Key & Compass presents:
Coke Is It!
by Soda Pop Productions

Coke Is It! is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1999 by Soda Pop Productions. According to game's credits, the authors are Lucian Smith, Adam Thornton, J. Robinson Wheeler, Michael Fessler, Adam Cadre, Dan Shiovitz, and David Dyte.

In this amusing and loving tribute to both Coca-Cola and interactive fiction, you will re-visit six classic games (Adventure, A Bear's Night Out, Curses, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Losing Your Grip, and Planetfall), each re-imagined with refreshing Coca-Cola in very prominent product placements.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Map 1: Main Map

pushadventure push hitchhiker push grip push planetfall push curses push bear (to restof house) At theCoca-ColaDispenser Chatelet-Les-Halles NutrimatRoom Cupboard Bedroom Bio-LockWest (to Bio-Lab) Adventurescenario Gripscenario

Winning a game scenario returns you to the dispenser.

Map 2: Adventure Scenario

(to F2) (to F2) (to F2) (to F1) At theCoca-ColaDispenser (to F1) (to F2) (to F1) In Forest(F1) In Forest(F2) At HillIn Road At Endof Road InsideBuilding In AValley At Slit inStreambed OutsideGrate d (to F2) (to F2) (to F1) pushadventure

Map 3: Losing Your Grip Scenario

HospitalRoom AudienceHall NorthEnd ofHallway UtilityRoom NorthEnd ofHallway NorthHalf ofArchive BottlingRoom SouthEnd ofHallway SouthHalf ofArchive SouthEnd ofWalkway Library Foyer Front ofBuilding MuddyField MuddyGlade At theCoca-ColaDispenser At theCoca-ColaDispenser (no Coke) (all but ne) d ne (restorepower tomachine) (no Coke) (all but n) (all) give canto father u push grip


At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

All you can really do here is drink Coke and push buttons on the dispenser. Each button transports you into a self-contained scenario based on the game named by that button. Complete all six scenarios to win the game.

> x me. i. x can. drink can. x machine.

Part 1: Adventure

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

> push adventure.

At End Of Road

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x road. x building. read message.

> x stream. drink stream.

> e.

Inside Building

> take all. x keys. x food. x lamp. x bottle.

> d. x pipes.

> w. s.

In A Valley

> x pool. drink pool. fill bottle. fill lantern.

> s.

At Slit In Streambed

> x slit. take scroll. x list. s.

Outside Grate

> x grate. x dirt.

> unlock grate with keys. open grate.

> turn on lamp. d. (+1)

*** You Can't Beat The Real Thing ***

Part 2: Curses

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

> x machine. push curses.


> i. x paper. x can. x man.

> ask man about map.

> give can to man. (+1)

Part 3: Planetfall

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

> push planetfall.

Bio-Lock West

> x Floyd. i. x uniform.

> x door. ask Floyd about Coke.

> open door. close door. x door. open door. close door.

> x Floyd. take Coke. x Coke. drink Coke. (+1)

Part 4: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

> push hitchhiker.

Nutrimat Room

> x me. i. x can. x gown.

> x machine. x button. push button.

> x cup. take cup. drink cup.

> open door. x circuitry. pour Coke on circuitry.

> push button. drink cup. (+1)

Part 5: A Bear's Night Out

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

> push bear. SPACE SPACE

Bedroom (on the big bed)

> x me. i. x shirt.

> x David. x bed. x cupboard.

> out. w.


> x clothes. x can. x sign. x jacket.

> take all. wear jacket.

> drink can. (Can't operate the ring pull.)

> e.


> enter bed. give can to David. (He opens it, drinks, leaves.)

> z. z. z. z. (+1. David has taken care of everything.)


Part 6: Losing Your Grip

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

> push grip.

Muddy Glade

> x me. i. x cola. drink cola. x mud. x rain.

> n.

Muddy Field

> x head. give cola to head. (The head vanishes. A path is revealed.)

> ne. n.


> x pyramid. take it. (You hear voices. The pyramid vanishes.)

> n.

South End of Hallway

> x walkway. x shadow. enter shadow. (A So Far ref!)

> e.

South Half of Archive

> x clock. x shelves. x boxes. read boxes. open boxes.

> n.

North Half of Archive

> x shards. w. n.

Audience Hall

> x machine. plug cord in socket. (It's inches too short.)

> e. (An inner voice stops you.)

> s.

North End of Hallway

> open small door. w. d.

Bottling Room

> x Frankie. x opener.

> ask Frankie about opener. (He gives you a bottle to open without it.)

> i. x Sprite. open Sprite. (Can't.)

> ask Frankie about Frankie. ask Frankie about Terry.

> x bottles. push bottles. (You experience some past memories.)

> u. e. ne. s. e.


> x shelves. x books. read books. x sentinel.

> give Sprite to sentinel. (It opens it.)

> w. n. d. w. d.

Bottling Room

> give Sprite to Frankie. (He gives the opener, then a black liquid starts welling up from the drain.)

> x liquid. (It's Pepsi.)

> u.

Utility Room

You won't be willing to return to a room of Pepsi.

> x opener. e. n.

Audience Hall

> take cord. put opener in socket. (You pass out.)


Hospital Room

> x equipment. x fridge. open it.

> take can. drink can.

> x father. give can to father. (+1)

*** Thanks to Coca-Cola, you have resolved your latent Oedipus complex and gone on to a happier and more mentally and physically secure life ***

At the Coca-Cola Dispenser

*** You have won ***



Honorable mention:


After seeing the wonderful promotional game 'The Lost Island of Alanna' on the Cherry Coke web site (, a group of us decided to contact Coca-Cola and see if they would be interested in doing a similar thing with IF. We had the good luck of being able to contact Mr. Fizzlewick, who surprised us all with the fervor of his interest in our idea. Soon, we were all hired and working frantically to produce 'proof-of-concept' scenarios based on current works of IF. We managed to put this game together in time for their end-of-March manager's meeting, where JP was able to sell the idea to the group. If all goes well, you should see this game or something very similar go up on one of their web pages some time in April. In the meantime, JP wanted us to tell the rest of the IF community about the idea, so we put together this package and are uploading it to GMD.

The following people comprise the group:

'Coca-Cola' and 'Coke' are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola bottling company.



At the Cola-Cola Dispenser:

Adventure scenario:

A Bear's Night Out scenario:

Curses scenario:

Hitchhiker scenario:

Losing Your Grip scenario:

Planetfall scenario:



In the Adventure scenario, the following message is written on the building:

The message reads: There are 33 classic advertising slogans for Coca-Cola hidden in this game, from the first in 1886, Drink Coca-Cola, to 1993's Always Coca-Cola. The full list is hidden somewhere, too, in case you want to know what you're looking for. (TXD'ers, this one's for you...)

Have fun!

So here's a list of all the slogans and what to do to see them:

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