Key & Compass presents:
Dream Pieces 2: The Lego Box
by Iam Curio

Dream Pieces 2: The Lego Box is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2018 by Iam Curio. It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 51st place.

In this wordplay game, your dreams have taken you to a dream version of your family home where everything is made from Lego but none of the rooms have any exits. You'll need to break the things you find and mix the parts with other parts to make your own exits. Escape all nine rooms to win.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


enter chimney enter door enter door LivingRoom YOU HAVEWON!!! Bathroom Bedroom Barn Kitchen enter hole enter passage enter window enter door enter door enter door Attic Study Backyard GameRoom



> break horse. (Now: H, OR, SE.)

> break donkey. (Now: DO, N, KE, Y.)

> mix do with or. (DOOR)

> open door. (Need something first.)

> mix ke with y. (KEY)

> take key. open door. enter door.


Your inventory, if any, from the Barn is gone.

> break pool. (WATER, P, OO, L)

> break duck. (D, UCK)

> break water. (WA, TE, R)

> mix d with oo. mix doo with r. (DOOR)

> open door. (Need luck.)

> mix l with uck. take luck.

> open door. enter door.


Your inventory is again cleared on entry here.

> break bed. (BE and D)

> break notebook. (NO, TE, B, OO, K)

> break rug. (R, UG)

> mix d with oo. mix doo with r. (DOOR)

> open door. (Need something.)

> mix k with no. mix kno with b. (KNOB)

> take knob. put knob on door.

> open door. enter door.


> break stand. (DISH, ST, AND)

> break broom. (B, R, OO, M)

> break table. (TAB, LE)

> break dish. (D, IS, H)

> mix d with oo. mix doo with r. (DOOR)

> open door. (Need something.)

> mix h with and. mix hand with le. (HANDLE)

> put handle on door. open door. enter door.

Game Room

> break darts. (D, AR, T, S)

> break rook. (R, OO, K)

> break clock. (C, LO, CK)

> break board. (BO, ARD)

> mix d with oo. mix doo with r. (DOOR)

> open door. (Need something.)

> mix c with ard. take card.

> mix s with lo. mix slo with t. (SLOT)

> put slot on door. slide card.

> enter door.


> break towel. (T, OW, EL)

> break sink. (S, IN, K)

> break drawer. (D, RA, W, ER)

> mix w with in. mix d with ow. mix win with dow. (WINDOW)

> enter window.


> look at box. (KEY. CARD.)

> take key. take card.

> look at glass. (PAGE.)

> read page. ("MAKE SOUND")

> break glass. (Can't, too sticky)

> take page. (Can't, in the glass)

> break box. (BO, X)

> break card. (C, ARD)

> mix bo with ard.

> mix key with board. (KEYBOARD)

> play keyboard. break glass. (GL, ASS)

> break page. (P, AGE)

> break keyboard. (K, EY, BO, ARD)

> mix p with ass. mix pass with age. (PASSAGE)

> enter passage.


> break telephone. (TE, LE, P, HO, NE)

> mix ho with le. enter hole.

Living Room

> break machine. (M, A, CHI, NE)

> break toy. (TO, Y)

> mix chi with m. mix ne with y.

> mix chim with ney. (CHIMNEY)

> enter chimney.





This is very much a solo dream adventure, but other people are mentioned:


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Author: Iam Curio

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I'm not sure if it even makes sense to have an inventory section for this walkthrough. What could I say here that isn't in the walkthrough already? I can't list all possible combos. I guess I could list the useful items in equation form. Is that helpful?

In the Barn:

In the Backyard:

In the Bedroom:

In the Kitchen:

In the Game Room:

In the Bathroom:

In the Attic:

In the Study:

In the Living Room:

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