Key & Compass presents:
The Day I mauled Mao!
by Taleslinger

The Day I mauled Mao! is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2008 by Taleslinger. It was a participant in the New New Year's Speed IF event. It is also the second installment in the Alex and Paul series, following The Day I shot Hitler!

In this game, you once again play as Alex, a young gay man attending another New Year's Eve party at your boyfriend Paul's. Paul keeps having unexpected problems at his parties, like this Thompson's gazelle from the zoo lapping up all the champagne. Fortunately for Paul, the police never caught you and you're good at solving problems.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


(west in golf cart) climb wall LivingRoom hallway Kitchen ThePotterRoom GardenArea EntranceGate In theSwimmingPool Golfcourse Hilltop In theAir (win) swim out out {incorrectly calledthe Sugar glidernuclear shelter)



> verbose. x me. i. (nothing)

> x carpet.

> x drawers. open it. x sticker. take it.

> x door. x front door. open it.

> x small door. open it.

Sugar glider nuclear shelter

This is supposed to be The Potter Room.

> x shelter. open it. look in it. (empty)

> x box. x tools. search tools.

> out. w.

Living Room

> x people. x couches. x heap.

> x tv. look under tv. x UPC.

> s.


> x benches. x food. x people. x laptop.

> x battery. take it.

> s.

Garden Area

> x gazelle. x people. x glass. x wall.

> put sticker on gazelle. (She's taken away.)

After two turns, Paul appears and tells you about some guy with a bomb in the living room.

> x undergrowth. search it. x chainsaw.

> n. n.

Living Room

> x Mao. x bomb. take bomb. (Can't.)

> talk to Mao. g. g. g. g.

> attach UPC to chainsaw.

> attach battery to chainsaw.

> maul Mao. (You hide the body and chainsaw, then pick up the bomb.)

> e. in.

Sugar glider nuclear shelter

> put bomb in shelter. close shelter. (muffled boom)

> open shelter. look in it. (It's empty.)

Paul appears. You tell him that Mihanda split. He tells you that a UFO crashed his party.

> take box.

> out. w. s. s.

Garden Area

Until the UFO arrives, the pool is too hot to swim in.

> x ufo. x pool.

> drop all. swim.

In the Swimming Pool (swimming)

> take bag. (Can't reach it.)

> dive. (Not enough air.)

> take breath. dive. (You get the bag.)

> out.

Gardne Area

> wear bag. take box. put box in bag.

> climb wall. e.


> x cart. ne.

Entrance Gate

> x gate. x plank. take it.

> sw. w.

Golf course

> drop plank. (You make a ramp.)

> e.


> enter cart.

> take box. put box in cart.

> w.

In the Air

By the way, if you're still carrying the box, you'll drop it automatically and still win.

> out.

*** Happy New Year 2009! You have won! ***





By the way, the easter egg death ending that's hinted at doesn't exist. The author even let me look at the source code to verify this. Possibly the idea was to actually wait out the bomb until the timer ran out, but that wasn't implemented.


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