Key & Compass presents:
Detective Osiris
by Adam Burt

Detective Osiris is a web browser interactive fiction story written with Ink and is © 2023 by Adam Burt. It was an entry in IF Comp 2023 where it took NTH place.

In this story, you play as Osiris, a dead king reborn as a god. You awaken in the Duat, the underworld, and learn that you were murdered. As a new god without duties, you decide to investigate your own murder. Question the gods and anyone else who might know something. Justice will be served.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on competition release of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


Nut'snight sky Centreof the sky Geb'scloud Ra'sriverboat On theladder Thoth'sglade Maat'scavern Heliopolis The Nile Sphinxof Waset Templeof Nekhen The Houseof Set Aviary Secretchamber Armoury

NOTE: This map is topological. It only shows the general connections between locations; compass directions are meaningless in this story.


Opening notes:

(Main menu)

> Start game

Thoth's glade

You awaken in a glade. There's a black dog, an older man, and a desk.

> "Where am I?" (the Duat)

> "Unusual?"

The old man is Thoth. You should pet the dog right away, so he judges you as worthy.

> Pet Anpu

> Talk to Thoth

> "Who am I?" (Osisis)

> "What is the Duat?" (the underworld)

> "Tell me about your dog." (Anubis. He judged your worth)

> "Tell me about you." (Thoth judges the dead and does the paperwork.)

> "How did I die?" (You drowned, then your body was chopped and scattered.)

> "What happened to me next?" (Your wife, Isis, gathered your parts. Her ritual made you a god.)

> "Do any other gods live here?" (His wife Maat, Anpu, and Ammit do. Most gods live in the sky.)

> "What should I do next?" (Speak to Maat.)

> Go back

> Leave the glade

You assume that your brother Set now rules from your throne.

Maat's cavern

> Talk to Maat (She's the goddess of order and justice. Her crocodile is Ammy.)

> "Thoth said you wanted to talk to me." (You were murdered. And she has a mission for you: find your killer.)

> "... Yes"

> "I mean... Sure, why not?"

> "So, who do you think killed me?"

> "How do I figure out who killed me?"

> "What gods can I talk to?"

> "So, you and Thoth..."

> "Do you think Thoth could've killed me?"

> Go back

> Pet Ammy

> Head to the sky

Ra's riverboat

> Talk to Ra

> "And to you."

> "That's me."

> "I'm trying to solve a murder."

> "My own."

> "Did you see anything?" (no)

Ra says: you know Geb made you, yes?

> "He did."

> "Why don't you watch mortals?" (His answer mentions Shai.)

> "Who's Shai?" (The diety of fate. They're friends with your wife.)

> "Who do you think would kill me?"

> Go back

> Head further into the sky

Centre of the sky

> Head to Geb

Geb's cloud

> "Can you see what's going on down there?"

> "Did you know I've been murdered?"

> "Did you see who killed me?" (no)

> "Do you know where parts of my body were found?" (Your head was in Waset.)

> "Who do you think would want to kill me?"

> "So what's happening down there right now?"

> Go back > Head to the centre of the sky

Centre of the sky

> Head to Nut

Nut's night sky

> "Who do you think killed me?"

> "What am I the god of?"

> "What do you think of humans?" (They expand and conquer. In time, they will conquer the sky.)

> "And how do you feel about that?"

> "Was my life small?"

> "Did Set help Isis find my the pieces of my body?" (no)

> "What do you think of Set?"

> Go back (Did you see a shadowy figure?)

> Head to centre of the sky

Centre of the sky

Khonsu is here after visiting both Geb and Nut.

> Approach shadowy figure

> "Did you see anything?"

> "Did you kill me?"

> "Remind me, what are you the god of?"

> "Look, just tell me who you think would try to kill me!"

> Head to the Land of the Living


> Head to the Nile

The Nile

Your reunion with Isis is both tearful and carnal. You talk afterwards.

> Talk to Isis

> "Who do you think killed me?"

