Key & Compass presents:
Citizen of Nowhere
by Luke A Jones

Citizen of Nowhere is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Luke A Jones. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 55th place. It is also a sequel to The Bony King of Nowhere.

In this odd, whimsical, and bittersweet game, you play as a young man who rejected the crown after your father, the Bony King of Nowhere, died. You moved to the far north and live a quiet life. Your pet dog, Dylan, is always by your side. But today, the Prime Minister has invited you to a garden party at the old castle. You wonder what mischief you'll get up to this time.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Your LogCabin Yourvegetablepatch FrozenTundra NorthernMeadow DesolateBeach SouthernMeadow Coley'sMill Inside theDerelictWindmill northernwoods TheLonesomeHollow Inside theWoodenShack WoodlandClearing Northbankof theRiver Void Southbankof theRiver Void SouthernWoodlandDell TheForsakenCavern Entranceto theForsakenCavern Dingbat'sCave In theU-Bend StoneStairs Outsidethe Giant'sBathroom Giant'sBathroom From Entrance to Giftshop:s. s. w. w. e. s. Entranceto Pan'sLabyrinth UnfairMazeRooms TheGiftshop InsidetheElevator Top ofthe StoneSlide midlandmarshes InsidetheElevator OutsideMash TunTavern The Bar TheSaloon InsideNumber 10Clowning OutsideNorth CityGates OutsideEast CityGates OutsideNumber 10Clowning CityPlaza InsideBlacksmithStore Entranceto Castle InsideAirshipGondola InnerBailey OutsideTheBarracks in out out in d u out in d out out in in in in u out in in out u d in out u in in out n e out


At the start of the game, you're given no goals, so it's unclear what the game expects you do to until you get the letter in the meadow.

Your Log Cabin

If you want to drink your tea at all, do this right away:

> take tea. blow it. drink it. (Lovely.)

Now you can examine your home at your leisure.

> x me. x jeans. x jumper. x boots. i. x watch.

> x Dylan. talk to Dylan. (Only pigeons and bats can talk.)

> x fireplace. x logs.

> x mantelpiece. x photograph. (of you and you late father)

> x bed. x table. x rod. x ball.

> stand.

> take ball. throw ball at Dylan.

> take rod.

> x watch.

It's much later than I thought. Every turn is 15 minutes in game time. But don't worry. Time isn't much of an issue in this game.

> out. (Dylan follows you.)

Your vegetable patch

You don't need any cabbages.

> x cabbages. pet Dylan.

> s.

Northern Meadow

> x letter. (The PM invites you to a party in the castle garden.)

> x flowers. s.

Southern Meadow

> x stump. x mushrooms. (They're hallucinogenic.)

> take mushrooms.

> e.

Coley's Mill

Whenever the tower clock chimes the hour, there's a cat and mouse mechanical panto, which is cute, but can be ignored.

> read sign. (Building is unstable; the mill, it means.)

> x bucket. take it. x spade. take it.

> in. (The red door is locked.)

> n.

Desolate Beach

> read sign. (sandcastle judging at 4pm)

> x sand. x sea.

You need the bucket and spade to make a sandcastle.

> make sandcastle. x sandcastle. (It's not very good.)

If you like, you can now WAIT UNTIL 4 PM, but you won't win the contest with this sandcastle.

> dig. take chess piece. x it.

> x rod. x line. x hook. x reel.

> tie chess to rod. (You now have a magnetic fishing rod.)

> fish. (You get a long metal key.)

> x key.

> ne.

Frozen Tundra

> x mammoth. pet mammoth. (You get a hair.)

> x hair. (2m long, dark, slightly greasy)

> sw. s.

Coley's Mill

> unlock door with key. in.

Inside the Derelict Windmill

> x screwdriver. take it.

> x sack. take it.

> x stairs. x rafters. x millstones.

> out. w. s.

northern woods

> x litter. x gourd. (It's hollow, two holes at one end, a third at the other.)

> take gourd. play gourd. (It makes a loud humming noise.)

> x tree.

> e.

The Lonesome Hollow

> x shack. x porthole.

> x sculpture. (of rabbit with human skull and lotus flower)

> x skull. (with crown, very like your father)

> x flower. (petals curl inwards to form a sphere)

> in.

Inside the Wooden Shack

You meet Donella Letha. She refers to Dylan as an image of Sharvara.

> look.

> ask Donella about sculpture. (It's for a gallery in Lost.)

> ask Donella about Lost. ask Donella about art.

> ask Donella about sandcastle. (She takes some tools and says she'll see you there.)

Um, okay...

> out. w. n. e. n.

Desolate Beach

Donella and an Awesome Sandcastle are now here. When waiting, make sure there's a space between the "4" and the "pm".

> x awesome sandcastle. wait until 4 pm.

The officials award you a 100 Zilch voucher for The Blacksmith's Store in the City of Lost. They leave and Donella leaves too.

> x voucher.

> s. w. s. s.

Woodland Clearing

> x thyme. s.

