Key & Compass presents:
The Cruise
by Norman Perlmutter

The Cruise is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2001 by Norman Perlmutter. It was entered in IF Comp 2001 where it took 27th place.

You play as a male tourist on a 3-day Carribean cruise on The Rhinoceros. It seems like a normal vacation until a self-proclaimed good and powerful wizard asks you to find and use three power crystals to destroy an evil wizard who is also on board.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.0 of the game. A post-comp version of the game, Version 1.1, is also available.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Deck 1: Residental

NorthwestResidentialHallway NorthResidentialHallway NortheastResidentialHallway WestResidentialHallway Mainten-ance Closet EastResidentialHallway StairwayArea(deck 1) SouthwestResidentialHallway SouthResidentialHallway SoutheastResidentialHallway Your Room YourBathroom

Deck 2: Bar, Casino, Arcade, and Gift Shop

Restroom Lobby VideoArcade Casino Outsidethe Ship ShipEntry BoardingArea GrandHall The Bar Gift Shop

Deck 3: Theater and Dining Room

Theater Outside ofthe Theater TheSuites (balcony) Lounge StairwayArea(deck 3) DiningRoom

Deck 4: Swimming Pool

Under-waterin theMainPoolArea Underwater in theShallow End Main PoolArea ShallowEnd JustUndertheSurfaceof theDivingWell DivingWell PoolDeck Base of theDivingBoard StairwayArea(deck 3) Top of theDivingBoard Halfway Downthe Diving Well Bottom ofthe Diving Well d d d s/d u jump d dive d u u u u d u u


Outside the ShipFriday Morning

Get on board quickly before the ship leaves.

> i. open wallet. e.

Ship Entry

> give pass to collector. (+5; you get a room key.)

Boarding Area

> x key. x wallet. (You have $51.42)

> x clothes. x shirt. x shorts. x suitcase.

Let's find your room. You can drop your suitcase there.

> e.

Grand Hall

> x trees. x painting. x carpet.

> d. s.

South Residential Hallway

> unlock door with key. s.

Your Room

Don't worry about closing or locking your room door. Leave it open and unlocked, but hold onto your key, just in case.

> x note. (It welcomes you to the ship.)

> x bed. x nightstand. open drawer. (empty)

> drop suitcase. open it.

> x pajamas. x goggles. x swimsuit. x laundry.

> s.

Your Bathroom

> x toilet. x shower. x sink. x roll.

Head for the bar on deck 2:

> n. n. n. u. e.

The Bar

An old man beckons you and asks you to sit.

> sit. (+5)

In a large speech, the old man tells you he's a good wizard trying to prevent an imprisoned evil wizard from conquering the world. You must find three crystals, each on a different deck of the ship. The portal to the prison glows pink when you have all the crystals held directly. At the portal, go up several times; the crystals will destroy him.

He also gives you an evil detector and magic eyedrops. The eyedrops let you see the crystals which are normally invisible. The detector mustn't read 275 or higher or the evil wizard will escape.

He also warns you to never visit the island where the evil power is coming from, or you'll die. You can't leave the ship.

And, of course, he can't do all this himself because of reasons. He's too magical to do it, I think he's trying to say.

> x man. x detector. (at 0)

> ask man about crystals. (Orange, green, and purple.)

> ask man about beer. ask man about bartender.

> ask man about magic. ask man about robe.

Well, start looking for those crystals. I suggest a quick tour of deck 2 to begin with.

> stand. n.


> x machine. read notice.

> w.

Video Arcade

> x games. x Pacman. w.


> x clerk. read sign. ("ASK ME")

> x ship pamphlet. x itinerary.

When I first read the itinerary, I thought it meant I needed to destroy the evil wizard before docking on Saturday morning! But you have more time than that. You have 274 turns after the ship docks on Saturday morning before the evil wizard escapes. So the real deadline is in the middle of Saturday afternoon.

> n.


The restroom has a toilet, a sink, a roll of toilet paper, and toilet water. How dull.

> s. s. se.

Gift Shop

> x price list.

> x box. buy box. (The cashier takes $1.29, puts the box on the counter, and gives you a wooden key.)

> take box. unlock box with wooden key. open it.

> x orange crystal. take it. (+15)

At turn 82 or so, the game tells you to head for the dining room for lunch.

> n. u. s.

Dining Room

The maître d' asks if you want lunch?

> yes. (You eat and return to...)

Stairway Area (deck 3)

With lunch out of the way, I want you to search the pool next, but you first need to change into your swimsuit back in your room.

> d. d. s. s.

Your Room

> drop all but room key.

> wear swimsuit and goggles.

> n. n. u. u. u.

Pool Deck

> sw. u.

Top of the Diving Board

> dive.

Halfway Down the Diving Well

Don't waste any turns when underwater. You don't have the air to spare.

> d.

Bottom of the Dining Well

BUG: The game starts to print an 'x' at the end of every turn. Try to ignore it.

> take green crystal. (+15)

> u. u. u.

Diving Well

Head back to your room with your prize.

> e. d. d. d. s. s.

Your Room

> drop swimsuit and goggles.

