree, you'll be trapped on it.

> x pouch. take it.

> e. x tree.

> e. x tower.

> e. x bridge. land boat.

Bottom of stairs.

> drop pole. out. u.

Neckar bridge

> n.

Pressel's garden

> x gazebo. ("hen kai pan")

> open door. in.

Pressel's gazebo

Wilhelm is here, but seems unresponsive to questions and items.

> out. w.

Neckar bridge

On your return, a new guard is here.

> x guard. (Has unlit pipe.)

> give pouch to guard. (He takes it and lights his pipe.)

> guard, light candle. ("Sorry, but that was my last match.")

> ask guard for pipe. light candle with pipe.

> give pipe to guard. w.

Hölderlin's tower

It should be noted that you can't go east from here to the bridge unless you've travelled west from the bridge first.

> n. x window.

> open door. in.

Inside tower

> open oak door. (No, that's to Hölderlin's landlord.)

> u. (Someone yells at you to close the door.)

> close massive door.

Fortunately, you have a lit candle, so you're not trapped in a room of darkness.

> u. s.


> x Holderlin. x desk.

> show note to Holderlin. (He'll now follow you.)

> n. d. open door. out.

Hölderlin's tower

> close door. e. n. in.

Pressel's garden

You spend an enjoyable night of poetry with your friends.

*** You have won ***





Note you can also get trapped into unwinnable situations, for example:


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