Key & Compass presents:
Dessert Island Adventure
by Nils Fagerburg

Dessert Island Adventure is a web browser interactive fiction game written with Javascript and is © 2022 by Nils Fagerburg. It was a participant in the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2022 (TALP 2022) event where it took 4th place.

In this fantasy game, you play as Orange Mehringer, an apprentice to Mary Hollywood, the famous pastry wizard. As part of your midterm exam, you must find as many magic ingredients as you can from this dessert island. (And no, that's not a typo.)

This solution is by David Welbourn.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Top of theLighthouse On theFloatingIsland Halfwayup theLighthouse By theLake GelatoGlacier Smallroom Bottomof theLighthouse Up a Make-BelieveTree InsidetheCottage Summitof MountBattenburg Insidethe Mesa OutsidetheLighthouse MarmaladeForest Base ofMountBattenburg Short-breadDesert Field The Cliffs Hot AirBalloon SecretBeach Cavern (finish tutorialor skip tutorial) d d out u out d out u u swim u in d in u in d


Hot Air Balloon

This part is a tutorial, which you can skip with SKIP TUTORIAL.

> x balloon. x me. i.

> x spatula. x grimoire. read grimoire.

> look. x pilot. open panel.

> cast sesame. p pilot.

> look. x big gear. x small gear. x flux.

> take all.

> put big gear in pilot.

> put small gear in pilot.

> put flux in pilot.

> close panel.

You land safely in a field on the island.


> x balloon. x flower. take it. (+1)

> n.

Marmalade Forest

> x cottage. x trees. x nest.

> u.

Up a Make-Believe Tree

> x branches. x nest. x spoon. x egg.

> take spoon. take egg. (+1)

> d.

Marmalade Forest

> open door. in.

Inside the Cottage Cheese Cottage

> x desk. x jar. x salver.

> open drawer. (can't: locked)

> say sesame. p drawer. (It's now open.)

> x note. (You learn SESAPE.)

> x plum.

> take jar. take salver. take plum. (+1)

> out. w.

Outside the Lighthouse

> x door. (It's silver.)

> say sesape. p door. in.

Bottom of the Lighthouse

> x debris. (Find a dollhouse and a crumpled letter.)

> x dollhouse.

> x letter. (You learn SEHILI.)

> x machine.

> x chalkboard. (You learn SAPE.)

> u.

Halfway up the Lighthouse

The game doesn't mention that this desk has a drawer, but remember when you examined the other desk in the cottage? It said all self-respecting desks have a drawer. So this desk has one too.

> x bed. look under bed.

> say sehili. p bed. (It shrinks, then explodes!)

> undo. say hlli. p bed. (It's now double in size.)

> x desk. x Kilner jar. take it.

> x letter. (It says they're defenseless against Warivald.)

> x clipping. (It's about the discovery of the SESAME spell.)

> x drawer. open drawer. (Two flans inside.)

> take all from drawer. (+2)

> u.

Top of the Lighthouse

> x lens. x crystal.

> x plaque. (You learn BAYA.)

> d. d. out. e. n.

By the Lake

> x lake. x island.

> eat creme. fill mason. (+1; with creme)

> say secana. p lake. fill Kilner. (with lake water)

> swim.

On the Floating Island

> take stick. (+1)

> swim. e.

Gelato Glacier

> x ice cream. x block.

> s.

Base of Mount Battenburg

> x scree. take pop rocks. (+1)

> e.

Shortbread Desert

> x cookies. x boulder. (actually giant smoutebol)

Here you need to deduce that SEHILI, the bed shrinking spell is made from SEHI- (reversed grow) and -LI (bed). And two of your original spells, HIKE and BAKE both target dough. So maybe -KE means dough or food, and SEHIKE should shrink a food.

> say sehike. p boulder. (+1)

> x cave. in.

Inside the Mesa

> x portal. x logo.

Come back to this later.

> out. s.

By the Cliffs

> x rift. x bush.

> pour water on bush. x bush.

You need light when underground.

> say secana. (Spatula glows white.)

> d.


> w.

Secret Beach

> x beach. x sea.

> fill Kilner. say cana. p Kilner. (+1 for salt water taffy)

Deduce from SESAPE that SESA- means open and -PE means silver. So HIPE should enlarge silver.

