Key & Compass presents:
Dinner Bell
by Jenni Polodna

Dinner Bell is a Z-code interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2012 by Jenni Polodna. This game was created as track 09 of the "Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album" event. It was also a finalist for Best Writing and Best Puzzles at the 2012 XYZZY Awards.

You play as a test subject in a test chamber currently remodeled to look like your grandmother's kitchen. Through a two-way glass window, Dr. Beagle is waiting for you to fill a grocery bag with food items without eating any. You're starving, but you can't eat until the bell goes ding.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.



Test Chamber

Note: * marks where commentary is possible if you type the secret commentary command first! You can learn the command by winning and typing AMUSING.

> x me. i. x collar. x jacket.

> x glass. smell glass.

> x beagle.* x labcoat. x trigger. x bell.

> x counter. x bag.* x pears.* search pears.*

Pat the head-patting robot enters soon after examining your first food item.

> x pat. pat pat.

> x ship.* x waters. x gulls. take gulls.

> x poster. x arm. eat arm.

> x wallpaper.*

> x photograph. smell it.* x bacon. take bacon. (+1 pt.)

> x bacon. take it. (ZAP!)

> x sink. take sink. x bubbles.


> x drawers.

> x cutlery drawer. open it.*

> open junk drawer.

> x flashlight. take it. turn it on. open it.

> x egg. take egg. (+1 pt.)

> open meat drawer.

> x beef.* open beef. (ZAP!) take beef. (+1 pt.)

> open doll drawer.*

> x bagel. x little labcoat. take it. take bagel. (+1 pt.)

> open reptile drawer.*

> x can.* open it. x brittle. take brittle. (+1 pt.)

> open mitten drawer.

> x glove. take it.

> open bird drawer.

> x record.* take record.* (It's worthless.)

Around now, Dr. Beagle receives some correspondence.

> x correspondence. x flyer.*

> xyzzy.


> x oven. open it. x pie. x pizza. x tumbleweed.

> take pie. wear glove. take pie. (+1 pt.)

> take pizza. (+1 pt.; Soupbot enters when you have 7 pts.)

> take pears. put pears in oven.

> x pear. take pear. (+1 pt.)


> x fridge. x ice cream. open fridge.

> turn flashlight on. x fridge.

> x ravings.*

> x bean.* g. g. g. g. take bean. (+1 pt.)

> x beer. take beer. (+1 pt.)

> x bread.* eat bread. take bread. (+1 pt.)


> x soupbot. x cup button.

> x chowder button. x cauliflower button.

> push cup.* x cup.

> push chowder. (+1 pt.)

> push cup. push cauliflower. (+1 pt.)

> x chowder cup. x cauliflower cup.

> pat soupbot.


> x cabinet.* open it.

> x pipes.* x corn.* take corn. (+1 pt.)

> x shiptogar. take it. read label.*

> spray bubbles. x bubbles. (friendvinegar?)

> spray ship.* x vinegar.* take vinegar. (+1 pt.)

When you have 15 points, your next command is ignored so another event can happen.

> xyzzy.* (Cakebot has entered with a platter and birthday cake!)


> x cake. x candles. x cakebot. x platter. x hats.*

> blow candles. again. lick candles. (They can't be extinquished.)

> take cake.

You're still carrying the cake! Some foolery first:

> put cake on me. put cake on cakebot. take cake.

> put cake in oven. put cake on oven. take cake.

> smell cake.

Anyway, you have a real choice with the cake: eat it or put it in the bag?

> eat cake. (ZAP!)

*** Still waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing... ***

> report *

> undo

> put cake in bag. (+1 pt; "Who's a good test subject? You are.")

*** Ding! Ding! Ding! ***

> report

> amusing (You learn the commentary command! Restart and use it!)

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