Key & Compass presents:
The Day of the Queen
by Marius Müller

The Day of the Queen is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Marius Müller. It was a participant in The 8th Annual New Year's Interactive Fiction Event. It is also the eighth installment in the Alex and Paul series, following The Day I came back.

In this game, you again play as Alex, lovable sociopath, except this time you're in the body of an 11-year-old girl and stuck in an airplane bathroom. (Your original body was lost on Mercury.) Meanwhile, the Queen of Hurts and Maladies has taken over the Earth, mutating over a quarter of the population into half-human hybrids, and then her sharkmen arrest your husband Paul. How will you solve this one?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


in out u b. a. r. t. z. z. z. z. aim tubeat tank (jump out window) pull pullcord enter vent d wallowin self-pityfor months Sky Air Duct(× 9) ThePotterRoom Hallway AirplaneBathroom hallway LivingRoom YourHouse On theWall GardenArea Farmland Golfcourse Hilltop The FireTower Forest Clearing Forest Clearing Forest Forest CountryRoad EntranceGate FlamingInferno (bedroom) (Kitchen)


Airplane Bathroom

> x me. x book. take book.

> x sink. x drain.

> x vent. x rat. name rat Steve.

> ask rat about rat.

> open vent. (It's stuck.)

> x plates. x spot. x grooves. x letters.

> x h. x bar. push button.

The vent opens. The rat comes out, followed by the robot!

> get on toilet. (The robot can't reach you there.)

> x robot.

> put rat in drain. (as a plug)

> turn on sink. (The robot is short-circuited.)

> take rat. (He's angry with you.)

> pet rat. g. g.

Around this time, Paul talks to you through the door. He suggests you find a way to enter the rat's body. Then the sharkpolice interrupt and take Paul away.

> read book. (You sleep and wake up as the rat.)

> x Marsha. enter vent.

Air Duct

> n. save. n. n. (The robot is following you!)

> n. n. n. n. n. n. n.

There's a grating here at the end of the duct.

> x grating. bite wire.

> bite lower left wire. bite lower right wire.

> bite upper left wire. bite upper right wire.

> open grating. n.


> z. z. z. (Robot is still after you.)

> x robot. x hatch.

> enter 0000. enter 0001. (Hatch opens.)

> take parachute. wear it.

> x parachute. pull pullcord.


> remove parachute. drop it.

> wallow in self-pity for months.

You find a newspaper that tells you that Dr. David Elbe and Paul are placed under house arrest at your house. You somehow get there.

Your House

> x door. n.


> x drawers. enter closet.

Potter Room

> x box. x razor. x hair. x tube. x key. x ring.

> out. e.

Living Room

> x machine. x slot. x lever.

> x letter. read it.

> s. (Sharkmen are in there.)

> w. in.

Potter Room

> take hair. out. e.

Living Room

> put hair in slot. pull lever.

> x figure. sleep. (You're back in your own body, sorta.)

> w. in.

Potter Room

> take all from box. wear ring. out.


> open drawers. x bottle. x nights. read it.

> take all from drawers. open bottle.

> u.

Hallway (upstairs)

> x ghost. talk to ghost. g. g. g. g. g.

> show bottle to ghost. (You cork him inside.)

> e.

You briefly reconnect with Paul. He tells you you need to save Dr. Elbe.

Garden Area (behind the barricade)

> take colt. talk to Elbe. g.

> shoot sharkman. x cat. talk to Elbe.

> shoot sharkman. talk to Elbe. g.

> shoot sharkman. x barricade. x pool.

> shoot sharkman. talk to Elbe. g.

> shoot sharkman. (You're out of ammo.)

> talk to Elbe. g.

You'll now be rather explicitly prompted to press these letters:

> b. a. r. t.

On the wall

And now for a brief comedy of errors. Your attempts, if any, to use the M60 will fail.

> take penny.

> shoot sharkmen. clear m60.

> shoot sharkmen. unfold tripod.

Golf course

> e.


> open cart (with key). enter cart.

Paul says he'll drive. Dr. Elbe takes the M60 and sets it up on the backseat.

> z. z.

Entrance Gate

You must talk to Elbe during the chase scene to get the laser!

> talk to Elbe. (She gives you a laser pointer.)

> x laser. attach laser to tube.

Country Road

> z. z. z. (There's now a tank chasing you!)

Forest / Clearing (several locations)

> x tank. (See a dude with AR behind manhole cover.)

> z. z.

> jump on manhorse. push horseman.

> x manhorse. look in saddlebag.

Unfortunately, the game's is buggy enough that you have to use the grenade correctly the first time.

> take grenade.

> hit it. put grenade in tube.

> aim tube at tank.

The tank exploses and everyone goes flying. You end up at:

Flaming Inferno

> x bottle.

Paul, possessed by Uncle Wally, stumbles towards you.

*** Happy New Year 2015! ***






As Marsha:

As the rat:

As yourself, in a newly cloned body:

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