Key & Compass presents:
Dr Who and the Ribos Operation
by Kelsey Lewis

Dr Who and the Ribos Operation is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2017 by Kelsey Lewis.

In this re-creation of a Doctor Who episode, you play as the Time Lord known as Doctor Who. The White Guardian asks you to find a segment of the Key of Time hidden on the pre-tech planet Ribos. Your companions in this adventure are Ramona and K-9.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.1 of the game.


u d u in out out Alcove TreasureChamber Entr. toTreasureChamber CastleEntrance CastleCorridor GuestQuarters SnowyPath Cubby CastleTurret SnowyCourtyard TheConcourse TempleEntrance TheTARDISControlRoom EntrancetoCatacombs CatacombsCorridor WindingPassage Courtyard CatacombsJunctionCorridor CatacombsCorridor CatacombsCorner CatacombsChamber CatacombsCorridor ChamberAlcove out in d u in

Note that the Entrance to the Catacombs and the Catacombs Corridor to its immediate south will be blocked by rubble after the explosions.


The TARDIS Control Room

> x me. i. x screwdriver. x whistle.

> x K-9. x console. x lever. x column.

> in. (No reason to.)

> out.


> x guardian. ask guardian about purpose.

> ask guardian about key.

> ask guardian about white guardian.

> yes. (Look in your TARDIS.)

> in.

The TARDIS Control Room

Romana greets you and gives you a tracer.

> x Romana. x tracer.

> ask Romana about key. ask Romana about tracer.

> ask Romana about flight controls.

> x slot. put tracer in slot.

> close door. pull lever. take tracer.

> out.

Snowy Courtyard

> use tracer. (It points north.)

> n.

Snowy Path / Caught in a net above Snowy Path

You are caught in a net!

> ask Romana about net. (She frees you.)

> n.

Castle Entrance

> x carpet. x suits. use tracer. (It points west.)

> w.

Entrance to Treasure Chamber

> x door. x tapestries. open door. (locked)

> unlock door with screwdriver. w.

Treasure Chamber

> x thrones. x regalia.

> x stone. use tracer. (It points to the stone.)

> take stone. (cabinet is locked)

> unlock cabinet with screwdriver. (Someone's coming!)

> hide. (Captain and a man chat and leave. A shrieve stays.)

> x shrieve.

Weirdly, the shrieve makes no reaction when you and Romana leave.

> e. e. e.

Castle corridor

> listen.

The man and an aristocrat talk. The aristocrat will buy this planet, his money to be kept in the treasure room. They then head that way. So, uh, follow them?

> w. w. w.

Treasure Chamber

The aristocrat and his sergeant, Sholakh, marvel at the stone. The shrive calls it the Scringe Stone. The mine is lost. The aristo's money is locked in a chest. You tell the Captain that you and Romana are from the North.

> e.

Entrance to Treasure Chamber

Romana says it'll be curfew soon and to follow her.

> e. s. s. w.

Castle Turret

> x uniform. take it. wear it.

> open grate. unlock grate with screwdriver. (Can't)

> e. n. n. w. w.

Treasure Chamber

As you enter, a young man steals the stone and runs east. The shrieve calls for help.

If you head east, you're arrested. You can't hide. You can't stay. Don't waste turns:

> n.


A rope ladder now leads up.

> u.

Castle Turret

Plot dump! You and Romana encounter the man, Garron. He tells you the young man is Unstoffe. Garron starts to lead you to him, but the aristo, the Graff Vynda-K, has you three arrested for stealing his money. Sholakh (aka Shallack?) vows to find your accomplice then kill you all.

Guest Quarters

CAUTION! You are executed if you take too long in this room! Don't take any extra unnecessary actions here!

> blow whistle. (To summon K-9.)

> x fireplace. take device.

> ask Garron about Unstoffe. (We must warn him or her will be captured.)

> ask Garron about communicator.

> fix communicator with device. (This works.)

> use communicator. (Unstoffe will hide in the catacombs.)

Meanwhile, K-9's laser has melted the door's lock.

> w. w. s. s. e.

The Concourse

> x folks. x temple. x gargoyles. x grate. x curtain.

> d. (grate is locked)

> e. (door locked)

> in.


Binro the Heretic greets you.

> x Binro. x key. x shelves. x possessions. x mattress.

> ask Binro about Binro. ask Binro about heresy.

> ask Binro about catacombs. ask Binro about temple.

> ask Binro about shrivenzale. (Beasts attracted by high pitched noises.)

> ask Binro about key. ask Binro for key.

> tell Binro about stars. (Happy he is no heretic, he gives the key.)

> out.

The Concourse

> unlock door with temple key. e.

Temple Entrance

> close door. lock it with key. (Temple key doesn't fit the lock!)

> d. s.

Catacombs Corridor

Hear the Graff and his soldiers behind you!

> hide. (They arrive and they're about to search!)

> blow whistle. (A shrivenzale chases them away.)

Your companions split up and also leave.

> s. (You hear a shrivenzale that way.)

> n.

Entrance to Catacombs

Graff and Sholakh are arguing, then fighting with the Captain and the shrieves.

> u. (You sneak past them.)

Temple Entrance

It's not at all clear where you're supposed to go at this point.

> w. w. n. n. e.

Castle corridor

> x soldier. x uniform. wear uniform.

> w. s. s. e. e. d.

Entrance to Catacombs

The Graff and his men consult a seeker, then they all head south.

> s. s. s.

Catacombs Chamber

The Graff is about to kill Garron and Unstoffe.

> blow whistle.

A shrivenzale appears. The ceiling falls, killing all the soldiers. The Graff gives you a bomb, then shoots the seeker!

> put bomb on Graff. (He leaves and goes boom.)

Romana and K-9 arrive. Unstoffe gives the stone to Garron.

> s.

Chamber Alcove

> x rocks. take iron key.

> n. e. n.

Catacombs Corner

> x rocks. (Passageway beyond them?)

> ask K-9 about rocks. (He zaps them.)

> n.

Winding Passage

> unlock grate with iron key. u. w.

Snowy Courtyard

The game oddly requires you to ask for the jethrick in this location. Also, you must refer to it as jethrick, not stone or jewel any other name.

> ask Garron about jethrick. (He gives it. He and Unstoffe leave.)

> in.

The TARDIS Control Room

*** YOU HAVE WON ***







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