Key & Compass presents:
Djibouti Dirigible Discombobulation
by Sam Kabo Ashwell

Djibouti Dirigible Discombobulation is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2007 by Sam Kabo Ashwell. It was a participant in the Speed-IF Introcomp event.

In this small speed-if game, you play as Amelia "Barkers" Briscott, a freebooter and Englishwoman currently in the pay of the Ottomans. The French have captured the Ottoman Empire's most formidable dirigible battle platform in East Africa, the Spirit of Speed-IF. Headquarters had no choice but to send you in to get it back.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


u u d d RockyScrubland Fort Yaourt-Framboise LowerHangar EngineRoom ObservationLounge Bar Bridge ofthe Spirit

Rocky Scrubland

You won't be able to get past the goat while it's fearsome.

> about. x me. i. x gun. x screw. x essence.

> x goat. x fort. x spirit. x wing. x bushes.

> dis goat. (The gun extracts its fearsomeness.)

> s.

Fort Yaourt-Framboise

> x latrines. x ladder. u. u.

Bridge of the Spirit

The controls aren't even implemented; you can do nothing here.

> w.

Observation Lounge Bar

> x waiter. dis waiter. (He's too stubborn to give up his essences.)

> x ashtray. dis ashtray. (The gun absorbs its T'ang.)

> w.

Engine Room

> x crystal. dis crystal. (The gun absorbs its 9D-ness.)

> save.

You now have four essences to experiment with. Your targets are the goat, waiter, ashtray, and crystal. If you imbue the waiter with T'ang, you receive a fifth target: the creme brulee.

Of the seven possible endings, four of them are "good" endings with none being obviously the best one. So pick one:

Ending 1: Recombobulate the crystal with waggishness

Engine Room

> turn screw. (Repeat until "waggishness" is primed.)

> rec crystal. g.

*** You have thrown your lot in with the British ***

Ending 2: Recombobulate the crystal with T'ang

Engine Room

> turn screw. (Repeat until "T'ang" is primed.)

> rec crystal. g.

*** You have thrown your lot in with the Qing ***

Ending 3: Recombobulate the crystal with fearsomeness

Engine Room

> turn screw. (Repeat until "fearsomeness" is primed.)

> rec crystal. g.

*** You have become a minor power in your own right ***

Ending 4: Eat a creme brulee imbued with 9-dimensionality

Engine Room

> e.

Observation Lounge Bar

> turn screw. (Repeat until "T'ang" is primed.)

> rec waiter. (He gives you a creme brulee and leaves.)

> x brulee.

> turn screw. (Repeat until "9-dimensionality" is primed.)

> rec brulee. eat brulee.

*** You have transcended mere human reality ***




I note there's no ending where you do your assigned goal and return the Spirit to the Ottomans. Your choices are to lose, betray them, or transcend the issue entirely.


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