Key & Compass presents:
Chronicle Play Torn
by Penczer Attila

Chronicle Play Torn is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Penczer Attila (as "Algol"). It was an entry in IF Comp 2004 where it took 22nd place.

In this fantasy quest, your granduncle, the occultist Jumon Hakai, has disappeared. Searching his mansion for clues, you learn he was plagued by a visitor from Nexus Eden, another world whose portal is a pool in the cellar. Jumon entered that portal to find help, and now you must follow him.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Jumon's mansion

Attic Livingroom Bedroom Cellar In thepool In thepool By thepool d in u u u u d d d d (kitchendoor islocked) (front dooris stuck)

Map 2: Nexus Eden

In thepool In thepool garden maze (13 locations) By thepool Forest End of theforest Longtunnel Ruins By thetorrent North ofthe gate Ancienttree South ofthe gate Dead end Sleepingchamber The slab Hall Plateau Mothroom Gate ofthe vault In theship Hill overSunkencity Chapelentrance Womb Cell(burrow) d d n/s/e/w enterviolet door s/d in d (it's complicated) (nothingof interest) (nothingof interest) u d enteryellow door out

Map 3: The Sunken City

Hall Top ofthe tower By thedoor In thetower Basement Prison DivinationRoom Tower By theprison By thegallery Gallery Library Hill overSunkencity By thehouse ofthe painter Fountain Cave Mine Houseof thepainter Store-house By thestore-house By thehouse oftoy maker Houseof thetoy maker Graveyard Under-groundShrine d d d out out in in out out in u u u u in in out in out d

Map 4: The Prison

Cell(hive) Cell(dust) Cell(idol) Prison Cell(burrow) Womb By theprison Cell(wind) in d out (death bydrowning) (death bybat-things)

Map 5: The Vault of Keys

Hall Vaultof keys Gate ofthe vault

Map 6: The Chapel of Pure Souls

Hall Chapelof puresouls Corridor(northend) Corridor(southend) Chapelentrance


Chapter I: Arrival

Living room

Every 50 turns, you get a warning that your lantern is getting dim, but don't worry about it.

> verbose. x me. i. x lantern.

> x bookshelves. x books. x chair.

> x papers. search papers. (+2; found diary)

> x diary. read it. (A sheet falls out.)

> read sheet. (Has every other letter of a message.)

> open kitchen door. (locked)

> open front door. (stuck)

> e.


> x bed. x nightstand. open drawer. x accessories.

> x crack. (trapdoor)

> x eiderdown. x pillow.

> look under bed. (+2; found trunk)

The trunk will be your player's carry-all. You definitely want to take it.

> x trunk. take it. open it. x sphere.

> take sphere. (Its paper falls, revealing a crystal ball.)

> x ball. look.

> take opaque sheet. x it. read it.

> put transparent sheet on opaque sheet. (+5)

> i. read message.

You learn several things:

> w.

Living room

> search books. (You find the switch and take Of Roots Divine.)

> e.


> stand on bed. open trapdoor. u. (+3)


> x herbs. x windows.

> read book. take plants. (You now have a "portal key.")

> d. w.

Living room

> push switch. (+1; small door opens)

> d.


> x pool. d.

You automatically put loose items into the trunk and close it before entering the pool.

In the pool

> d. d. d. (+5. The world turns upside down.)

Chapter II: Descending to Eden

By the pool

A dog runs in and out of this initial area randomly. The dog neither helps nor hinders you.

> out. open trunk. s. s.

North of the gate

> x gate. s. s.

Sleeping chamber

> x blankets. w.

Dead end

You can abbreviate "pickaxe" to "axe".

> x tools. take pickaxe. (stuck)

> pull axe. g. (+2; it's free)

> take axe.

> e. s.


> x city. x ship. x rock.

> climb rock. (found door into ship)

> open door. in. (+2)

In the ship

I suggest NOT taking the elder mushroom just yet. If you do take it, it turns to dust rather quickly, although another one will grow in due time.

