Key & Compass presents:
Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night!
by Mike Carletta

Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night! is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2018 by Mike Carletta. It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 25th place.

In this game, you play as Commander Dynamite Powers, a member in good standing in the Sentinels of Outer Space. On Mars, the maniacal Lord Infamy has trapped you in a cage descending into a pool of ravenous razorfish! The fiend! You need to escape and stop him from destroying the Earth with his diabolical Ray of Night!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


enter bubble jump fly Conquest South Endof theCatwalk glassairlock Outsidethe Dome North Sideof theCanal South Sideof theCanal Outsidethe Lab-oratory The Lab-oratory Cavern titaniumcage Platform

Episode 7: Fishing with Dynamite!

Cavern (in the titanium cage)

> menu. about. credits.

> x me. x uniform. x insignia. x rope. x cage.

The cage drops to 3 meters above the water! Perhaps it's time to escape?

> take pin. again. unlock door with pin. (Pin is lost.)

> swing cage. g.

The cage drops to 2 meters above the water.

> swing cage. g. g. g. g.

The cage drops to 1 meter above the water.

> swing cage. g.

You're stuck at 16 meters but keep swinging!

> g. g. g.

The cage is barely above the water.

> swing cage. (18 meters! That's as far as it'll reach.)

> jump.

The cage can't swing far enough until it's just above the water, but you have to start swinging the cage quite a bit before that.


> x equipment. take knife. open knife. cut rope.

> close knife. x knife. read knife.

> x rope. x panel. x pool. x fish. x cable. x hatch.

> turn wheel. n.

The Laboratory

> x table. x book. read book.

> x machine. x bubble. x tubes.

> x landscape. x ravine. x dome. x sky. x Earth. x sun.

> look up 00000 in book. (It means Success.)

The initial pictures on the machine are of a violet-bellied Martian kangasaur. Start making notes of the grey colors you see. They're randomized and you'll need to know which is which later.

> x top picture.

> x middle picture. (Note the BELLY-COLOR.)

> x bottom picture. (Powerful jumper.)

It's not immediately obvious, but we're colorblind. We can only see black, white, and shades of gray.

> push top. push middle. push bottom.

Now we're looking at blue-eyed Venusian marshbats.

> x top. (Note the EYE-COLOR.)

> x middle. (Wings.)

> x bottom.

> push top. push middle. push bottom.

Now we're looking at a green-shelled frost turtle.

> x top. (Has its own air supply in a helmet.)

> x middle. (Note the SHELL-COLOR.)

> x bottom.

> push top. push middle. push bottom.

Now we're looking at a yellow-crested Jovian megastrich.

> x top. (Note the CREST-COLOR.)

> x middle.

> x bottom. (Powerful runner.)

> push top. push middle. push bottom. (Back to all kangasaurs.)

Remember which shade of gray was for which actual color because it's randomized! There's five possible grays: gunmetal, iron, pewter, slate, and taupe.

Time to turn ourselves into some hybrid creature.

> push top. g. push middle. push bottom. g. g.

> enter bubble. (You drop the knife and you're now...)

Outside the Laboratory

Your mutation is temporary, by the way, so get moving!

> n.

South Side of the Canal

> x canal. fly.

North Side of the Canal

> n.

Outside the Dome

> x device. touch it. (Need a human hand.)

> kick airlock. (And you're human again and choking.)

> n.

Outside the Dome (in the glass airlock)

> push button.

South End of the Catwalk

> x mirror. x platform. n.


Soon after you arrive here, Lord Infamy will start taunting you via a loudspeaker. Ignore him.

> x console. x oversized button. (Note the BUTTON-COLOR. Its true color is red, of course.)

> read guide. read introduction.

> read quick start. (7 lenses for 7 apertures, then push the big red button.)

> read overview. (The lenses turn different colored light into black, then recombines it.)

> read technical. (Old light color minus lens color equals new light color.)

> read safety. (Generating non-black light will cause the deluminator to overheat.)

> open drawer. take lenses.

> x tube. x mechanism.

> push circular button. x disc.

Time to put lenses in apertures, but to create pure white light, not black! From the technical instructions, you know you need to shift the lenses by one from their intended locations.

> put black in white.

> put white in red.

> put BUTTON-COLOR in violet.

> put BELLY-COLOR in blue.

> put EYE-COLOR in green.

> put SHELL-COLOR in yellow.

> put CREST-COLOR in black.

> push oversized button. z. z. (Something starts happening.)

> z. z. z. z. z. (Earth gets white light.)

> z. (A falling crane bridges the northern gap.)

> n.


You hitch a ride in Infamy's spaceship, but unfortunately you're in the combustion chamber!

You've won this round! But don't forget to play…

"Boom! Goes the Dynamite!"

Episode 8 of "Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night!"

*** The End ***





These are the game credits:

Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night was written by Mike Carletta for the 2018 Interactive Fiction Competition.

You may write slash fic, sing filk or cosplay Dynamite Powers. In fact, please do.

Thanks to my wife and muse, Kathy. She is my sounding board, editor and chief tester. She deserves much of the credit, and none of the blame.

Thanks to Sean M. Shore, J. Michael, Linus Åkesson and Mathbrush for their patient and thorough beta testing.

Many thanks to Brendon and Brian Fraim at, who created the beautiful cover art.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.


All endings end with The End in this game, but not all endings are the same.


Transmutation Return Codes

Not every five-digit number is a valid return code. Here are some of the ones that are valid:

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