Key & Compass presents:
Digging For Onions
by Christopher Huang

Digging For Onions is a Z-machine version 5 interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1999 by Christopher Huang. It was an entry in the Speed-IF 4 event.

You play as an archaeologist at the site of the Eiffel Tower. Since it's a day of rest, you dare not do any work and risk being struck down by moonbeams. But you do love to look at the work already done and to walk around shamelessly unhooded where no one can see.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


MysteriousRoom MainOffices Beneaththe Tower Top ofthe EiffelTower YourQuarters u d

Your Quarters

> nw.

Main Offices

> x images. x equipment. s.

Top of the Eiffel Tower

> x city. d. n.

Mysterious Room

The player should have no trouble recognizing that this is a washroom.

> x bench. x dustcloth. x rectangle. take cloth. s. u.

Top of the Eiffel Tower

> take fruit. x it. x man.

> ask man about man. ask man about fruit. ask man about city.

> eat onion. ask man about wetness. d. n.

Mysterious Room

Note: You must be crying in order to successfully take the cloth. If your tears dried up, take another bite from the onion to start crying again.

> eat onion. take cloth.

*** You have won ***




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