Key & Compass presents:
Dr Horror's House of Terror
by Ade McT

Dr Horror's House of Terror is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2021 by Ade McT. It was an entry in IF Comp 2021 where it took 2nd place.

This large horror game begins with you as the Professor facing the Count and his vampire thralls in a final showdown. But wait. Actually, you're an actor in a low-budget horror film, and the studio head and a crowd of cultists are about to sacrifice you in order to summon Astaroth and all the minions of hell! You've got to save yourself and stop him, but how?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: From Executive Offices to Temple of Astaroth

Top ofthe Stairs OutsideDr Horror'sOffice ExecutiveOffices DarkStairwell Entrancevestibule DankCavern Above theTemple Temple ofAstaroth (locked) (locked) (locked) u u d d

Map 2: Entrance and Studio Lot

DarkStairwell Entrancevestibule GuardRoom Studio 1(werewolf) Studio LotNorth Studio 2(zombies) Studio 4(frankie) Studio LotSouth Studio 3(mummies) Studio 5(vampires) (locked)

Note that during the endgame, the location north of Studio Lot North is no longer the Entrance vestibule, but instead The Cathedral of Bone.

Map 3: Studio 1 (werewolf)

DesolateWindsweptHills TheSlaughteredCalf The Villageof NetherHallows Paththroughthe Forest Studio LotNorth The Den ofthe Beast Balcony ComfortableApartment d u

Map 4: Studio 2 (zombies)

Studio LotNorth Guard'sBreakRoom Alleway,Rue des Verrièrs Deep inthe Bayou The Grand Ballroomat theGovernor's Mansion VoodooTemple Basement The Cemeteryof St. Louisede Marillac

Map 5: Studio 3 (mummies)

Studio LotSouth StudioMenagerie The Shrineof theSphinx Deep inthe Desert Archae-ologistDig Site The TentCity of theBadari The Tomb ofNefer-Kare The Ruins ofMen-nefer (certain death) d u

Map 6: Studio 4 (frankie)

The EvilMachinery ofDr Von Hummels StudioWorkshop Studio LotSouth Glade inthe Forest The Laboratory ofDr Von Hummels The CastleRooftop Crematorium

Map 7: Studio 5 (vampires)

Studio LotSouth TheVampire'sDungeon StudioWaitingRoom StudioStore StudioCrypt The Count'sLair ProductionArea Bleak andWindswept Moors The Poolof Death LightingGantry u d d u


The Count's Lair

> kill count with stake.

The Director yells CUT! He tells you that your line is "I will rid the world of your evil."


Don't put a period at the end of your command!

> say I will rid the world of your evil

That's a wrap. Harry orders you to Arnie's office.


Outside Dr Horror's Office

> x me. i.

> x stake. x watch. x suit. x hat.

> x door. x bench. knock on door.

> e.

Executive Offices

> x doors. n. s. (both locked)

> w. w. d.

Dark Stairwell

> x door. e. (locked)

> listen. x green light.

> d. e.

Above the Temple

Arnie orders Harry to fetch you.

> x people.

Harry returns, saying he couldn't find you.

> x Arnie.

Arnie orders everyone to find you. HIDE!

> hide. (+1)

> score.

> e.

Temple of Astaroth

> x stones. x altar. x lettering. x benches.

> w. w. u.

Dark Stairwell

Voices are above, but the door here is now ajar.

> e. (+1. You close and lock the door behind you.)

Entrance vestibule

> x desk. x keypad.

> x smaller door. ("Security")

> n. (locked)

> s.

Studio Lot North

> x studio 1 sign. ("Blood of the Werewolf's Claw")

> x studio 2 sign. ("The Things That Could Never Die!")

> x moon. x clouds. x mist.

> w. e. (both locked)

> s.

Studio Lot South

A cultist threatens you!

> kill cultist with stake. (+1)

> x body. take robe. x robe.

> x sign 3. ("The Curse of the Mummy of Death")

> x sign 4. ("The Vengeance of the Monster")

> x sign 5. ("The Revenge of the Bride of the Vampire")

> w. e. (both locked)

> s.

