Key & Compass presents:
Dragon Flies Like Labradorite
by Troy Jones III

Dragon Flies Like Labradorite is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Troy Jones III. It was a participant in the Thanksgiving Speed-IF event in 2011.

In this fantasy game, you play as an adventurist in the sleepy village of Skry Im. You're in a right mess: you're down to your last farthing and the dragonfly is missing. Which way did she go? Start your quest in the minerals and archery supplies shop to the northeast.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Merchant Guy'sSpecialty Mineralsand Archery Supplies VillageSquare Deep WithinFae Forest Clearing (to farmland) (to sea) (to inn,closed) (to mountains) (to frigidNorth) (to theDarklands)


Village Square

Note for Release 1: If you examine the village or the square itself, you will see a misleading message: "Her tracks seem to lead to the southeast." Ignore that. You don't see any tracks yet. This bug was fixed in Release 2.

> x me. i. x hat. x tie. x coat. x farthing.

> x shop. x inn. (The inn is closed.)

> x fields. x highway. x way. x sun.

> n. e. s. w.

> ne.

Merchant Guy's Specialty Minerals and Archery Supplies

So, let's look at everything:

> x Guy. x counter. x shelves. x basket.

> x labradorite. (blue-green shimmer, like a dragonfly)

> x ball. x bismuth. x glass prism. x calcite.

> x lens. (could be useful for tracking)

> x silica. x arrow. (the toy reminds you of a poem)

> x guard. x bow.

Try asking about some stuff?

> ask Guy about dragonfly.

> ask Guy about labradorite. (It costs too much.)

> ask Guy about lens. (It costs too much.)

> ask Guy about farthing. (You don't dare.)

> ask Guy about arrow.

All the archery toys cost one farthing each.

> buy arrow. (You haggle and get the basket and everything in it.)

> take all from basket. x basket.

> put basket on Guy. (Now he can't see what you're doing.)

Time to steal what you need! You can take everything but the basket, but the only things you need to steal are the magnifying lens and the labradorite.

> take all. out.

Village Square

> look through lens. (Emma went southeast.)

Now you can follow her tracks.

> se.

Deep Within Fae Forest

> x flies. throw arrow at flies. (They start eating it.)

> s.


> x Emma. x doctor. (bowler, cravat, waistcoat, beard, dagger)

> x bowler. x cravat. x waistcoat. x beard. x dagger.

> x altar. x censer.

Examining the censer triggers this next bit: You've seen enough and demand satisfaction. The doctor finds a pair of swords and offers you your choice of brass or bronze hilt.

But note that he also knocked the censer off the altar while fetching the swords.

> x Emma. (She's starting to wake up.)

> take brassortake bronze. (The duel begins!)


You are now playing as Emma, waking up to see Charlie and Magnusson swordfighting.

> x altar. x Charlie. x Doctor.

> i. (You have one readied spell: BURN.)

> burn doctor. (Forced to drop his sword, he yields and flees.)

> talk to Charlie. SPACE

He frees you from the altar. (If he has the labradorite, he then shows it to you, which pleases you greatly.) After a few hours of rest, you say you're ready to go. He picks you up and you cast the spell.

*** You have won ***

In release 2, you may:

> amusing

> amusing (Yes, do AMUSING twice.)



This is the response to AMUSING in Release 2:

Here are a few peculiar things to try, some of which you may find slightly amusing...

If you do AMUSING a second time, the final item expands to this:




This is the response to CREDITS in Release 1:

(This game was created by Troy Jones III in Inform between Tuesday, November 22 and Saturday, November 26, for the 2011 Thanksgiving Speed-IF competition. The author had a lot of time on his hands...).

And this is the response to CREDITS in Release 2:

(Release 1 of this game was created by Troy Jones III in Inform7 between Tuesday, November 22 and Saturday, November 26, for the 2011 Thanksgiving Speed-IF competition. The author had a lot of time on his hands, you see...)

(Release 2 was inflicted upon the world on Nov. 30 of that year, and adds cover art, a couple of fun responses to things Club Floyd tried in their run-through of the game, an AMUSING list, a bunch of bug fixes, some easter eggs related to the other Thanksgiving Speed-IF entries, a large-ish handful of typo-corrections and description-tweaks, and a basic help system. And speaking of CF, I'd like to extend special thanks to Club Floyd for playing my game and the kind words they had to say about it!).


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