Key & Compass presents:
The Day time stood still
by Marius Müller

The Day time stood still is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Marius Müller. It was a participant in The Neinth annual New Year's Minicomp event. It is also the ninth installment of the Alex and Paul series, following The Day of the Queen.

In this game, you again play as Alex, lovable sociopath. Unfortunately, fate doesn't seem to love you at all. You've got a broken neck, you're in the middle of a burning forest, and your husband Paul, currently possessed by the evil spirit of his dead Uncle Wally, is approaching to kill you!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


in talk to figure d Cave TownSquare TempleEntrance Beach Outskirts Golfcourse ValleyPath Boudoir On theridge SpaceStation ScorchedEarth FlamingInferno Smallclearing Med Bay UniversityHallway enter portal u give caseto Paul Void


Flaming Inferno

Your husband Paul is possessed by the spirit of his evil Uncle Wally, and the forest is on fire. You have a broken neck, but you can still crawl around.

> x me. x Paul. e.

Small clearing

> x toy. take it. smell it.

> throw rat at Paul. (Tiny ninjas save you from Paul.)

> z. z. (Dr. Elbe's voice calls from the north.)

> n.

The time machine explodes. You're now...

On the ridge

> x portal. x village. x Paul. x Elbe.

> enter portal.

Space station

> x door. ne. (locked)

> sw.

Med Bay

You can't refer to the "capsule" but you can refer to the "bed".

> x bed. get in.

The bed fixes you up far more than you'd like.

> x me. stand.

> ne. enter portal. d.


> x cloth. take it.

> ne. (No. Need means of escape, a distraction, and a disguise first.)

> x brown portal. x yellow portal. x red portal.

> enter brown portal.


> look. x lady. wake lady. (She faints again.)

> x fireplace. x leaves. (marijuana)

> take leaves. (Can't; too hot.)

> x string. take string.

> enter portal.


> enter yellow portal.

Golf course

> x bucket. take it.

> enter cart. w. (It has no power.)

> out. w.


> enter red portal. n.


> in.

Ten years pass, and you learn how to imitate a caveman.

> s. e. sw.


> pour water on fire. (You now have green leaves.)

> ne. (The lady wakes and gives you a cigarette case.)


> e.

Golf course

> tie string to cloth. x kite.

> tie kite to cart. (The cart now has power.)

> enter cart. w.


> out. ne.

Town Square

> put leaves on pyre.

The cavemen get the munchies and run off. You rescue Paul and Dr. Elbe from the pyre.

Then time stops with the red-eyed caveman chief throwing a spear at Paul. You can't seem to interact with any of it.

> look. x purple portal. enter it.


> x figure. talk to figure.

It's the Queen of Hurts and Maladies. She orders you to change your past so you never met Paul.

University Hallway

> z. x Paul. talk to Paul.

Maybe change the timeline just a little? yes

> give case to Paul.

The cigarette case saves Paul. The Queen is furious. You are now at:

Scorched Earth

> look. n. n.

Temple Entrance

> x monster. x corpse. x lantern. take it.

> talk to monster.

You can't "burn" the twine monster, but you can do this:

> throw lantern at monster.

Wally is possessing you now?!

*** Happy New Year 2016! ***





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