Key & Compass presents:
The Day I saved Elvis
by Marius Müller

The Day I saved Elvis is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Marius Müller (as "Taleslinger"). It was a participant in The penultimate not numbered New Year's Speed IF event. It's also the fifth installment of the Alex and Paul series, following The Day I hugged Ghandi!

In this game, you once again play as Alex, lovable sociopath. You and your husband Paul were heading to the island of St. Lincoln to deliver the corpse of Paul's late uncle Wally. Unfortunately, a demon-possessed kraken from nearby Voodoo Island attacked your yacht, and you're now underwater fighting the creature.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


breakfourthwall e d u u u swing on liana d LivingRoom Maze (withrandomnumber) Box Hangar FrenesiésLair BeneaththeHangar cell SecondJunction Above theCryochamber Above thecell DuctJunction Cryochamber Air Duct Side ofSecretBase OceanSurface Top ofTree ShapelessVoid Hurling (to gate) (fall) edit code u d d d u z


Shapeless Void

Caution: If you take too long, the kraken kills you.

> x kraken. i. (nothing.)

> x wit. (oh, we have that.)

> kill kraken with wit.

> u. se.

You reach the island and try to help Paul, but sharkmen with a tentacle-faced woman take Paul away. Then the kraken attacks you from behind!


> z.

Top of Tree

> x liana. take lemon. (You hear guards from the northwest.)

> z. z. (You hear the kraken open the front gate.)

> d.

Side of Secret Base

> open grating. (It's not that loose.)

> u.

Top of Tree

Difficult to think of this action:

> swing on liana.

Side of Secret Base

> take nail. x it. nw.

Air duct

As you crawl through the ductwork, you overhear a conversation between Paul and Dr. Frenesié. (Partway through it, they start refering to Alex as Paul and Paul as Alex. Oops.)

> ne. w. d.


There's no obvious normal exit from this room?

> x skeleton. search skeleton. (find and auto-take paper and coin)

Conversation reveals you once killed someone "jvgu n phcpnxr"; which is rot13 for "with a cupcake".

> x paper. (Email address about ice cream.)

> x coin. (Reminds you of a school experiment about electricity.)

> x cot. x toilet.

> u. e. ne. e. d.

Cryo chamber

> x pod. x Elvis.

> x cables. (The pod is powering the base?)

> x equipment. (small "UNFREEZE" button)

> push button. look.

> take screwdriver. x it.

> look under pod. x electrodes.

> put nail in lemon. put coin in lemon.

> attach electrodes to lemon. x battery.

> attach battery to screwdriver.

> u. w. ne.

Beneath the Hangar (wait, how would you know that now? Ah, nevermind)

> x plating. x padlock.

> unscrew padlock with screwdriver.

> u.


> x sharkmen. w.


Ack. It's another guess-the-verb problem!

Caution: If you take too long here, the kraken kills you.

> x laptop. write email.

In a deus ex machina, Robb Sherwin shows up and takes the kraken away. The kraken punches a hole in the wall for you before it goes.

> e. e.

Frenesiés Lair

You find Paul, throw your wit at Dr. Frenesié's face, and she slumps down. Then you fall through a trapdoor.


Wander randomly. You'll be given a hint to break the fourth wall and punch the author in the face.

> w. e. n. w. s. e. n. w. w.

> break fourth wall.

Living room

Caution: If you wait too long, the fourth wall reforms and you'll be back in the maze. Also, you'll be back in the maze if you go east.

> punch author. x pc.

> edit code.

Frenesiés Lair

Caution: If you hesitate here, Frenesié kills you with your own wit. Also, don't try to "kill" her. Shoot her.

> shoot Frenesie.

This doesn't kill her, but she topples onto a button that sends Paul to Mercury. Then Elvis arrives and kills her for good.

*** To be continued...A Happy New Year 2012! ***





I note that after successfully attacking the kraken in the Shapeless Void, you can stay there indefinitely without drowning.


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