> x elder mushroom. x oil lamp.

> w. e. (You find nothing.)

> out. n. e.

The slab

> x slab. hit slab with axe. (+2)

> e.


Of the seven doors here, only the yellow and violet ones are ever usable.

CAUTION: Don't head south with the dials in their original configuration. You'll go to a location called the Womb where you can't escape from.

> x loam. x dials. (five dials marked with Zodiac symbols)

> x red door. (missing handle and keyhole filled)

> enter violet door.

Ancient tree

> x dead tree. x pears. take pear. x burrow.

The region around the tree is an unmappable maze, but you do get five points for entering there and returning to the tree. As near as I can tell, going west four times always works, at least the first time.

> w.

Are you sure you wish to leave? y


> w. w.

End of the forest

> x wall.

> w. (+5; you're back at...)

Ancient tree

> d. enter yellow door.

Moth room

> x pile. search pile. (with pickaxe)

> again. (+3; pyramid found)

> look. x pyramid. x eyes. x hole. x slot.

> take diary. put diary in hole. (+2)

The voice of "the oracle" tells you what they can about whatever you put in the hole.

> take axe. put it in hole. (+1)

> take message. put it in hole.

They'll help you banish Jaaku — that's the name of your granduncle's intruder, don't forget the name — if you agree to help them.

Do you agree? y (+4)

They tell you to go to the Sunken city by setting the dials to Gemini, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aries (or just SET DIALS TO CITY for short).

Also, when you no longer need the Oracle's help, you must destroy the pyramid which is their prison.

While the oracle is here, you gain a point for every new item you put into the hole here.

> put lantern in hole. (+1)

> take ball. put it in hole. (+1; too cracked for divinations)

> take green book. put it in hole. (+1)

> take key. put it in hole. (+1)

> take pears. put pears in hole. (+1)

> w.


> set dials to city.

> d.

slide down into the darkness? y (+5)

Chapter III: Sunken City

Before you do anything else in the city, you must get rid of thieves that appear as sigils, statues, or carvings. Every so often, one of these "little folk" will appear near you. When they or you leave the current location, they steal a random item from your trunk and take it to their shrine hidden in the graveyard.

They can be vanquished by releasing an air elemental from its jail cell, and their shrine can be found by examining some paintings.

Hill over Sunken city

> take axe. (So it's not in the trunk and won't be stolen.)

> x dials. x houses. x stalactites.

> e. s. s.


It's important that you visit this location so you know it exists.

> w. n.

By the house of the painter

> x paintings. in.

House of the painter

> x table. x plate. x mass.

> x easel. x box. x tubes. x brushes. x palette.

> x paintings. g. g. g. (If you get asked if you want to continue watching a picture, you should probably answer no. One of the paintings shows a monolith in a graveyard, but you won't see that painting unless you visited the graveyard earlier.)

> out. n.

By the prison

> x door. open door. in.


> x doors. x grating.

> open grating. x lock. (keyhole filled with lead)

Very unfortunately, "hinge" and "hinges" both default to the prison door, which makes it look like you can't refer to the hinges on the grating. But they are there if you refer to them as "upper hinge" and "lower hinge".

I'm assuming you still have the pickaxe.

> x upper hinge. x lower hinge.

> hit lower hinge with axe. (+1)

> in.


CAUTION: There's a lot of deadly stuff in this prison.

> x doors.

> x steel grating. (There's stairs leading down beyond it. I don't think there's any way to open this grating.)

> x wind door. (Shows a whirling figure.)

> open it.

are you sure? y

Wind smashes you down, and you drop everything.

> take trunk. take all.

> se.

Cell (southeast)

The cell is empty now. That wind-thing you let loose should destroy the little folk several turns from now, and if you're nearby, you'll hear them scream as they die. You also gain 3 points at the time.

