Key & Compass presents:
Coming Out of the Closet
by Mikko Vuorinen

Coming Out of the Closet is an ALAN 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1998 by Mikko Vuorinen.

In this one-room puzzle game, you play as someone somehow trapped in a closet. The door isn't locked and you have no trouble opening it, but something stops you from leaving.

Note: Despite the title, this game has nothing to do with homosexuality, not even metaphorically.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 3 of the game.


InsidetheCloset (win)

Inside the Closet

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x door. open door. e. (Can't yet.)

> x chest. open cheset. x jacket. take it.

> search jacket. wear jacket.

> x shelves. x stuff.

> climb shelves. move shelves.

> x wall. search wall.

> x crack. take cloth.

Fip, a closet gnome, greets you.

> x Fip. x crack.

> ask Fip about Fip. ask Fip about crack.

> ask Fip about closet. ask Fip about door.

> e. x book. ask Fip about book. ask Fip about me.

Around this time, Fip finds a poem that might help you. You must "put grey in black, black in red, and all is above you."

> x black. (The jacket is black.)

Play Fip's guessing game.

> guess 92.

He then gets a plant pot.

> x pot. (It's red.) ask Fip about pot.

> take pot.

> ask fip about jacket. ask fip about chest.

If you keep trying "look", you'll eventually notice Fip combing his beard.

> x beard. (It's grey.)

> ask fip about beard.

> search beard. pull beard. (You get a hair!)

Finally, we can follow the poem and leave:

> put hair in jacket.

> put jacket in pot.

> put pot on shelves.

> e.

*** You have won ***




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