Studio Waiting Room

A guard is patroling the studio in a counterclockwise route. CAUTION: If the guard catches you, he escorts you out to Studio Lot South. You should instead HIDE to evade him, but you can only hide when you're in peril.

> x counter. take tea caddy. x it.

> w.

The Vampire's Dungeon

The axe is just one way to kill the guard.

> x axe.

The guard is near.

> hide. (The guard arrives.)

> x guard. (The guard leaves.)

> push axe. x handle.

> z. z. z. (The guard is near again.)

> hide. (The guard enters.)

> pull handle. (+1. The axe kills the guard.)

> look. x glint. take it. x crucifix. wear it.

> s. s.

Bleak and Windswept Moors

The bog is a second way to kill the guard. Just put your hat on the tree, hide, and wait for him to walk into it.

> x tree. e.

The Pool of Death

The pool is the third way to kill the guard. To do it, go up into the Lighting Gantry, pull the rope, wait for the guard to appear below, then drop the sandbag.

> x pool. x sandbag. n.

Production Area

> x chair. x arrays. x spoffles.

> x wires. x cameras. x rigs.

> n.

Studio Store

> x props. x clothing. x shelves.

> x machine. open it. take reel. x it.

> x rug. move it. open trapdoor.

> d.

Studio Crypt

> turn on light.

> talk to Charlotte.

> 1. (re: doing here)

> 1. (re: not real actors)

> 1. ("Vampires!?")

> 1. (re: killing)

> 1. (re: cult)

> 1. ("You'll help?")

> 1. (re: trust)

> 1. ("Other undead?")

> 1. (re: Undead Army)

> 1. (re: freeing vampires)

> 1. ("Goodbye.")

> give caddy to Countess. (She opens it for you.)

> look in caddy.

> unlock cage with key. (+1; Vampires join Undead Army!)

The thrall tells you the override code: 1967. The Countess says to send the other undead to her in the studio lot. She rips the chain from the fridge before leaving.

> open fridge. (Body parts of Melissa Clumb and Beanie Havell.)

> x Melissa. (mostly just her legs)

> x Beanie. (mostly just his arms)

> u. w. n. n. n.

Entrance vestibule

> enter 1967. e.

Guard room

> x monitors. x desk. x keyboard. x panel.

> push red button. ("Security override")

> w. s. e.

Guard's Break Room

> talk to guard.

> 1 (re: patrol)

> 1 (re: what's inside)

> 2 (re: stopping me)

> 3 (re: worked here long)

> 4 ("Goodbye.")

> x guard. x table. x lamp. x chair. x newspaper.

> e.

Alleway, Rue des Verrièrs

Take a counterclockwise tour of this studio, picking up anything loose.

> x houses. x arches. x windows. x balconies. x plants.

> s.

The Grand Ballroom at the Governor's Mansion

> x staircase. x false door. x chandelier.

> x stage. x mirrors.

> s.


> x pipes. x mould. x outline.

> e.

The Cemetery of St. Louise de Marillac

> x tombs. x gravestones. x statues.

> x plants. x graves. x wheelbarrow.

> dig graves. (denied)

> take barrow. (You're now pushing it wherever you go.)

> n.

Voodoo Temple

> x masks. x drapes. x skulls. x statuettes.

> x candles. x cobwebs. x throne. x table.

> x book. take book. x book.

> read summon. read raise dead. read banish.

> x bones. take bones.

> x bottle. take bottle.

> sit on throne. (can't: repelled by unseen rage!)

> n.

Deep in the Bayou

Note: The stone must be present for any summoning.

> x trees. x dip. x plants.

> take stone. (Heavy! You put it into the barrow.)

> cast summon. (A man's ghost arrives.)

> x man. x cutlass. x uniform.

> talk to man. (He is Colonel Phillipe Meribeaux. He wants to meet his wife at the governor's mansion.)

> cast banish. (Phillipe is sucked into the stone!)

Note: The stone can hold all the ghosts you banish.