> out. out. s. s. s.


> x graves. search graves.

Assuming you saw the graveyard painting, you find the monolith.

> x monolith. hit it. (hole revealed)

> x hole. d. (+5)

Underground Shrine

This is where all your stolen items are taken to.

CAUTION: It's possibly unsafe to be here if the air elemental is free and the thieves aren't destroyed yet. I never witnessed the battle directly. If you do die here, UNDO, get out of here, and wait elsewhere until you hear the screams.

Oh, and you may need to return here if the thieves steal again from you before the wind-thing finds them. It's impossible to predict when you can stop worrying about the thieves.

> take all. x symbols. x rocks.

> u.


> save.

At this point, the walkthrough splits into three branches, one for each personage you can get help from. Each branch has different puzzles associated with it, but the elder mushroom you saw earlier will be needed regardless.

By the way, none of these branches focuses on getting the highest possible score. Somehow, a high score just doesn't seem very important in this game, so I didn't bother writing the walkthrough that way

CAUTION: Don't offend any of your potential benefactors! Once you've made contact with one of them, you are unable to contact the other two.

So. Who do you wish to receive aid from?

Branch 1: Getting aid from the shaman


> nw.

By the storehouse

> x boxes. in.


> search boxes. g. g. (+1; find glass egg)

> x egg.

In case it's not clear, the glass egg is actually a metal egg encased in very hard transparent glass.

> out. n. e.


Bypass the fountain for now. You'll explore it in detail later in this branch.

> e.


> x opening. e.


The machine is meant to grind rocks.

> x machine. x funnel. x button.

> x lever. (currently set to left)

> x dial. (with scale around it)

> x rock. x tools.

Sadly, CLEAN MACHINE doesn't work. Instead:

> search machine. (+1; door found)

> open door. x door. x gears. x peg. take peg.

> close door.

CAUTION. With the peg removed, it's now possible to use the machine, but be careful. If you turn on the machine and just let it run empty, it will soon burn out and be unusable.

CAUTION. You just want to use the machine to grind off the egg's glass coating, but if you leave the lever set to the left, the machine will grind up the entire egg.

Oh, and the dial can't be adjusted. I don't know why it's there, to be honest.

> put egg in funnel.

> set lever to right. push button.

> z. z. z. z. z. z. (+4; metal egg falls out)

> take egg.

> w. w. nw.


> x flies. x tome.

> read crystal tome. (You take it, but can't read it.)

> drop metal egg.

The flies surround it and start eating the metal. It can take at least 20, 40, 60 turns for the flies to eat off enough of the egg, so return to the fountain and scope that out instead of just waiting.

> se.


> x pool. x fountain. x snakes. x platform.

> search platform. (The front stone is loose.)

> take stone. (+2; cavity revealed)

> x cavity. (black worms inside)

> take worm. (They awaken!)

> x worms. (One coiled worm isn't moving.)

> take coiled worm. (+2)

You stlll need to burn up some turns, so visit the gallery to the north.

> n.

By the gallery

> x paintings. in.


CAUTION: The paintings in here are dangerous. You dare not stay in here and look at them too often.

> x paintings.

You are dizzy for two turns, then the paintings start shining.

> x benches. x paintings.

> out. s. nw.


You want the egg to be "heavily corroded". You'll have to wait quite a while yet. If you don't get the amulet when you take the egg, drop it and wait even longer. Sorry, but this does take a lot of turns of waiting.

> x egg. take egg. (+2; you find an amulet)

> x amulet. put worm in amulet. (+2)

> wear amulet. (Make sure you have it!)

Head back to the ship and its mushroom.

> se. w. w. w. w. s. in.

In the ship

Eating the elder mushroom increases spiritual sensitivity, which you might know if you ever took the mushroom to the oracle in a previous session, and it's the only way to contact anyone important other than the oracle.

> eat elder. (+1)

An old man (who is actually a shaman) arrives and asks for the amulet, but don't just give it right away!

