Key & Compass presents:
City of Dead Leaves
by Felix Pleşoianu

City of Dead Leaves is an ALAN 3 interactive fiction story and is © 2016 by Felix Pleşoianu. It is licensed under Artistic License 2.0.

In this short story, you play as the outsider, the one who left. You have returned here, hoping to find your lost love and reconcile with him.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 2016-05-19 of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


On theRoof MachineRoom EmptyBackyard ColdCorridor NamelessSquare Top ofStairs CozyBedroom TinyHallway StorageRoom Kitchen NamelessAlley Bottomof Stairs CrampedBathroom Basement DarkTunnel BoilerRoom BasementHallway BasementApartment u u u u d d d d


Nameless Square

This is more of a dream-like story than a game, but there are some light puzzles and a goal.

> x me. i. (Empty-handed.)

> x fountain. x leaves.

> search leaves. take leaf. x it.

> s.

Nameless Alley

> x house. x door. knock on door. open door. x gap.

> e. u.

Top of Stairs

> x corkboard. look behind it.

> take postcard. x it. read it.

> d. w.

Nameless Alley

> put postcard in gap. fold postcard.

> put postcard in gap. open door. w.


> x sink. wash dishes.

> x stove. x plate.

> w. n.

Cold Corridor

> x cans.

> s. w. w.

Cozy Bedroom

> smell. take key. x it.

> x coatrack. smell jacket.

> x bookshelf. x desk. read notes.

> look through window.

> e. s.

Cramped Bathroom

> x mirror. take mirror. (no)

> n. e. n. w.

Empty Backyard

> x buildings. listen.

> x bar. take it.

> e. u.

Machine Room

> x tanks. x boxes. u.

On the Roof

> x turbine. x buttons. (Red and black.)

> x collectors.

> push black button. (The turbine starts spinning.)

> d.

Machine Room

> x boxes. (Needles are now at midpoints of their scales.)

> d.

Cold Corridor

> turn on switch. d.


> x holes. x arches. (East is open.)

> e.

Dark Tunnel

> listen. e. x door.

> unlock door with key. e.

Boiler Room

> x pipes. x lump. (Mattress.)

> s. (Clothes snag.)

> s.

Basement Hallway

> x walls. x furniture. smell.

> x door. pry door with bar. s.

Basement Apartment

> smell. x furniture. x bookshelves. x table. x armchairs.

> x kitchenette. search books. search table.

> x floor. search floor. search armchairs.

After searching four different things here, you find what you were looking for.

*** The End ***



This is very much a solo adventure, but there are some mentions:


From the response to ABOUT:

City of Dead Leaves is a story told to me by a place that I saw in a dream. As such it's a very personal thing; hopefully you'll find it worth your time. It's not a puzzle game, though it has puzzles; it's not a story game either, though it has a story. It's about cities, and futures, and feelings. About us.

If you're new to interactive fiction, type HELP for a primer.

Beta testers: Adri Mills and Jonathan Blask. Thank you!

Made with Alan 3.


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