> s.

Voodoo Temple

> cast summon. (The ghost of Gemma Bellerton sits on the throne.)

> x Gemma. talk to Gemma.

> 1 ("Who's trying to get in?")

> 2 (re: what happened)

> 1 ("What story?")

> 1 ("Goodbye")

> throw bones.

The bones, when thrown here, give a set of visions hinting at the possible scenarios you might try to re-enact next. Of course, if you're using this walkthrough, you won't need any hints from the bones.

> s. w.


> cast summon. (A woman's ghost appears. The walls now weep with blood!)

> x woman. x hair. x dress.

> talk to woman. (She's Evangeline. She needs to see her boy.)

> x blood. take blood. (using the milk bottle)

> cast banish. (Evangeline is now in the stone.)

> n.

The Grand Ballroom at the Governor's Mansion

> cast summon. (A woman's ghost appears.)

> x woman. x dress. x fan. x hair. x throat.

> talk to woman. (Clarissa Meribeaux is waiting for her husband.)

> cast summon.

Summon ? 1 (Phillipe appears.)

Clarissa and Phillipe kiss passionately. She wants a child. He's not eager. They dance. Then they stop and don't see each other.

> talk to Clarissa. talk to Phillipe.

> cast banish.

Banish ? 1 (Phillipe enters the stone.)

> cast banish. (Clarissa enters the stone.)

> n.

Alleway, Rue des Verrièrs

> cast summon. (A boy's ghost appears.)

> x boy. x bowtie. x trousers.

> talk to boy. (Jacques Meribeaux is waiting for his Momma.)

> cast summon. 3 (Clarissa arrives.)

Clarissa greets Jacques and suggests a shopping trip. Jacques complains Poppa doesn't like him no more.

> talk to boy. talk to Clarissa.

> cast banish. 1 (Clarissa enters the stone.)

> cast summon. 1 (Evangeline arrives.)

Evangeline hides in the shadows and watches Jacques.

> talk to Evangeline. talk to boy.

> cast banish. 1 (Evangeline enters the stone.)

> cast banish. (Jacques enters the stone.)

> e. s.

Voodoo Temple

> cast summon. 2 (Clarissa arrives.)

Clarissa asks the Priestess for help with her husband's problem.

> talk to Clarissa.

> cast banish. 1 (Clarissa banished.)

> s. w.


> cast summon. 1 (Phillipe arrives.)

> cast summon. 1 (Evangeline arrives.)

Phillipe tells Evangeline that he's taking their baby.

> talk to Evangeline. talk to Phillipe.

> cast banish. 1 (Evangeline banished.)

> cast banish. (Phillipe banished.)

> n.

The Grand Ballroom at the Governor's Mansion

> cast summon. 1 (Jacques arrives.)

> cast summon. 1 (Clarissa arrives.)

> cast summon. 1 (Evangeline arrives.)

Evangeline tries to take Jacques, but Clarissa threatens her with the asylum and her husband.

> talk to boy. talk to Clarissa.

> talk to Evangeline.

> cast banish. 1 (Evangeline banished.)

> cast banish. 1 (Clarissa banished.)

> n.

Alleway, Rue des Verrièrs

> cast summon. 1 (Phillipe arrives.)

> cast summon. 2 (Clarissa arrives.)

Clarissa complains to Phillipe that the boy has turned evil. Phillipe doesn't believe it.

> talk to Clarissa. talk to Phillipe.

> cast banish. 1 (Clarissa banished.)

> cast banish. (Phillipe banished.)

> e. s.

Voodoo Temple

> cast summon. 1 (Evangeline arrives.)

Evangeline will do anything for her revenge.

> talk to Evangeline.

> cast banish. 1. (Evangeline banished.)

> s. w. n.

The Grand Ballroom at the Governor's Mansion

I'm assuming Jacques is still here.

> cast summon. 1 (Clarissa arrives.)

Clarissa suggests a walk in the Bayou to Jacques. !! Jacques is quite happy to escort her there. Creepy!

