Key & Compass presents:
The Dream-Trap of Zzar
by S. John Ross

The Dream-Trap of Zzar is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by S. John Ross. It was an participant in the Speed-IF Jacket 4 event.

In this lightly-erotic tale, you play as Captain Galactic, science hero. Professor Zzar has just used evil technology to put you into a Level IX Subconscious Psychic Comatose Preservation State! How will you escape his dream trap? And what's with all these monkeys?

Note: This work is intended for mature audiences only.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 0 of the game.


in ComputerChamber Cockpit Laboratory ScienceStationAlpha Tank Bay out

Science Station Alpha

The names of the monkeys are randomized, and since they're not actually necessary to solving the game, I'm going to ignore them in this walkthrough. But feel free to interact with them all you want.

> about. legal. help.

You must read the Document before you'll be allowed to go anywhere.

> take document. read document.

Er, so to escape this dream, you need to turn it into a wet dream. Uh, okay.

> jerk off. (+5)

> e.

Tank Bay

> x door. (+1) x megatank. (+10)

> in.


> take magazine. read magazine. (+10)

> out. (+10. You and the monkeys take a trip around the moon first.)

Tank Bay

> w. n.

Computer Chamber

> x computer. push button. (+5) s. w.


> x Carolyn. (+10) x skirt. (+10)

> talk to carolyn. kiss Carolyn. (+5)

> touch skirt. (+15)

> lift skirt. (+20)

You escape the dream trap, defeat Zzar, then wake up again. Oh.

*** The End ***



In the main game:

In the conclusion:



In this game, your score is prefaced with "E.C." in the status bar; this stands for "erotic content" according to the Omega Document.

In that game, you scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns.

Note that most scorable actions can only raise your E.C. up to 99 and no further. You must lift Carolyn's skirt in order to finally reach 100 and win the game.

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