Key & Compass presents:
Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage
by Harry Hol

Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage is a Z-machine 5 text adventure game written with Inform 6 and is © 2000–2002 Bibberfrob Productions. It was written by Harry Hol.

You play as the great space-time detective Dutch Dapper near the end of his career. Despondent after the events of the prologue, he goes on one last adventure.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 10 of the game. Note that there are no previous Dutch Dapper games; what his previous adventures may have been like is entirely up to the player to imagine.



Long WhiteCorridor Long WhiteCorridor ControlCentre Dead End Long WhiteCorridor ???

Control Centre

Do the usual look-around.

> x lights. x screens. x throne. sit on it. x explosives. x table.

> i. x screwdriver. x chip. x feather. x unit.

Okay. Let's start the prologue.

> push button.

You can't do much but wait until Aya rescues you.

> x jacklejitt. ask jacklejitt about jacklejitt. x buzzsaw. z. z.

> stand. take unit.

Some optional stuff again.

> x jacklejitt. x aya. kiss aya. ask aya about me.

> ask aya about jacklejitt. ask aya about swoobie. ask aya about aya.

> ask aya about explosives.

Oh, fine. Getting on with it...

> push button. w.

Long White Corridor (three locations)

> w. s. w.

Dead End

> z. x box. w.

Home on Earth

Study Space TimeTransporterRoom Bathroom Landing Bedroom Stairs LivingRoom Hallway Kitchen Street Street Street Jor


Scenery: bed, nightstand.

> stand. w.


Scenery: portraits.

> d.


Scenery: portraits.

> d.


By the way, there are three outdoor street locations which you may entirely ignore.

> open door. (+1 pt)

> close door. x envelope. open it. x letter. x crystal.

> w.

Living Room

There's a lot of stuff in here, but all you really need to do here is take the glass snow ball from the bookcase. Oh, and take the red herring too. You can try lots of things with the red herring. Unfortunately, I can't recommend just taking everything; there is an inventory limit.

> x couch. x stains. x table. x junk.

> x tv. turn on tv. watch tv. g. g. turn off tv.

> x fireplace. x fire. x picture.

> x case. x feather. x chip. x unit. x herring. take herring.

> x snake. wake snake. x ball.

> take ball. shake it. x ball. e. e.


There's a lot of stuff in the kitchen, too. All you need to do at this point is look at the STT manual, but you might as well look at what else is here, and do what you can. As you might guess, you'll need to make coffee in this game. Later. Not right now.

> x high cabinet. open it. x box. x filter.

> x low cabinet. open it. x board. take it. (can't; need tool)

> x sink. x drain. x rack. x salt. x pepper.

> x stove. x worktop. x dishes.

> x left drawer. open it. (can't; stuck) hit it.

> x right drawer. open it. x manual.

> x screwdriver. take it. (can't; too high)

> x thing. (it's a coffee maker) x grinder. x thermos.

> w. u. u. w.


Scenery: sink, shower, toilet, tiles, mirror.

> flush herring. (+1 last lousy point)

> e. n.


Scenery: books/cases, cabinet/papers.

> x door. open it. e.

Space Time Transporter Room

Scenery: machine, lights/scenery.

You can amuse yourself by saying the names of other planets, like Jupiter.

> say jor. (+5 pts; using information from both the manual and the letter.)

> e.

The Planet Jor

Glabulo'sFabulousZorchBurgerRestaurant Spaceport PrivateShuttle Lot Beach Boulevard Gate tospaceport PawnShop Beach Boulevard Road Beforea hotel Beach Boulevard ClothingShop Lobby Bar Casino Earth

Beach (three locations)

Caution: Fatal to swim in the sea!

> x door. x sand. x sea. x sky. n. x rope. take it. s. s.

> dig sand. (+10 pts) take helmet. x it. wear it.

> n. e.

Boulevard (middle)

Note: If you enter here without wearing the helmet, the adbots will force you back to the beach.

Scenery: sign, bots.

> s.

