Key & Compass presents:
Eat the Eldritch
by Olaf Nowacki

Eat the Eldritch is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2023 by Olaf Nowacki. It was an entry in IF Comp 2023 where it took NTH place.

In this oddly disturbing game, you play as Jun Do, the captain of the fish processing vessel Tataki. You've been searching the Pacific Ocean for fish for days, but without any luck. Do one last scan, then take a break and get some food.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: The Tataki

In theMist UpperDeck ColdStorageHall Bridge CrewLounge Galley FishProcess-ing Hall BridgeDeckStaircase Captain'sCabin UpperDeckStaircase RudolfCarter'sCabin Process-ing DeckStaircase DimCorridor On the stairs tothe engine deck d d d d pull rope enter chute u u u

Map 2: The Dream?

Bridge The Void Bridge(sort of) Your Cabin(sort of) (ship crashes) take thing wake

Note: You can also reach the Void by examining the symbols on Carter's rug when it's unrolled on the upper deck.



You are Jun Do, captain of the fish processing vessel Tataki.

> x console. (Achievement!: Doing captaincy)

> x finder. scan.

> x screen. (Achievement!: Search for fish)

> x me. i. x key.

> a. (A is for AFT.)

Bridge Deck Staircase

> x exit plan.

> s.

Captain's Cabin

> x window. x bunk.

> look under bunk. take tableware. (+2)

> x plate. x goo.

> x gun. x arrow. take arrow.

> p. d.

Upper Deck Staircase

> x exit plan. f.

Crew Lounge

> x TV. x chairs. x tables.

> x doodle. (chevrons in a LLLLLRL pattern)

> s.


> x cooker. x pan.

> x shelves. x books. read books. x spices.

> x dishwasher. put plate and fork in it.

> close dishwasher.

> x calendar. take it.

> x safe. x knob.

Using the doodle as the safe's combo:

> turn knob left. g. g. g. g.

> turn knob right. turn knob left.

> push knob. (+5. The safe opens.)

> look in safe.

> take bottle. x it. (sake)

By now, the dishwasher has finished its cycle and opened.

> take plate and fork.

> a.

Rudolf Carter's Cabin

> x bed. look under bed.

> x closet. open it. (no)

> x porthole. x rug. take it. (no)

> f. p. a. d.

Processing Deck Staircase

> x exit plan. s.

Dim Corridor

> x doors. x paint. (Same as doodle as in lounge.)

> knock on doors. (no answer)

> open doors. (locked)

> p. f.

Fish Processing Hall

> x plant.

> x panel. (lever, button, small hole)

> x lever. x button. x hole.

> x belt. x lamps. x puddles.

> x intake. x blades. x door.

> a. d.

On the stairs to the engine deck

> d. d. d. d.

On the stairs to the engine deck

> open door. (locked)

> x door. x paint. (same pattern as doodle)

> d. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. (Achievement!: Getting (not) to the bottom of it)

Sorry, you can never get to the engine deck.

> u.

Processing Deck Staircase

> u. f. f.

Upper Deck

> x building. x railing. x spotlight. x door. x chute.

> x ring. take it. (Achievement!: And it floats, floats, floats)

> enter chute.

Fish Processing Hall

> stand. (Achievement!: Jump)

> f.

Cold Storage Hall

> talk to Carter. (+2. He leaves for the galley, saying to pick what you want cooked from here.)

> wear ring. tie rope to handle.

> f.

In the Mist

This location is deadly cold. Try to find the package as quickly as possible and get out of there.

> p. p. (You find a package.)

> take package. pull rope. (+5)

Cold Storage Hall

> x package. untie rope. remove ring.

> a. a. u. f. s.


> give calendar to Carter. (Achievement!: At least honest)

> give package to Carter. (+2)

> x pan. x oil. z. z.

Carter unexpectedly leaves while your food is cooking.

> put food on plate. (using the fork)

> eat food. (+5)

Head for the bridge. Two turns after eating, you hear an alarm to prompt you to go that way regardless.

> p. a. u. f.


The nautical chart is flashing and beeping.

> x chart.

The ship is heading northeast, but something big is increasing on the left. If you don't do something, the ship will crash.

Turn the wheel until the ship is pointing west, directly at the growing circle.

> turn wheel left. g. g. (The ship points west.)

> z. (+5. Achievement!: Surviver)

The Void

> listen. (Something's in your ear!)

> touch ear. (Difficult without hands.)

> take thing. (It's a screwdriver.)

> i. x screwdriver.

Two turns after acquiring the screwdriver, you find yourself at...

Bridge (sort of)

> a.

Your Cabin (sort of)

> x speargun. unscrew it. (+5; it disappears.)

> f.

Bridge (sort of)

> wake.


> scan. x screen. (You're heading for something large.)

> x chart. (Achievement!: Point Nemo)

However, there's a new island on the horizon. You need to change course again!

> turn wheel right. (That doesn't work now.)

Changing course isn't an option. Get that speargun.

> a. s.

Captain's Cabin

> take speargun. (Achievement!: Sure, what could go wrong?)

> p. f.


As you enter, the ship runs aground on a something-mountain of endless sausage-tentacle intestines, one of which starts exploring the upper deck.

> p.

Upper Deck

> x worm. x Carter.

> ask Carter about rug. ask Carter about worm.

> tie rope to arrow. (+2)

> put arrow in speargun.

> shoot arrow at worm. (This fails because you shot at a thick part of the worm, and the arrow skids off.)

> put arrow in speargun.

> shoot arrow at tip. (+5)

> z. z. (Wait until the worm calms down.)