> say hipe. p spoon. (The spoon enlarges.)

> dig. (Using the enormous spoon as a shovel, you find a chest!)

> open chest. take coin. (+1)

> fill Kilner. (with more salt water)

> say secana. e. u.

By the Cliffs

By now, the berries should be ripe.

> take berries. (+1)

> n. w. n.

Gelato Glacier

Only salt water melts the ice block.

> pour water on block. (+1; taking the jelly bean)

> s. u.

At the Summit of Mount Battenburg

> x jam. (boiling)

You need to cool down the jam. SEBAKE (chill food) should work.

> say sebake. p jam. fill Kilner. (+1)

> d. w. w. in.

Bottom of the Lighthouse

Time to use the vending machine. Shrink the silver salver into a suitable coin.

> say sehipe. p salver. x salver.

> put salver in slot. x lobster. take it.

> out. e. e. e. s.

By the Cliffs

> say secana. d. w.

Secret Beach

> drop lobster. take cake. (+1)

> e. u. n. in.

Inside the Mesa

If you review your spells with respect to color, you can make your spatula glow every color of the rainbow plus white. Also, remember that Warivald was the Prismatic Lord, so a rainbow sequence of colors seems called for here.

Spell prefixes determine the color. And from the top of the lighthouse, you know that -YA targets crystals. So, here we go:

> say sesaya. p portal. (Red portal)

> say baya. p portal. (Orange portal)

> say hiya. p portal. (Yellow portal)

> say caya. p portal. (Green portal)

> say sebaya. p portal. (Blue portal)

> say sehiya. p portal. (Indigo portal)

> say saya. p portal. (Violet portal, then the portal opens)

> in.

Small Room

> x cot. x aquarium. x shells.

> x table. read paper. (Warivald invented a carcination spell. So those shells are probably all that's left of Noel and Dell'Era.)

> x marshmellow. take it. (+1)

> score. (You've found all 16 ingredients.)

> out. out. w. w. s.


> enter balloon. yes.

Professor Hollywood awards you an O for Outstanding.

*** The end ***



These are thumbnails of the artwork in the game. Please play the game to see the artwork in its larger intended sizes.




This is the response to CREDITS:

Dessert Island Adventure was made by Nils Fagerburg for the 2022 TALP Jam.

This game was partially inspired by Arthur DiBianca's excellent The Wand which you should play instead as it's a much better game. Thanks to Amanda Walker for letting me steal the Bubbleberry bush from The Lonely Troll. A thousand thanks to my beta testers: Francine Fagerburg, Amanda Walker, Dee Cooke, Andrew Schultz, Sarah Hernu and Garry Francis. Without their help this game would be a mess.


Magic ingredients

The goal of the game is to collect all these ingredients, but you don't do anything with them. Just return to the balloon and enter it once you have all the ingredients you can find.


During the game, the response to SCORE is:

You have found number out of 16 magic ingredients.

At game's end, when you re-enter the hot air balloon, Professor Hollywood gives you one of the following grades, based on how many ingredients you found:

Note that you may not re-enter the hot air balloon until you have at least four of the ingredients.


Casting a spell is a two-part process that requires your spatula.

First, say a magic word, eg: SAY SESAME. Your spatula will be loaded with the spell and glow a specific color. Some magic words are written in your grimoire; others are learned elsewhere. If you say an unmagical word, your spatula stops glowing.

Second, point the spatula at the thing you want to change. You can abbreviate POINT SPATULA AT THING to P THING. If the thing is a suitable target for your spell, the spatula discharges a colored orb at it, and the thing changes as appropriate. If the thing is not a suitable target, nothing happens, but the game reminds you that you can WAVE THE SPATULA to see which nearby items the charged spatula is attracted to.

A four-letter magic word is built from two two-letter syllables. The first syllable specifies the intended action:

The second syllable specifies the intended type of target:

If you want to reverse a spell, preface the magic word with SE; for example, SESAME is the reverse of SAME. This is the only way to construct six-letter magic words.

So there's 48 spells you can potentially play with, but of course, some of these won't work because they don't make any sense, and other spells will be nerfed in one way or another:

By the way, each spell has a color:

So, where did you learn all this from?

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