> wear clothes.

> take wallet and orange crystal.

> s.

Your Bathroom

Forgive me, but I'm going to use knowledge from a previous playthrough now.

> put paper in toilet. flush toilet. (+9. The toilet is now clogged.)

> n. n. e. n. n. w.

North Residential Hallway

Ah, you can see the purple crystal in the closet.

> x janitor. s. (The janitor stops you.)

> ask janitor about plunger.

> tell janitor about toilet. yes. yes. yes.

He leaves, and you can now enter the closet.

> s.

Maintenance Closet

CAUTION: Don't touch the broom or mop, and don't get caught in here. Just grab the purple crystal and skedaddle.

> take purple crystal. (+15)

Now to find the pink aura that marks the portal. The crystals were on decks 1, 2, and 4, so go to deck 3.

> n. e. s. s. s. w. n. u. u.

Stairway Area (deck 3)

> nw.

The Suites

The pink aura is here!

> u. u. u. u. u. (+15)

You find the magical prison. The crystals kill the evil wizard. The crystals shatter. You return back here. You get a telepathic message to go to the lounge.

> se. ne.


The author of the game is here! He informs you that you have 11 points to go, one of which is the Last Lousy Point, which is earned by eating something. Also, there's a hint book here.

It's getting close to dinner time, so let's get that out of the way before doing anything else.

> sw. s.

Dining Room

The maître d' asks if you want dinner?

> yes.

Stairway Area (deck 3)

Now, I must tell you that you can't do anything about the Last Lousy Point until you've eaten dinner on Saturday. I suggest you do whatever you want to do on Friday evening. For example:

For this walkthrough, we'll skip all that optional stuff. I'll assume you didn't buy the net yet and that you have at least $1 left in your wallet. Go back to your room and sleep:

> d. d. s. s.

Your Room

> drop all but room key and wallet.

> wear pajamas. get in bed. sleep.

It's now Saturday Early Morning, and you're already dressed. Go to the dining room and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner right after the other to zip through the day.

> n. n. u. u. s.

Dining Room

The maître d' asks if you want breakfast?

> yes.

Stairway Area (deck 3)

> s.

Dining Room

The maître d' asks if you want lunch?

> yes.

Stairway Area (deck 3)

> s.

Dining Room

The maître d' asks if you want dinner?

> yes. (Fortune says, "Your lucky number has changed from 101 to 87.")

Stairway Area (deck 3)

Head for the casino:

> d. ne.


Now that you have the fortune, this trick will work:

> turn dial to 87.

> play slot. (+10. You win $87.00!)

> g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> x money. (You should have at least $2505.)

> sw. s.

Gift Shop

Oddly, "scuba gear" isn't understood. Just say "gear".

> buy gear. (for $2500)

> take gear.

> buy net. (for $5, unless you bought it earlier.)

> take net.

Back to your room:

> n. d. s. s.

Your Room

> drop all.

> wear swimsuit and goggles.

> take net, gear.

> n. n. u. u. u.

Pool Deck

> wear gear. w. d. d. d.

Bottom of the Diving Well

> catch fish (with net).

> u. u. u. e.

Pool Deck

> eat fish. (+1)

*** You have won. ***




Groups in the background:



The game's banner credits its testers:

The Cruise
Version 1.0
Copyright 2001 by Norman Perlmutter
Testers: Leah Perlmutter, Allen Saunders, David Perlmutter, Debbie Perlmutter
Developed with TADS, the Text Adventure Development System.




When you have all three crystals and are holding them directly, go to the Suites on deck 3. The pink aura indicates that the entrance to the evil wizard's prison is there. Try to go up five times. On the fifth attempt, the crystals will kill the evil wizard, then shatter. You'll return to the ship automagically.


Note that all the meals you eat in the Dining Room are eaten immediately and that you may not eat the other diners' food.


Note that you can only remove your clothes, pajamas, or swimsuit in private locations, such as your room and your bathroom, but it's okay if doors are open. You may not walk around the ship naked.

Other stuff


The response to SCORE is:

In a total of several turns, you have achieved a score of your-score out of 90, earning you the rank of your-rank.

Points are awarded as follows:

The known ranks are:


At the start of the game, you only have 15 turns to give the boarding pass to the ticket collector, or the ship leaves without you.

The itinerary pamphlet in the lobby lists these scheduled events:

Time in this game advances in response to eating meals and sleeping:

No afternoon lasts forever. Each time-slice of the day has an unknown maximum number of turns assigned to it. You will be prompted to eat in the dining room or sleep in your room as appropriate when you're getting close to the limit. If you fail to eat or sleep before the limit, you lose the game.

You must destroy the evil wizard before the number on the evil detector gets to 275. The number starts increasing by 1 for every turn after the ship arrives at Paradise Island on Saturday Morning. If he's still alive, the evil wizard will escape sometime in the middle of Saturday Afternoon.

You obtain the fortune when you eat dinner on Saturday Afternoon.

BUG: In Version 1.0, the ship never gets back to Miami, and the day-of-the-week is no longer printed when Sunday is over.

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