> enter chute. (+5)

You pull the worm tip into...

Fish Processing Hall

> stand. put key in hole.

> push lever. turn key. push button. (+2)

> put ring in intake. (+5)

> x workers. (Achievement!: Fishy brothers)

> talk to workers.

You are prompted to toast the catch with a sip of sake.

> drink sake. (+5)

There is a song at the end. Have your headphones or earbuds on.

*** FIN ***

You finished this game in T turns.
You collected N achievements (out of 27).
You died X times, discovering Z out of 7 individual deaths.
Also you went M meters down in your futile attempt to reach the engine deck.

Credits are also displayed.

> amusing



Use the ACHIEVEMENTS command to list your current achievements. There are 27 achievements, so this list (presented in alphabetical order) is sadly incomplete.

  1. A glimpse of the future. Earn it by reading the handful of pulp (that used to be the calendar).
  2. A lover and a fighter and a worm. Earn it by kissing the worm.
  3. And it floats, floats, floats. Earn it by taking the life saver ring off the upper deck's railing.
  4. Aquarius. Earn it by asking the ocean about the sky.
  5. At least honest. Earn it by giving the calendar to Carter.
  6. At least honest (with glitter). Earn it by giving the washed calendar to Carter.
  7. Board member. Earn it by looking behind the board in the captain's cabin.
  8. Cheater. Earn it by opening the safe without ever seeing any doodle that tells you how to unlock the safe.
  9. Doing captaincy. Earn it by examining the console on the bridge.
  10. Embarrassing. Earn it by letting Carter see you wearing the life saver ring.
  11. Fishy brothers. Earn it by examining the workers.
  12. Food chain. Earn it by trying to put the workers onto the conveyor belt.
  13. Funky cold. Earn it by examining the missing fridge in the galley.
  14. Jump. Earn it by entering the upper deck chute, then getting off the conveyor belt in the fish processing hall.
  15. Getting (not) to the bottom of it. Earn it by going down the stairs to the engine deck fourteen times.
  16. Make yourself at home. Earn it by taking the calendar when Carter is in the galley.
  17. Point Nemo. Earn it by examining the nautical chart after surviving the tsunami.
  18. Rickrolled. Earn it by trying to drop the screwdriver in the void.
  19. Secret knowledge. Earn it by trying to eat the worm.
  20. Search for fish. Earn it on the bridge by scanning then examining the screen.
  21. Sure, what could go wrong? Earn it by taking the speargun.
  22. Surviver. Earn it by surviving when the tsunami hits the ship.


The response to AMUSING, after you win the game, is randomized:

Well you could try to...

Most of these amusing actions are associated with achievements.

Artwork (Unicode)

This game has in-game maps made with Unicode characters.

The bridge deck map is seen by examining the exit plan on the Bridge Deck Staircase:

 R    ┌──
 I    │
 D    │ ┌───┐   F
 G    └─┤BDG│ P ┼ S
 E      └─┬─┘   A
 │        │
 D      ┌─┴─┐ ┌───┐
 E      │  ↓├─┤Cpt│
 C      └───┘ └───┘

The upper deck map is seen by examining the exit plan on the Upper Deck Staircase:

 U        ┌───┐
 P    ┌───┤UPD│
 P        └─┬─┘
 E          │
 R    F   ┌─┴─┐ ┌───┐
 │  P ┼ S │CRL├─┤KTC│
 │    A   └─┬─┘ └─┬─┘
 D          │     │
 E        ┌─┴─┐ ┌─┴─┐
 C        │↑ ↓│ │RCC│
 K        └───┘ └───┘

The processing deck map is seen by examining the exit plan on the Processing Deck Staircase:

 P      ┌───┐
 R      │CSH│
 O      └─┬─┘
 C        │
 E      ┌─┴─┐
 S      │FPH│
 S      └─┬─┘
 I        │
 N      ┌─┴─┐ ┌───┐
 G      │↑ ↓├─┤CRD│
 │      └───┘ └───┘
 E        F
 C      P ┼ S
 K        A



This is the response to CREDITS:

Eat the Eldritch
Everybody's got a hungry something.

The characters in this story are fictional and none of what is described here actually happened. It better have not.

The cover illustration is by Annette Köhn. The song at the end of the game is "Star Ocean" by Rainer Torres - many thanks for his kind permission to use it in the game.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who was brave enough to test an unfinished version of this game and give me feedback on it: Andrew Schultz, Francesco Ariis, Patrick Amelung and Saskia Eckhardt. Likewise many thanks to David Welbourne, gadzoks, Jade, J.P. Tuttle, keltena, Knight Otu and Pinkunz from Club Floyd, who provided early feedback. Thanks also to Jacqueline Ashwell, for organizing ClubFloyd and making them available for beta testing. Thanks to Harumi for her feedback on all things Japanese. Thanks to wich I used extensivly in finding the right words.

A German (and earlier) version of this game was released at the 12th IF Grand Prix in April 2023 with the title "Fischstäbchen". Many thanks to Christian Werner, Hannes Schüller, Heiko Spiess, Martin Oehm, StJohnLimbo and Stefan Hoffmann for their very detailed and constructive feedback on this! It has encouraged me to heavily revise a lot of things.

This game was written November 2022 to September 2023 by Olaf Nowacki.

Please send your very welcome feedback and transcripts to me at email redacted!


Deadly endings don't really end the game; the game undoes whatever you did to kill yourself and you can continue playing. There are seven deadly endings to be found, so unfortunately, this list is incomplete.



This is the response to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 55, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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