> ask man about Jaaku. (He'll help you in exchange for the amulet.)

> give amulet to man. (+5. He tells you to go find Jaaku and say ABRA to summon him there. Then he runs away.)

> out. n. n. n. n. n.

By the pool

> d. d. d. d.


> out. u.

Living room

Jaaku is probably right here, but if not, go to the bedroom and back until you see him.

(Jaaku's location)

> abra.

The old man appears and banishes Jaaku.

*** You have won ***

> amusing

Branch 2: Getting aid from the girl


> n. nw.


> x flies. x tome.

> read crystal tome. (You take it, but can't read it.)

Return to the oracle:

> se. w. w. w. enter yellow.

Moth room

> put crystal tome in hole.

leave it? y

It'll take at least 20 turns for the oracle to analyze the tome, so return to the city and get some more stuff.

> w. s. e. e. e. s.

By the house of toy maker

> x dwarves. in.

House of the toy maker

> x table. x boxes. x case. x top. x soldiers.

> search table. (+2; found round box)

> take round box. x it. (has knob)

> turn knob. (The soldiers begin to march.)

> break case with axe.

are you sure? y

> again. (+1; the case is broken open)

> take top. z. take soldiers.

Return to the oracle:

> out. n. w. w. w. w. enter yellow.

Moth room

If the oracle won't let you take the crystal tome back yet, wait a bit more and try again until you succeed.

> take tome. (+3)

The oracle tells you about the Vault of Keys and the Chapel of Pure Souls and their associated dial-combos. Note also that the chapel is guarded by a blind guardian with keen hearing.

> w.


> set dials to chapel. s.

Chapel entrance

> x face. x statues. n.

Corridor (south end)

The face is the blind guardian you were warned about. If you try to go past it without masking your footsteps, it leaks a poisonous black gas and you'll die.

> x face. open door.

> drop soldiers. turn knob.

While the soldiers are marching, you can get past here.

> n. (+5)

Corridor (north end)

> n.

Chapel of pure souls

> x lanterns. search lanterns. (+1; found lantern)

> look. (It's a glowing lantern.)

Weirdly, you can't refer to it as "lantern", just as "glowing".

> x glowing. take it. s.

Corridor (north end)

You need the soldiers moving again to safely leave. Alternatively, you can spin the top to distract the guardian.

> turn knob. s. s. s. enter yellow.

Moth room

> put glowing in hole. (It's the home of the last few pure souls. You need luck to speak with it.)

> break pyramid with axe.

are you sure? y (+10)

> w. w. s. in.

In the ship

> eat elder. (+1; A girl of mist appears.)

CAUTION: If you leave the girl, you'll lose her. You need to do your business with her wherever you eat the elder mushroom.

Unfortunately, she has only one conversation topic. I hope you remembered the name the oracle mentioned:

> tell girl about Jaaku. (+5; take her to him.)

> out. n. n. n. n. n.

By the pool

> d. d. d. d.


> out. u.

Living room

Jaaku is probably right here, but if not, go to the bedroom and back until you find him.

(Jaaku's location)

The girl paralyzes Jaaku then carries him away.

*** You have won ***

> amusing

Branch 3: Getting aid from the priest


> n. nw.


> x flies. x tome.

> read crystal tome. (You take it, but can't read it.)

Return to the oracle:

> se. w. w. w. enter yellow.

Moth room

> put crystal tome in hole.

leave it? y

It'll take at least 20 turns for the oracle to analyze the tome, so return to the city and explore the tower at the north end of town.

> w. s. e. e. n. n.


> x door. in.

In the tower

> x statues. x patterns. x tiles.

> x spot. take spot. x cavity.

> turn handle. (+3; tunnel down opened)

> d.


> x coffin. open coffin. (doesn't move)

> hit coffin with axe. (The lid comes off and shatters.)

> x coffin. x flowers. search flowers.