> talk to boy. talk to Clarissa.

> cast banish. 1 (Clarissa banished.)

> cast banish. (Jacques banished.)

> n. e.

Deep in the Bayou

> cast summon. 1 (Phillipe)

> cast summon. 1 (Evangeline)

> cast summon. 1 (Clarissa)

> cast summon. (Jacques)

Clarissa hits Jacques with a rock. He falls. Evangeline slices Clarissa's neck with a knife. Clarissa falls. Evangeline leaves. Phillipe swears revenge. Jacques and Clarissa fade away; their stories are done.

> talk to Phillipe. cast banish.

> s. s. w.


Evangeline is now here.

> talk to Evangeline. ("It's the end of the story")

> cast summon.

Evangeline curses Phillipe to never rest until he accepts what he did. He stabs her. She dies and fades. But he expands into a malevolent spirit!

> x Phillipe. talk to him. (He ignores you.)

> cast banish.

> e. n.

Voodoo Temple

The Priestess says to bring "that boy" to her to end this.

> cast summon.

The Priestess tells Phillipe to accept his role and be saved. He refuses.

> z.

The Priestess tries to damn Phillipe for eternity but Phillipe resists. Gemma interrupts, telling Élise to let her handle him.

> z.

Gemma tells Phillipe off, telling him how weak he was.

> z. (+1)

Phillipe finally accepts his part of the blame. He's gone. Gemma and the Priestess go too. Then a hidden compartment in the table opens up.

> look in compartment. x doll. x needle.

> take doll. take needle. s.

The Cemetery of St. Louise de Marillac

> read raise dead.

> pour blood on graves.

> cast raise dead. (+1. Zombies emerge from the graves, but the doll protects you.)

> talk to zombies. (They just groan.)

> x zombies. x graves. drop barrow.

The zombie horde follows you.

> w. n. n. w.

Guard's Break Room

The zombies attack the guard and she becomes the zombies' leader! (+1)

> talk to guard.

> 1. (re: what's it like)

> 1. (re: knowing about the zombies)

> 2. (re: doing something)

> 1. (re: making it right)

> 1. (tell her about Arnie's demonic army)

> 1. (tell her about your undead army; she agrees to join)

> 1. (Zombies join Undead Army!)

> score.

> get lamp. (Still can't!)

> w. s.

Studio Lot South

The Countess refers to the zombie guard as Chloe.

> e.

Studio Menagerie

> x whip. take it. (You know how to CRACK a whip.)

> x stetson. take it.

> remove jaunty hat. wear stetson.

> x Wilma. pet Wilma. (She tries to bite you.)

> x collar. x lead. x cages.

> x spiders. x snakes. x scorpions.

> x roaches. x rats. x croc.

You probably want to wander about the set first before grabbing cages and putting them somewhere else.

> e.

The Shrine of the Sphinx

I'm going to assume you'll HIDE if necessary to avoid the wandering security guard.

> x shrine. x legs.

> se.

The Tent City of the Badari

> x large tent.

> sw.

The Ruins of Men-nefer

> x skeleton.

> n.

Archaeological Dig Site

> x buildings. x ladder.

> d.

The Tomb of Nefer-Kare

> x golden sarcophagus.

> x pedestal. x depression.

> x ornate sarcophagi. x hieroglyphs.

> u.

Archaeological Dig Site

If torchlight near dunes, wait until it leaves.

> z. (Wait until torchlight is near Sphinx.)

> w.

Deep in the Desert

> x dunes. x backdrop.

> ne. w.

Studio Menagerie

There's several ways to entrap and kill this security guard. This walkthrough will attempt to herd him to the ruins.

> take roaches. e.

The Shrine of the Sphinx

The first step is to drop a cage of creatures by the Sphinx and open it by the Sphinx. While creatures are loose here, the guard cannot escort you out.

If necessary, hide and wait until the guard is gone.

By the way, wearing the stetson protects you from the creatures.

> drop cage. open cage. (The roaches are free.)

> w.

Studio Menagerie

> take rats. e. se.

