Key & Compass presents:
Darkiss Chapter 1: the Awakening
by Marco Vallarino

Darkiss Chapter 1: the Awakening is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2015 by Marco Vallarino. It was entered in IF Comp 2015 where it took 12th place. At the 2015 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist in the Best Individual PC category for the character of Martin Voigt. The game is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License. This is an English translation; the original version was written in Italian in 2011 as Darkiss! Il bacio del vampiro. It's also the first chapter in a series of games; however, the sequels were only available in Italian when this translated game was released.

You play as the evil vampire lord Martin Voigt, rising from the dead a third time. You wish to recover your strength, leave your hidden lair, and enact revenge on your killers.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Treasureroom Secretroom Libraryroom Spidersroom Temple Crypt Tunnel Batsroom Corridor Cave Mountainslope Torturechamber Snakesroom Depository Cell



> x me. x suit. (You must examine the suit to find the key.)

> x key. x boots. x coffin. out.

> x image. x sun. (Note that the red sun of Valmar has 8 rays.)

> e. e.

Bats room

> x coffin. (It's Sabrina's.) open it. (It's nailed shut.)

> x bats. count bats. (This number is random.)

> e. (You're stopped by a cross drawn on the floor.)

> x cross. s.

Snakes room

> x snakes. count snakes. (Again, the number is random.)

> x door. x lever. x slot. pull lever. (It seems stuck.)

> e.


Wearing the cloak makes you feel stronger and makes a difference.

> x wardrobe. open it. x cloak. wear it.

> x chest. open it. x axe. take it.

> w. w.

Torture chamber

> x maiden. open it. look in it.

> x spikes. (You must examine the spikes to find the hair.)

> x hair. take hair. lick spikes.

> x wheel. x pillory. open pillory.

> x cage. x skeleton. open cage. (using the key)

> take bone. take bottle. take mask.

> x bone. x bottle. x mask. wear mask.

> e.

Snakes room

> count snakes. (Remember the new count.)

> n.

Bats room

> count bats. (Remember the new count.)

> chop coffin. (using the axe)

> x corpse.

> n.

Spiders room

> x spiders. count spiders. again. (Remember the count; it's random.)

> x door. w.

Library room

> x books. (The Necronomicon is missing.)

> x papers. ("SBYS")

> x desk. open drawer. x medallion. wear it.

> x armchair.

> x shelf. x scratches. move shelf. (You must be wearing the cloak for this to succeed.)

> w.

Secret room

> x lectern. x book. (+3; you can now summon Praseidimio, a demon.)

> x flag. take it.

> e. e. e.


> x stool. x painting.

> kneel. pray. (The prayer won't summon Lilith unless you're kneeling.)

You know the answer to Lilith's question from your crypt.

> 8 (+1; you now bear Lilith's curse.)

> x curse.

> stand. w. s. s.

Snakes room

> put medallion in slot. pull lever. open door.

> s.


> x graffiti. x formula. learn formula.

> n.

Snakes room

> close door. pull lever. take medallion. wear it.

> n.

Bats room

> recite formula. (+4. Sabrina tells you how Prof. Anderson and his gang killed her and you. Then her corpse and coffin catch fire.)

> x coffin. enter coffin.

> n.

Spiders room

By now, your character has probably remembered that "SBYS" means "Snakes BY Spiders". Make sure you counted the snakes and spiders twice so you're using the correct numbers! Multiply the number of snakes by the number of spiders; the result will be the combination for this door. It'll be a four-digit number like 7210 or 7232, for example.

> take door. open door.

> NUMBER (+6)

> n.

Treasure room

> x treasure. x violin. x treasure. x bow.

> take violin. take bow. attach hair to bow. (+2)

> play violin.

> s. s.

Bats room

It may be a bit unmotivated to make a torch right now, but this is where we light it, so why not.

> rip flag. (Note that "tear flag" isn't understood.)

> x stripes. (The game means "strips", of course.)

> tie stripes to bone. x torch.

> pour liquor on torch. light torch. (+5)

> e. (You must have Lilith's curse to get past the cross.)


> x symbols. x mirror. break mirror. (It won't break.)

> dig mirror.

> call Praseidimio. (You have one wish.) x demon.

You can ask Praseidimio about many topics:

> ask demon about himself. ask demon about Sabrina.

> ask demon about Lilith. ask demon about club.

> ask demon about Hell. ask demon about Lucifer.

> ask demon about God. (or Jesus)

> ask demon about Anderson. ask demon about Dracula.

> ask demon about violin. play violin.

> ask demon about cross. ask demon about garlic. ask demon about blood.

> ask demon about Halloween. ask demon about Zork. ask demon about sex.

> ask demon about bats. (or spiders or snakes)

> ask demon about peace. (or love or chastity)

But there's only one thing you need to ask him:

> ask demon about mirror. (+7; he destroys it and leaves.)

> e.


> x wolf. ask wolf about wolf. sing.

> play violin. (+8; it sleeps.)

> x wolf. bite wolf. (You don't want to.)

> e.

Mountain slope

You must be wearing the mask to be able to stay here.

> x garlic. swim. burn garlic. (+9 by using the torch. A girl approaches.)

> x girl. remove mask.

> yes. (You show the medallion to the girl. She is now close.)

> kiss girl.

> bite girl. (+9)

Strengthened, you fly off in bat form to meet with Lilith.

*** You have won ***

> amusing



Congratulations for your victory! Martin Voigt, Lilith and Praseidimio are proud of you. Thanks for playing, I hope you have enjoyed the game. Would you like to enter the Crypt of Darkiss? It's the page of the site that shows the names of those who have succesfully completed the game:

If you want to add your name, send an email to marco.vallarino @ containing the password "anemia".

About the game, for your amusement, have your ever sung, swum, dug, sworn, licked the spikes of the iron maiden, entered the flaming coffin, talked to the wolf, taken a door, asked Praseidimio about Dracula, Lucifer, Halloween, Sabrina, Lilith, Zork, sex, hell, peace, love, chastity, cross, Jesus?

The adventure of Martin Voigt continues to "Darkiss 2" while the main charachter of the spin-off "Sogno di Sangue" (tr. Blood Dream) is his enemy George Anderson. ("Darkiss 3", the final chapter of the series, is work in progress.) For now "Darkiss 2" and "Sogno di Sangue" are only available in Italian, but I would like to translate also them into English. If you can help to correct my translations and playtest the games, please, send me an email.

I'm waiting for you in the Crypt, bye!


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