Northbank of the River Void

> x void. x bridge. x reeds. take reeds.

> blow reeds. (They make a high pithed droning bussing noise.)

> fish. x kettle.

Let's revisit Donella before crossing the river.

> n. n. e. in.

Inside the Wooden Shack

> x tapestries. x furniture. x hammock. x pillows.

> x holders. x boxes. x tchotchke.

> x workbench. x tools. x porthole.

> attach reeds to gourd. (This works.)

> i. x instrument.

> play instrument. (Donella says you've made a Pungi, used for snake charming.)

> out. w. s. s. s.

Southbank of the River Void

> fish. x can.

> se.

Southern Woodland Dell

> x caravan. x Dobby. x Tinker. talk to Tinker.

> ask Tinker about backgammon. ask Tinker about Dobby.

> play backgammon. (Tinker easily wins.)

> ask Tinker about caravan. ask Tinker about grandfather.

> s.

Entrance to the Forsaken Cavern

> x cave. x snake. (It blocks your way.)

> play pungi. (The snake sleeps.)

> x snake. in.

The Forsaken Cavern

> x workbench. (The Wizard loans you a flameless torch.)

> x torch. x wizard. talk to wizard.

> ask wizard about magic. ask wizard about electrickery.

> s.

Darkness / Dingbat's Cave

> turn on torch. x Dingbat. x bell.

> x oak door. x portcullis.

> talk to Dingbat. (He challenges you to answer three picture riddles.)

Ready? (Y/N)>> y

You see a picture that says "NOONT".

> afternoon tea (Correct!)

> talk to bat.

Now his picture is of two large G's. There's a P in the left G and a P on the right G.

> ping pong (Correct!)

> talk to bat.

The third picture is RE RE, using wide letters, the first RE over the second RE.

> repair (Correct! The portcullis opens and you also get a bell.)

> s.

Stone Stairs

> turn off torch. d.

Outside the Giant's Bathroom

> x door. ("Occupied") open door. (locked)

> x panel. (screwed)

> x bin. open bin. x object. take object.

> unscrew panel. (The panel falls, and a red valve wheel is revealed.)

> enter bin. (Dylan gets in too.)

> turn wheel. (Bellowing outside)

> close bin. z. z. (You hear the Giant stomp up the stairs.)

> open bin. out. in.

Giant's Bathroom

> x shelf. x cubicle. x controller.

> d.

In the U-Bend

> take clump. (You drop it but reveal a rubber duck.)

> take duck. x it. squeeze it.

> u. s.

The Entrance To Pan's Labyrinth

> x sign. (Unfair maze ahead!)

> x slide.

Uh, before entering the labyrinth, let's revisit Tinker.

> n. out. u. n. n. out. n.

Southern Woodland Dell

> show object to Tinker. (He says it's a broken way diviner. He needs a fine very long thing to fix it.)

> give long hair to Tinker. (He repairs and returns the diviner.)

> x diviner.

Return to the labyrinth entrance:

> s. in. s. s. d. in. s.

The Entrance To Pan's Labyrinth

If you have a working way diviner, you don't really need to save here, but you are about to enter a maze.

> save. s.

Unfair Maze Room (1: N/S/E/W)

Examine the way diviner in every maze room to learn which way to go.

> x way. s.

Unfair Maze Room (2: N/E/W)

> x way. w.

Unfair Maze Room (3: N/S/E/W)

> x way. w.

Unfair Maze Room (4: N/E)

> x skeleton. x way. e.

Unfair Maze Room (5: S/W)

> x way. s.

The Giftshop

> x sign. (pink door to west leads to the slide back)

> x shelves. x dust. search dust. take dust.

> s.

Top of the Stone Slide

> x elevator. in.

Inside the Elevator

> d. look. out.

midland marshes

> x Lost. x sign. ("Welcome to The Minus 6")

> s.

Outside The Mash Tun Tavern

> x bench. x mat. ("Goodboy! - Beer for Dogs!")

> x sign.

> in.

The Bar (Inside The Mash Tun Tavern)

> x poster. (ouch.) x bowl. x landlady.

> x wallpaper. x bar top. x stools.

> talk to lady. (Game suggests sitting at the bar.)

> sit on stool. (She asks if she should pour Dylan a pint of Goodboy?)

(Y/N)>> y

And a pint of Bank's bitter for yourself?

(Y/N)>> y

These drinks are on the house. She knows who you are. She also gives you a copy of the local newspaper.

> read newspaper.

You learn that the King of Somewhere has attacked and now controls the castle. The city of Lost is under siege.

> take pint. x it. drink it.

> take bowl. (You instead just grab a handful.)

> eat lumps.

> stand. e.

The Saloon (Inside the Mash Tun Tavern)

> x man. x table. (7 red balls, 7 yellow, 1 white)

> x gaslamp. x machine. ("Dynamic Pinball!")

> play machine. (Eventually you stop playing it.)

> talk to man. (He asks if you want to play pool.)