> "Where were the pieces of my body?" (Head in Waset; torso in Sepermeru, the House of Set; lower half in Nekhen, Shai's temple)

> "Has Shai been helping you while I've been gone?" (no)

> "Did you find any clues near my body parts?" (scarab amulet)

> "Do you think Set could have killed me?"

> Go back

> Head to Waset

The Sphinx of Waset

The Sphinx asks "What is always in the middle of Akhet?" Akhet means the horizon, where the sun rises.

> "The letter H?"

> Talk to Sphinx

> "Has anyone else come through here recently?" (Isis)

> "Has anyone else visited recently?" (Shai, Set)

> "Who do you think killed me?"

> Go back

> Head to Nekhen

The Temple of Nekhen

Shai takes you to a wall with a triangle shape with numbers.

> Look at triangle.

Each number on an upper row is half the sum of the two numbers below it. The number that goes on the top is 11.

> 11

> Enter secret chamber

Secret chamber

You see symbols for king, death, rebirth, and feather. This is your quest for justice. Then the stile, meaning the throne. You conclude that Set killed you for the throne.

> Exit chamber

The Temple of Nekhen

> Talk to Shai

> "Why do you live in the mortal realm?"

> "Tell me about Isis."

> "Do you know who killed me?" (she knows)

> "Did you kill me?" (no, and she was with Sphinx then)

> Go back

> Enter secret chamber

Secret chamber

This time, you note there's an eye pictured as well.

> Exit

The Temple of Nekhen

> Head to Waset

The Sphinx of Waset

> Talk to Sphinx

> "Was Shai here, when I was killed?"

> "What's the answer without a riddle?"

> Go back

> Head to Sepermeru

The House of Set

> Talk to Set

> "Surprised to see me?"

> "How are you finding running the country?"

> "Why didn't you try to find my killer?"

> "Did you know my torso was found here, in Sepermeru?"

> "How do you think my torso ended up here?"

> "Do you have scarab jewellery?" (of course)

> "Where were you, when I was killed?" (sleeping here)

> Go back

> Talk to Nepthys

> "Thank you for helping my wife find the pieces of me."

> "Who do you think killed me?"

> "What do you make of Shai?"

> "Where was my torso found, specifically?" (in the armoury)

> Visit Armoury


You find a bloody khopesh, the murder weapon. Its handle is royal.

> Go back

The House of Set

> Talk to Nepthys

> "Where were you, when I was killed?"

> "Do you wear scarab amulets?" (rarely)

> "I think Set killed me." ("No" and she runs from you.)

At this point, you could return to the gods and ask each of them about scarab amulets, but I think you're not missing much by skipping those questions.

> Talk to Set

> "I've come to take you to the Duat, to face judgement for my murder." (He cries. "You think this of me?")

> "I do."

Thoth's glade

Khonsu, the god of the moon, transported you, Set, and Isis here. Maat, Thoth, Anpu, Ammit, and the scales of justice are also here.

Anpu rips Set's heart out and puts it on the scales.

> See divine vision

You learn... a lot.

Maat asks if you find her judgement fair.

> "I do."

Now what?

> "I think I'll stick around for a while."

Maat welcomes you as "Detective Osiris."

> Credits and Epilogue

> Epilogue

Nine months later, Isis gives birth to Horus.

> Back to main menu



The artwork in this story was created by Kama Mielczarek.

I missed most of the artwork when I first played because when I play IF, I usually split the screen between the game and my text editor. But if you play the game using a full screen, there's usually an image of Osiris on the left side, and an image of whoever he's talking to on the right side, with the text of the story in the middle. I realized my mistake by reading a review on IFDB.

Here are thumbnails of some of the art in this story; please play the story in full screen to see the artwork in their intended sizes. Alternatively, you can investigate the images directory included with the game.

I'm only showing one image per character here. Some characters have alternate images during the story, sometimes to face the other direction, sometimes to show a different emotion, and sometimes in a second outfit.




To view the credits, click CREDITS in the main menu:

Written and developed by Adam Burt

Illustrations by Kama Mielczarek

Music and audio by Mycelium Music

Playtesting by Ben Joy, Taya Beleanina

Powered by Ink

The credits are also displayed at game's end.

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