The Tent City of the Badari

> drop cage. open it. (The rats are free.)

> nw. w.

Studio Menagerie

> take scorpions. e. sw.

Deep in the Desert

> drop cage. open cage. ne. w.

Studio Menagerie

> take spiders. e. s.

Archaeological Dig Site

> drop cage. open cage. n. w.

Studio Menagerie

> take snakes. e. s. s.

The Ruins of Men-nefer

The guard is trapped here.

> x guard. x bracelet.

> drop cage. open cage. (+1)

The guard runs into the south passage and dies from spikes. His bracelet rolls out of the passage.

> take bracelet. x it. x guard.

BUG: If you start putting the creatures back into their cages by cracking the whip, the security guard may show up again!

> n. d.

The Tomb of Nefer-Kare

> put bracelet in depression. (The mummies are free!)

> wear bracelet. (+1. They stop advancing towards you.)

> talk to Nefer.

> 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. (Mummies join Undead Army!)

A bell tolls three times. Something evil has happened!

> u. n. w. w.

Studio Lot South

The Countess tells you that the demon has been summoned, the sacrifice made, and the Cathedral of Bone has been built and "locked with the power of all of Hell's dominion!"

> n.

Studio Lot North

> x bone doors. x head.

> w.

Path through the Forest

Note: You don't need to hide from this studio's guard.

> x trees. x path.

When the guard arrives:

> talk to guard. (He leaves.)

> x pit. x cage. x winch.

The guard is back.

> x guard.

> sw.

The Den of the Beast

> x corpse. take silver. x coin.

> x cave. x bones. x staircase.

> u.


> x railing. s.

Comfortable Apartment

A woman starts a conversation, angry with your intrusion.

> 1. 1. 1. 1.

Annie pushes you out the door and locks it.


> d. nw.

The Slaughtered Calf

> x bar. x floorboards. x fireplace.

> x patrons. x chess. x beer.

> x star. x Blunderbuss.

> x Bert. x apron. x glass.

> talk to Bert. buy beer. (You drink it and get coins.)

> x coins.

> take gun. put coins in gun.

> ne.

Desolate Windswept Hills

> x grass. x backdrop. x sculpture. x moon.

> open moon. (The guard immediately arrives and closes it.)

> s.

The Village of Nether Hallows

One way to kill this guard is to get the villagers to hang him for being a witch. But if you never ask Derek about witches, you'll have to dispose of the guard by pushing him into the pit.

> x villagers. talk to villagers.

> 1 ("I'm not a witch")

> 1 ("Derek?")

> 1 ("...great to see you.")

> 1 ("...doing here?")

> 1 ("...actors?")

> 5 ("...witches?")

> 5 ("You need a witch?")

> 1 ("The Security Guard")

> 1 ("...say I did it!")

Now the villagers are going to attack the guard for being a witch!

> z. (The villagers capture the guard.)

> z. (Jim denies being a witch.)

> z. (They hang the guard.)

> look. (+1)

> x hanged man.

> x houses. x sign. x equipment. x tree.

> e. e. s. e.

Studio Menagerie

> take lead. w. n. w.

Path through the Forest

> put Wilma in cage. turn winch. (Wilma is now bleating in the pit.)

If the guard is still alive, wait for him to arrive. While he's bending over trying to find out what's making that bleating, push him into the pit.

> nw.

Desolate Windswept Hills

Note that you can't keep the moon open unless the security guard can't interfere because he's either trapped in the pit or hung by the noose.

> open moon. (Something happened at the pit.)

> se.

Path through the Forest

A beast is now trapped in the pit. Wilma is dead, killed by the beast, and if the guard was also in the pit, he's dead too.

> x beast. nw.

Desolate Windswept Hills

> close moon. se.

Path through the Forest

> turn winch. (Annie emerges from the pit. A conversation begins.)

> 1. 1. (She admits she's a werewolf.)

> 2 ("...undead!")

> 1 ("...trained?")

> 1 ("...escape?")

> 1 ("... Join us!")