> x corpse. x gown. x spider. take spider. (denied)

> take gown.

are you sure? yes (+3)

> u. u.

By the door

It's important that you see this door.

> x door. (needs a key)

> open door. (locked)

> u.

Top of the tower

CAUTION: If you push the lever, the sphere lights up. The tower is actually a lighthouse. But turning on the sphere is deadly. A few turns later, it wakes up a dragon who then quickly finds you and eats you.

> x town. x apparatus. x lever.

Head back to the oracle:

> d. d. s. s. s. w. w. w. enter yellow.

Moth room

If the oracle won't let you take the crystal tome back yet, wait a bit more and try again until you succeed.

> take crystal tome. (+3)

The oracle tells you about the Vault of Keys and the Chapel of Pure Souls and their associated dial-combos.

> take gown. put gown in hole. (+1)

> break pyramid with axe.

are you sure? yes (+10)

> w.


> set dials to vault. s. (+5)

Gate of the Vault

> x gate. x hole. n.

Vault of keys

You must have previously examined the door halfway up the tower or you won't find this key.

> x keys. search keys. (+3)

> x wire key.

> s. s.


Return to the ship.

> w. s. in.

In the ship

Eating the elder mushroom puts you into a spiritually receptive state for many turns. You'll know when it wears off when you vomit much much later.

> eat elder. (+1)

> out. n. e.


> set dials to city.

> s. e. e. n. n. n. u.

By the door

> unlock door with wire key. in.

Divination room

Note you won't see anything in the unhurt frame unless you're under the mushroom's influence, and the man won't deal with you unless you're wearing the gown.

> x frames. (One is unhurt.)

> x unhurt. (You see black mists through the window.)

> wear gown.

> z. (Repeat waiting many turns until a gowned man appears in the window and greets you.)

> tell man about Jaaku. (+5. He tells you to take the incense burner to Jaaku before it burns out; its scent will banish him.)

> take burner.

> out. d. s. s. s. w. w. w.


> w. n. n. n. n.

By the pool

> d. d. d. d.


> out. u.

Living room

Jaaku is probably right here, but if not, go to the bedroom and back until you find him.

(Jaaku's location)

The burner's smell is intolerable to Jaaku. He's gone.

*** You have won ***

> amusing



This is the response to AMUSING, after you win the game:

The game consists of

For what it's worth, I counted only 66 rooms, but I counted "In the pool" as one room, and it suppose it could be coded as four rooms.


This game uses optional ASCII art at the beginnings of chapters, but astonishingly, the art is generated to fit your current screen size. I took screenshots of the art in a smaller window, then shrunk the images a bit more for these samples. Of course, you should play the game to see the artwork as it was intended to be seen.

There's also a map of the Sunken City in the HELP menus:

Map of Sunken city

/ | \
------------ | \
/ Gallery \
S Prison | |
l | | |
i - House of the painter -- Fountain - Mine
d | Library |
e | | |
Storehouse | House of
| | toymaker
\ | |
------------- | /
\ | /


Found dead:



From the "About the game" section in response to HELP:

4. Thanks
This program was written using the Inform compiler of Graham Nelson, and the menu system of Khelwood.


According to the Amusing text, there are ten losing endings and three winning endings. I think I found all of them:

Yes, you win when Jaaku is banished from your grand-uncle's mansion. You never find your grand-uncle or ever learn his fate.


Chapter I items

Stuff from your grand-uncle's home.

Chapter II items
Chapter III general items
Shaman path

These items are used in the path towards getting help from an old man, who is a shaman.

Girl path

These items are used in the path towards getting help from a girl, who is a pure soul.

Divine path

These items are used in the path towards getting help from a divine, who is a foreign priest.


This is the response to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns.

More than 100 points are possible. Points are awarded as follows:

Note that you do not get any points for banishing Jaaku from your grand-uncle's mansion.

Points are deducted as follows:

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