Key & Compass presents:
Civil Seeming Drivel Dreaming
by Andrew Schultz

Civil Seeming Drivel Dreaming is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2022 by Andrew Schultz. It was an entry in Le Grand Guignol (English) division of Ectocomp 2022, where it took 15th place.

You overdosed on candy and now you're dreaming somewhere very strange. This is a small wordplay game where everything is based on alliterative phrases that rhyme with other alliterative phrases: the names of places and things. Change your enrivonment, defeat foes, and explore until this drivel dreaming ends.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Set-in-the-SiteNet in the Night Spun Spool Woe Wall /Co-call 'Croots-Cravin' Free Fright (Sigh) Sitch /"Hi!" Hitch Honing (Hey)Groaning, Grey /Koan-ing, 'K? "Forfeit,Bore" Bit /Pore Pit Oil, Inc /Loyal Link Five-Fee-ContriveCountry /Strives Tree prick pride tick tide sick side hick hide mo maul war wit rick ride rick ride rick ride rick ride



This game makes me feel like I'm at playing some bizarre slot machine, but I have to repeatedly search the sofas in my brain for suitable words to use as coins before I can pull the slot machine handle again.

> x leet. (You take it.)

> coots caving. roots raving. hoots haven.

> woots waving. shoots shaving.

> turing test. (+1 bonus; you get a lurking lump.)

> furring fest.

> whirring west. (+1; the pest disappears)

> w.

Woe Wall

> show shawl. ho hall. toe tall.

> yo yall. (+1. Po' Paul is now here.)

> x Paul. so Saul.

> stow stall. (+1; it has a slick slide.)

> trick tried. (+1)

> prick pride. (+1; you're now at...)

(Sigh) Sitch / "Hi!" Hitch

> x ditch. x witch.

> sty stitch. rye rich. my Mitch.

> high hitch. nigh niche.

> lie lich. (+1; it's now here)

> pie pitch. (+1; lich gone; room change)

> rick ride. (+1; you return to...)

Woe Wall

> tick tide. (+1; you're now at...)

Honing (Hey) Groaning, Grey / Koan-ing, 'K?

> boning bay. stoning stay. phoning fey.

> owning eh. (+1)

> cloning clay. (+1; room change; can go now)

> rick ride. (You return to...)

Woe Wall

FUN FACT: I got a 'divide by zero' error when I tried to guess "crow crawl". I think that means there's no current target in the '-o -all' rhyme space.

> x slide. (It slides four ways.)

> sick side. (+1. You go to...)

Oil, Inc / Loyal Link

> coil kink. loyal link.

> soil sink. (+1)

> royal rink. (+1)

> moil mink. (+1)

> broil brink. (+1)

> foil fink. (+1; room change; can go now)

> rick ride. (You return to...)

Woe Wall

> pick pied. brick bride. Dick died.

> hick hide. (+1. You go to...)

Five-Fee-Contrive Country / Strives Tree

> dive dee. hive hee. skive ski.

> ivy. (+1)

> jive gee. (+1)

> lively. (+1)

> thrive three. (+1; one more question to Clive)

> whyve we. (+1; room change; can go now)

> rick ride.

Woe Wall

> mo maul. (+1; you're now in...)

"Forfeit, Bore" Bit / Pore Pit

> core kit. (+1; room change)

> war wit. (+1; you return to...)

Woe Wall / Co-Call

> foe fall. (+1 bonus)

> bro brawl. (+1 bonus)

> oh all. (+1; room change)

The people celebrate then leave. You can go west or north (or south). But there's a mapper mummy now.

> look.

> x mummy. dapper dummy. (+1 bonus)

But now there's a bump-boast gump-ghost.

> rump roast. (+1 bonus)

> n.

Spun Spool

> pun pool. (+1)

> x pool. fun fool. (+1; ghoul and pool gone)

> s.

Free Fright

> see sight. (+1)

> rewrite. (+1; the wight leaves)

> w.

Set-in-the-Site Net in the Night

> fret in the fright. (+1 bonus)

> let in the light. (+1)


If you missed any points, you can use this command to help you out:

> missed




This is the response to CREDITS:

Thanks to my testers.
Thanks to Ruber Eaglenest for holding EctoComp yet again and hosting a Grand Guignol division.



This is the response to SCORE:

You have scored a total of your-total-score out of 38 points and need 30 to win. You have found your-bonus-score of 8 bonus points so far.

[Either] You haven't figured any ideas that might score a point later, but if you do, Civil Seeming Drivel Dreaming will explicitly warn you. THINK would give more detailed information. [Or] You also have idea-count useful ideas you thought of before you weren't quite ready, and they still need to wait. You can see more detailed information with THINK.

[If you have the lump, add:] You have also used the lurking lump lump-use-total times (lump-charges left) and are X of Y good-guess rhymes away from it recharging. You have made a total of good-guess-total good guesses, as well.

Normal points are awarded as follows:

Bonus points are awarded for these actions:

While I am convinced that these are all the points in total, note that either I have misidentified two of the bonus points as normal points, or the author miscounted the totals. I honestly don't know why the totals don't add up as expected.

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