> 1 (tell her about Astaroth)

She agrees, but first takes you to...

Desolate Windswept Hills

...where she rips the shutter and becomes a Werewolf permanently. Fortunately, your gun full of silver coins protects you from her.

> x wolf. (+1. Werewolf joins Undead Army!)

> se. e. s. w.

Studio Workshop

There's a female guard patrolling Studio 4's rooms in a clockwise route. If she's ever too close to finding you, HIDE then WAIT to evade her.

> take cord. x it.

> s.

The Laboratory of Dr Von Hummels

Examine all this stuff later.

> s.


The simplest way to kill off this guard is to cremate her here. The other methods are trickier to accomplish: either electricute her with evil machinery or get the Monster to kill her by bringing it to life in the laboratory while she's there.

> x gurney.

When the footsteps are close:

> hide. (The guard lies on the gurney to read her book.)

> push gurney. (The guard is now in the oven.)

> close oven. x oven.

> push green button. (+1. The guard is gone.)

> open oven. take box. x it. (It's a music box.)

> wind music box.

> w.

The Castle Rooftop

> x catwalk. x dome.

> x spike. x band. x ring.

> x battlements. x gargoyles.

> n.

Glade in the Forest

> x trees. x grass. x riverbed. x log.

> n.

The Evil Machinery of Dr Von Hummels

> x machine. x valves.

> x brass handle. x thick cable.

> x control board. x switches. x metal ring.

> e. s.

The Laboratory of Dr Von Hummels

> x slab. x torso. x helmet. x handle.

> x plinth. x table. x bookcases.

It's time to put a Frankenstein's Monster together and bring it to undead life. First, get the head from Studio Lot North:

> n. e. n.

Studio Lot North

> take head.

Now fetch the wheelbarrow from Studio 2. If you're following my walkthrough, you left it in the cemetery.

> e. e. e. s. s.

The Cemetery of St. Louise de Marillac

> take barrow.

Now get some arms and legs from the fridge in Studio 5. You'll need the wheelbarrow to carry them in.

> n. n. w. w. w. s. s. e. d.

Studio Crypt

Assuming wheelbarrow is here and fridge is open.

> take Melissa. (You put her legs in the barrow.)

> take Beanie. (You put his arms in the barrow.)

Return to the laboratory:

> u. w. n. w. s.

The Laboratory of Dr Von Hummels

You must be holding the needle and cotton directly when sewing. Take the needle from the doll first if you haven't done so already.

> put head on slab. sew head to torso.

> put arms on slab. sew arms to torso.

> put legs on slab. sew legs to torso.

> drop barrow. s. w.

The Castle Rooftop

> attach coil to ring.

> turn wheel. (This captures a huge charge of electricity.)

> n. e.

The Laboratory of Dr Von Hummels

> attach coil to ring.

> pull handle. (The monster rises and wants to kill you!)

> play music box. (+1. It likes the music!)

> talk to monster.

> 1 ("What happened...?")

> 1 ("...alive again.")

> 1 ("...cult up to?")

> 1 ("...Demon?")

> 1 ("...stop him.")

> 1 ("...funny...")

> 1 (He agrees to help.)

> 1 (Monster joins Undead Army!)

> n. e.

Studio Lot South

Now that your Undead Army is complete, the Countess tells you that the bone gate is open, and suggests sneaking in, disguised as a cultist. If you want to do that, put the robe on now.

> wear robe. (This is optional.)

> n. (Guards take you to...)

The Cathedral of Bone

The robe doesn't disguise you at all. You see the forces of Hell waiting, and you're taken to Arnie who agrees that maybe there's more creatures here than he really needs for his next film, and he's quite okay with you whittling them down with your army.

> 1 ("...kill me?")

> 1 ("...cut costs!")

> 1 ("...imprisoned!")

> 2 ("...up to!")

> 3 ("...not right!")

> 1 ("I didn't know!")

> 1 ("...rule the world...!")

> 1 ("...stop you!")

> 1 ("...defeat you!")

> 1 ("I'll be back!")

