Key & Compass presents:
The Damp Camp
by James Dean and Jarvist Frost

The Damp Camp is a TADS 2 text adventure game and is © 1999 by James Dean and Jarvist Frost.

In this small game, you play as a young male camper. Unfortunately, a freak accident with plant growth chemicals has trapped you at a substandard campground, now surrounded by 50 feet high grass, and you must escape.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1.2 of the game.

CAUTION: This game contains potty humour and cannibalism, in a juvenile sort of way.


In theTree lost inthe grass Car Park Jeff'sOffice Campsite Field secondsite secondsectionof field Tom'ssite hugefireball d fart thenlight match xyzzy u xyzzy


Camp site, in the Dome Tent

> x me. i. (Nothing.)

> credits. verbose. (The credits inform us that two 14 year-olds wrote this game.)

> x tent. x karrimat. x poles. out.

Camp site

> x tree. x barbeque. x charcoal.

> x mole hills. x dustbin. (Oo. Heavy hint to TELL JEFF ABOUT DUSTBIN.)

> climb tree.

In the Tree

> x match. take it. (+1)

> d. s.

Tom's site

You can enter Tom's tent, but there's no need to.

> x tent. x note. take it. (+1)

> n. e.


CAUTION: Don't give the match to Anthony; he'll light the long grass, killing you both.

CAUTION: If you go east from here, you'll be "lost in the grass"; the only way to escape the grass is with the XYZZY command.

> x anthony. (I didn't find Anthony to be talkative.)

> w. w.

Jeff's Office

> x jeff. x photographs. x desk. x crests. x chair

> ask jeff about jeff. ask jeff about grass.

> ask jeff about photographs. ask jeff about crests.

> ask jeff about tree. ask jeff about desk.

> tell jeff about dustbin. (+2; You see a Serco helicopter empty the bin but drop something as well.)

> x phone. ask jeff about phone. (Note: To use the phone: TYPE number ON KEYPAD.)'

> take phone.

> e.

Camp site

> take newspaper. read it. (The ad for gardener services seems useful.)

> type 369150 on keypad. (The gardener says he'll show up in the helicopter. Does everyone have a helicopter?)

> z. z. z. z. z. (+1)

The grass is cut. Anthony is killed. And the pilot takes your money before flying away.

Interestingly, you won't die if you're up in the tree when it gets clipped (although it's a close call), but you will die if you're with Anthony in the Field when he dies, or if you're "lost in the grass" at that time.

Also, I note that you can't inform Jeff about the cut grass or Anthony's death. Even showing the body parts to Jeff provokes no reaction.

> x arm. e.


> x gut. e.

second site

> x camper. e. (Camper is hungry and blocks your way.)

Around this time, you vomit. You will be vomitting every few turns, I'm sorry to say.

> w.


> take gut. w.

Camp site

> take arm. climb tree.

In the Tree

> x leg. take leg. d.

Camp Site

This is gross, but it's a gross sort of game.

> put arm on bbq. put leg on bbq. put gut on bbq.

> light bbq. take arm. take leg. take gut.

> e. e.

second site

The camper won't eat the body parts unless they're cooked. Unfortunately, examining them won't tell you if they're cooked or not.

> give arm to camper. (He eats it.)

> give leg to camper. (He eats it.)

> give gut to camper. (He eats it; +2 now that he's full.)

The camper goes inside his tent.

> x tent. e. n.

Car Park

Your father greets you and you leave the camp in his car.

*** Well done, you've won! ***

> amusements

Most of the amusements are suggestions like spitting, shitting, peeing, farting, lighting a match after you fart, and eating your puke. Peeing can only be done at the tree. If you end up inside a fireball, you can escape it before you die with the XYZZY command. This is clued by reading the patterns on the fireball.

I note there is also a JOKES command that hints at a LEWD command, but unfortunately, LEWD results in a TADS-1003 error. TAME confirms you're in Tame mode, so no sex jokes for us. I think we can assume the authors enjoyed Infocom's Leather Goddesses of Phobos.



Also mentioned by the game:



In a total of several turns, you have achieved a score of some points out of a possible 9.

Note there is some bugginess with scoring. For example, you can drop the match and take it again for yet another point as often as you like.

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