(Y/N)>> y

Because you drank the beer and ate the pork scratchings, you play very well and actually win. Sean gives you a vial of super strength.

> x vial.

> w. out. s.

Outside The North City Gates

> x gate. x box.

If the soldier isn't here, wait a few turns; he patrols between this gate and the east gate. He'll arrive from east and enter the sentry box. After a few turns here, he'll leave the box and go east.

> x soldier. (He has soldier's key and uniform.)

> x soldier's key. x uniform. (from Somewhere)

> x canteen. (contains water)

> z. (Repeat waiting until the soldier leaves.)

When the soldier isn't here:

> put mushrooms in canteen.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the soldier returns.)

The soldier drinks from the canteen, slumps, giggles, and drops his key.

> take soldier's key.

> s.

You automatically unlock the city gate with the soldier's key.

City Plaza

> x airship. x fountain.

> x pigeon. talk to pigeon. (It's Jon, the foul-mouthed pigeon.)

> ask Jon about king.

> sw.

Inside Block & Quayle Blacksmith Store

Note: There's some awkwardness with refering to the bolt cutters. Refer to them as "bolt" or "cutter"; the game doesn't understand "cutters". Also, "buy bolt" doesn't work; just take it.

> x shopkeeper. x bolt. talk to shopkeeper.

> take bolt. (You buy the cutters with the voucher.)

> ne. w.

Outside Number 10 Clowning Street

> x cat. pet cat. x officer. x door.

> in. (Only Somewhere personnel allowed in.)

> e. n.

Outside The North City Gates

> take uniform. wear it.

> s. w.

Outside Number 10 Clowning Street

While wearing the uniform, you can enter easily:

> in.

Inside Number 10 Clowning Street

> x desk. x papers. x chair. x minister. (Jane Smith)

> x Oz. x contraption. (Cannon-crossbow?)

> talk to minister.

She recognizes you. She gives you a note for a pigeon to take to troops out east. She also gives you a codebook to get into the castle with.

> x note. x codebook.

> talk to Oz. ask Oz about contraption.

> out. e.

City Plaza

> give note to Jon. (He complains, but does his duty.)

> s.

Entrance to The Old King's Castle

> x castle. x moat. x soldiers. x drawbridge.

> x flag box. x platform.

> stand on platform. take all flag.

> wave green flag.

> wave white flag. wave black flag. wave black flag.

> wave red flag. (The drawbridge lowers.)

> put all flag in flag box.

> in.

Inner Bailey (Inside The Castle)

> e.

Outside The Barracks

> cut fence. (You're not strong enough to use the cutters.)

> drink vial. cut fence.

The Nowhere troops are freed and you hear cannon fire between the airship and the plaza. Jon's message went through!

> w. u.

Inside The Airship Gondola

> x king. talk to king. (He recognizes you, his brother's first-born.)

> g. g. g.

At this point, Oz arrives and attacks. All the soldiers die, but Oz dies too. You grab the contraption and point it at the King.

You have a choice. Do what you think is right:

> look. i.

Donella arrives and finds a black box under Oz's cloak. She gives the box to you.

> x box.

Again, you have a choice. Either press the red button to change universes or give the box back to Donella. Thanks to UNDO, you can see both endings.

> give box to Donella.

You fly around the kingdom together.

*** THE END ***

Credits are displayed.

> undo

> push button.

You are transported into a café where another adventure awaits you.

*** THE END ***

The adventure continues in Drumsticks. Then the credits are displayed.



These are thumbnails of the three riddle pictures shown in Dingbat's cave. Please play the game to view these at their original and intended sizes.




The credits are displayed after you end the game:

*** Written and coded by Luke Jones (email redacted), using Inform 7.

Thank you to Alex Dimmer for creating the artwork and to Jennifer Thompson, for alpa and beta testing, and for the excellent suggestions for improvements.

Thanks also to the excellent support from the Inform and Quest forum members. Special thanks to the coding wizard K.V. for patiently explaining Inform syntax to me.

I was inspired to write textadventure games after playing the wonderful games of Robin Johnson, you should check them out:

I have authored several other games, including "The Bony King Of Nowhere" to which this game is a sort of sequel.

The pigeon was inspired by the twitter account @pigeonjohn

Do contact me with any feedback or queries, hearing from players from all over the world is half the fun of writing these things.

Be excellent to each other.

Luke xx ***


As near as I can tell, all endings end with THE END and there are just the two of them. Either you return the black box to Donella and stay in Nowhere, or you push the box's button and go to an alternative universe.

It is possible to put the game into an unwinnable state, but you need to be deliberate about it. For example, go to the giant's bathroom door while the giant is showering, drop the pungi, turn the wheel, and wait a few turns. When the giant catches you, he'll carry you and Dylan to the entrance of the cavern where the snake is, and the snake wakes up because of the commotion. If you still had the pungi, you could play it again and put the snake to sleep again. But without the pungi, you're stuck. There are no more reeds and gourds to find to make another either.


In the order you can acquire them in this walkthrough:

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