Key & Compass presents:
The Day I shot Hitler!
by Taleslinger

The Day I shot Hitler! is a Z-code interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2007 by Taleslinger. It was a participant in the New Year's Speed event. It is also the first installment of the Alex and Paul series.

You play as Alex, a young gay man attending a New Year's Eve party at your boyfriend Paul's. Paul would just love to host a perfect party, but he keeps running into unexpected problems, like this mouse in the bowl of eggnog. Fortunately for Paul, you're good at solving problems.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


in search overgrowth out swim out LivingRoom hallway By theheater Kitchen ThePotterRoom GardenArea EntranceGate In theSwimmingPool Golfcourse Hilltop out climb wall



This game is task-driven. You will complete four tasks in order.

Task 1: Get the mouse out of the bowl of eggnog.

> verbose. i. x eggnog.

> x mouse. take mouse. (It evades you.)

> x carpet. x drawers. open drawers. x thing.

> move drawers. x hole.

> drop bowl. (The mouse in the hole takes the swimming mouse away.)

> u. (No one's allowed upstairs.)

> z. z.

Three turns after the mouse leaves, Paul returns and takes you to the kitchen.


Task 2: Find some paper for Paul's printer.

> x food. x counter. x people. x laptop. x speakers.

> s.

Garden Area

> x people.

> x pool. (There's a lava-lamp in there.)

> enter pool.

In the Swimming Pool (swimming [obviously])

> x lamp. take lamp. (Too far down.)

> downordive. (Not enough air.)

> take breath.

> downordive. (You get lamp.)

> out.

Garden Area

> x lamp. n. n.

Living Room

> x people. x couches. x heap.

> search heap. (The people protest.)

> turn on lamp. search heap.

> x papers. z. z.

Three turns after finding the papers, Paul takes them and you go to the garden.

Garden Area

Task 3: Deal with Hubert.

> n. n.

Living Room

> x Hubert. talk to Hubert.

> look under couches. x mag.

> e. in.

The Potter Room

Note: When you have both the Uzi and its mag, you'll automatically put them together.

> x tools. search tools. x uzi.

> out. w.

Living Room

> shoot Hubert. (Corpse and gun disappear.)

> z. z. z.

Three turns after Hubert dies, Paul appears. You head to the garden.

Garden Area

Task 4: Find the noodles and cook them.

> drop lamp. search undergrowth.

By the heater

> x switch. turn on switch.

> out.

Garden Area

Note: You can't carry anything when climbing the wall.

> x wall. climb wall.

Golf course

The glue is conveniently edible.

> x glue. x nozzle. x sticker. take glue.

> e.


> x cart. x plank. take it.

> ne.

Entrance Gate

> x gate. open gate. (locked) x arc.

> x noodles. take it.

> sw. w.

Golf course

> drop plank. (It's now a ramp.)

> e.


> spray cart. put noodles on cart.

> enter cart. w.

*** You have won ***






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