Key & Compass presents:
Coffee Quest II: A Day At The Office
by Dog Solitude

Coffee Quest II: A Day At The Office is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2002 by Dog Solitude. It was entered in IF Comp 2002 where it took 32nd place.

In this very silly game, you play as a bored office worker who just wants a decent coffee. Go find it.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the Post-Comp Version of the game.


d u d u MailRoom Reception Boss'Office Hallway BoardRoom Cavern Stall ExecutiveToilet CoffeeLounge SupersOffice SuziesRoom Archive Maze ofDespair VentilationShaft BareRoom Maureen'sCubicle Aisle Cubicalof Doom littlecupboard Stairs Tunnel JeffreysTube JeffreysJunction VentilationShaft CaretakersCupboard Aisle TechnicalDept. Stairs JeffreysCorner JeffreysTube YourCubicle South Endof Aisle Sharon'sCubicle StationeryRoom StationeryCupboard FrozenForest Clearing x


NOTE 1: There's a 10 item inventory limit.

NOTE 2: If you need to sleep at turn 400, you can sleep on the sofa in the coffee lounge. If it's good enough for the security guard, it's good enough for you.

Your Cubicle

> x me. x desk. x memo. read it. x toy. push toy.

> open drawer. read flyer. (+5)

> about. credits. commands. comp.

> x chair. x basket. x brown paper. take it.

> e. s.

Stationery Room

> x desk. x paperclip. take it.

> x chair. x Tracey. x magazine. x cupboard.

> e. (Tracey blocks you.)

> n. e.

Sharon's Cubicle

> x desk. open drawer. x biro. take it.

> x computer. read message. (Wants password.)

> x photo. (Benji, Sharon's dog.)

> type "benji" (+10)

> read message. (The executive passcord is 6162.)

> w. n.

Aisle (south)

> x door. open door. knock on door. (Beats in response?)

> e.

Technical Department

> x debris. x drive. take it. (Techy stops you.)

> ask Techy about drive. push eject button.

> straighten paperclip.

> put clip in hole. (+10; Techy gives you a screwdriver.)

> x screwdriver.

> w. n.

Aisle (north)

It isn't clear the tape blocks your way east until you try to go east.

> x tape. read it. w.

Maureen's Cubicle

> x pencil. take it. read it.

> x desk. x chair. x Maureen.

> ask Maureen about pencil.

> w.

Bare Room

After it's pressed, the button slowly works its way back out after several turns.

> x button. push button. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. (Click.)

> e. e. n.

Supers Office

> x clock. x supervisor.

> n. (Denied. Can't go to mail room without mail.)

> w.

Coffee Lounge

> x sofa. x table. x guard. x plant. x machine.

> x door. read plaque. x pad.

> type 6162. (+10)

> open door. w.

Executive Toilet

> x sink. x medallion. take it. wear it. (No way!)

> w. open door. open toilet door. (It won't open.)

> knock on toilet door. (+5. A care-taker rushes out.)

> smell smoke. w.


> x grille. unscrew grille with screwdriver. (+10)

> drop screwdriver.

> x roll. x toilet.

> s. s. s. w.

Jeffreys Corner

> x scissors. take scissors.

> n. e. e.

Ventilation Shaft (east end)

> x grille. push grille. (+5)

> e.

Caretakers Cupboard

> x grille. x label. x skeleton.

> take label.

> x door. open door. unlock door.

You can't unlock the door, so you'll have to return via the vents.

> w. w. n. n. e. e.

Coffee Lounge

> wake guard. (+5; he leaves.)

> break chain. (+5, of the medallion)

> put medallion in slot (+10, of the coffee machine)

> x can. take it. read it. x button.

> push button. shake can. wait. open can.

> pour coffee on plant. (+10; it wilts.)

> drop can. x plant. take plant.

> e. s. s. s. s.

Stationery Room

The plant must be wilting for this to work.

> give plant to Tracey. (+10; she leaves with it.)

> e.

Stationery Cupboard

> x shelf. take tape. x tape.

> w. n. n. n.

Aisle (north)

> cut yellow tape. (+10, with scissors.)

> drop scissors. e.

Cubicle of Doom

> x desk. x sharpener. sharpen pencil.

> open drawer. (It's locked.)

> unlock drawer with clip. (+5)

> drop clip.

> open drawer. x lighter. take it.

> x outline. x door. open door. e.

little cupboard

> x box. open box. look in box. take box.

Turn the box into a passable parcel for mailing. You should be holding both the brown paper and the sticky tape when you wrap the box. We won't use it right away, but we will reduce our amount of inventory.

> close box. wrap box. (using brown paper and sticky tape)

> x parcel. drop tape.

> write on label. (+10, using the biro.)

> drop biro.

> lick label. put label on parcel. (+10)

> w. w. w.

Maureen's Cubicle

You must have sharpened the pencil earlier.

> give pencil to Maureen. (+10)

> i. x gonks.

> e. n. e.

Suzies Room

> x Suzie. ask Suzie about Suzie. (You can't get a word in.)

> e. (Denied; a wall of sound is in the way!)

> wear gonks. (+5)

> e. (+5)


> x cabinet. open it. (No obvious way.)

> move cabinet. (+5. A stairway is revealed.)

> x stairway. d. d. n.


> read sign. ("Maze of Despair")

> x rock. take it.

> n.

Maze of Despair

> read sign. n.


Don't worry. Despite the obvious Indiana-Jones-inspired setup, you won't be crushed by a huge boulder if you wait around after you take the mug.

> x pedestal. x mug. take mug. (Rumbling sound!)

> s. s. s. u. u. w. w. s. w. w.

Bare Room

Pushing this button opens a way past Tracey's stationery cupboard. It's timed, so don't delay getting there.

> push button. e. e. s. s. s. e.

Stationery Cupboard

It's rather difficult to guess the required syntax for this action, if you ask me.

> wedge wall with rock. (+10)

> e.

Frozen Forest

> x snow. s.


> x post. x umbrella. take it.

Now that we have a lighter, a parcel, a mug, and an umbrella, it's time to visit the north end of the map and the endgame.

> n. w. w. n. n. n. n.

Supers Office

> n. (Supervisor lets you pass if you have a finished parcel.)


> x sensor. x door. n.


> read sign. w.


> x table. put parcel on table.

> e. s. w.

Boss' Office

CAUTION: Sitting in the chair is fatal for your career. The chair is pushable, though.

> x desk. x chair. push chair.


> stand on chair. light sensor. (+10; using the lighter. The board room empties.)

> d. (You're now off the chair.)

> open umbrella. e. (+5)

Board Room

> x table. x jug. x coffee. smell coffee.

> pour coffee into mug. drink coffee. (+20)






---------------------- Info -------------------

Coffee Quest II ( Copyright 2002 ) by Dog Solitude.
This is the post 2002 if comp version.

Coffee Quest II is freeware. That means you are welcome to distribute it as long as you can find someone who's willing to take it.

Type CREDITS for a list of those also implicated in this travesty.
COMMANDS for a list of sample commands.
COMP for info on the annual IF Comp.

---------------------- Credits -------------------

Dog Solitude would like to thank the following:
Michael J. Roberts for the excellent TADS (Text Adventure Development System).
Rick La Bach and Andrew Pontious for the public domain tads utilities Veriverb and Notall respectively.
Peter Smith, for giving me the half-arsed idea in the first place,
and Maz, Katie, Jim and CT for their help and feedback in testing this game.




NOTE: There's a 10 item inventory limit.


In several turns, you have scored this-many points out of a possible 200.
This gives you a rank of ranking.


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