Boulevard (south)

You need to ask the bouncer about the dress code to learn that you need a "stryvle", whatever that is.

> x sign. x dunes. x creature. se.

> ask bouncer about casino. ask bouncer about code.

> ask bouncer about stryvle. n. n.

Boulevard (north)

Scenery: sign, window.

> e.

Glabulo's Fabulous Zorch Burger Restaurant

Don't forget to take the cup after the waiter brings it.

> x statue. x waiter. x booth. enter booth.

> x plaque. order cup. lasso waiter. order cup. (+5 pts)

> take cup. x cup. x water. out. w. s. e.


> s.

Clothing Shop

> x clothes. x blob. x tag.

> ask zwieb about clothes. ask zwieb about stryvle.

> take stryvle. buy it. (worth a try, eh?)

> n. e.

Before a hotel

> x awning. s.


> x chandeliers. listen. x sign. x desk. e.


The drunk alien is called Graaier Morgul; he owns the local pawnshop. You may want to talk to him. Hm, that doesn't work. Okay, you have to SHOW things to him. And he wants something that does something. Don't forget to take the bar stool.

> x bar. x bottles. x stool. take it.

> x morgul. x signs. x net. x disco.

> show ball to morgul. shake ball. show ball to morgul. (+5 pts)

Hm, but now you need to sober him up. Oh, right. Coffee. Let's go make coffee.

> w. n. w. w. w. w. w. s. d. d. e.


"How to Make Coffee, Interactive Fiction Style"

(Assuming that both cabinets are still open. Also, be mindful of the inventory limit; drop unneeded items.)

Step 1: Get that screwdriver!

> drop stool. stand on stool. take screwdriver. stand.

Step 2: Get the left drawer open!

> take board with screwdriver. drop screwdriver.

> look in lower. take spoon. x it. drop it.

> open left drawer. x knife. take it.

Step 3: Open the box of coffee beans!

> take box. open box with knife. drop knife. look in box. x beans.

Step 4: Grind the beans!

> take beans. drop box. put beans in grinder.

> take filter. put filter in grinder.

> turn on grinder.

Step 5: Brew the coffee!

> take filter. put filter in maker.

> take thermos. put thermos in maker.

> turn on maker. (+10 pts)

Step 6: Take the thermos, and double-check you have thermos (containing coffee), cup, crystal, helmet (worn), and glass snow ball.

> take thermos. i.

Step 7: Return to the bar.

> w. u. u. n. e. e. e. e. e. s. e.


> empty cup. pour coffee in cup. give cup to Morgul. (+5 pts)

> w. n. w. ne.

Pawn shop

> x counter. jump over counter. x field.

> sell ball. (+10 pts)

> x coin. sw. s.

Clothing Shop

> buy stryvle. (+1 pt)

> x stryvle. wear it. g. g. (+3 pts)

> n. w. s. se. (+5 pts)


Playing the slots machine is completely optional. You can cheat by alternating between "pull lever" and "undo" until you actually win. Go use your winnings to buy yourself a burger, why don't you?

> x wheel. x machine. x lever. x slot. x display.

> put coin in slot. (pull lever. undo.) take zarbles.

Back to the plot:

> x lizard. show crystal to lizard. (+5 pts)

> nw. n. e. n. (+5 pts)

Gate to spaceport

From this point on, the script starts to run mostly on rails to the end of the story.

> x house. x gate. x wire. x signs.

> n.

Space port

> x structure. x tank. e.

The Weathersight

w n PrivateShuttle Lot Dead End LandingBay Shuttle Laboratory Wagon

Private Shuttle Lot

You enter the ship, automatically.


> x seat. sit on seat. x wires.

The shuttle flies to the Weathersight.

> stand. w.

Landing Bay

You meet a cloaked figure and automatically follow him into a wagon.


> x figure.

The figure will speak to you about "your plan" to save his life, and you'll automatically disembark to...


> n.

Dead End

> take aya. s.

The End

> amusing.

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