Studio Lot North

> s. z. z. z.

Arnie arrives and suggests you should switch sides. The Countess argues with him for several turns.

Go south if you still want to command the undead army, or north if you want to side with the demonic army. This walkthrough will choose south.

well? > s.


The Cathedral of Bone

If you go south, you lead your army into the Cathedral of Bone. The Countess tells you that you must be their general. Examine the factions and forces on each side to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Then pair up everyone by using commands of the form FRIEND, ATTACK ENEMY. When everyone's paired up, start the battle with the command BATTLE.

Everyone fights to the death. If there are any survivors from the first round, you must pair them up with new opponents for a second round, and so on. The battle doesn't end until only one side has anyone still moving, or until everyone is dead for real.

Of course, if you switched sides, Arnie gives you the same instructions that the Countess does, and you can set up the attacking pairs the same way. Which army you lead doesn't really matter!

Anyway, examine all the forces on both sides, then I suggest saving the game so you can play around with the battle arrangement later.

> x vampires. x Monster. x mummies. x zombies. x werewolf.

> x Astaroth. x Arnie. x succubi. x angels. x demons.

> save.

This series of match-ups results in deadly draws, destroying both sides in the first round:

> vampires, attack Astaroth.

> Monster, attack succubi.

> mummies, attack angels.

> zombies, attack Arnie.

> werewolf, attack demons.

> battle.

> SPACE (repeat until battle is over)

When the battle is over, regardless of which side wins (if any), the Cathedral of Bone vanishes, and you rush to find a way out.


The movie credits roll, followed by one of three post-credits scenes, each set six months later:

Your Tiny Apartment

This is the mutual destruction epilogue.

> turn on TV. answer phone.

***The End. Thank you for Watching***

Your Basement Hide-out

This is the undead victorious epilogue.

> turn on radio. answer walkie talkie.

***The End. Thank you for Watching***

Your Penthouse Apartment

This is the hell victorious epilogue.

> turn on TV. answer phone.

***The End. Thank you for Watching***

> SPACE (for final score and prompt)

> quit



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This is the response to CREDITS:

Dr. Horror's House of Terror is copyright 2021 by Ade McT. It may be distributed for free, but not sold or included in any for-profit collection without written permission from the author.

The vast proportion of the bug free gameplay is due to the rigorous Beta testing of: Christopher Merriner, Mandy, ChrisP and Jay.

The game is written in Graham Nelson's Inform7 and powered, at least in part, by the extensions of Emily Short.

And these are the credits that roll at the end of game when you win:

Dr. Horror's House of Terror


You, the Player  as  Unnamed Protagonist

Charlotte Day  as  The Countess

Harry Higginbotham  as  Himself

Arnie Mallet  as  Himself

Also featuring

Blake Lively  ―  A vampire

Gemma Bellerton  ―  Elise, the Voodoo Priestess

Melissa Clumb  ―  A pair of white legs

Beanie Havel  ―  Some dismembered arms

Chloe  ―  A security guard

Jim McBean  ―  a crazed cultist

Derek Paisley  ―  a medieval villager

Billy Ambler  ―  Corpse #1

and introducing

Wilma the Sheep

Tested for the screen by

Christopher Merriner, Mandy, ChrisP and Jay

Additional testing by

Mathbrush, Mike Russo, Mike Spivey and Rovarsson

Written and Directed by

Ade McT


There's two end-of-game epitaphs:

Losing endings:

Winning endings:


Pre-studio items
Studio 1 items
Studio 2 items
Studio 3 items
Studio 4 items
Studio 5 items


The response to SCORE is:

You're still in one piece. That's a good start.

[After freeing the vampires:] You are building an undead army! So far, it consists of, the mummified Pharoah Nefer-Kare and his shuffling ancient servants, a monster manufactured from body parts and brought to terrible life, a horde of shambling zombies led by an understandably annoyed Security Guard, a fearsome ravening werewolf, the Count, the Countess and their bloodthirsty vampire thralls.

You have survived this-many perilous situations!

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