Key & Compass presents:
A Christmas Quest
by Richard Pettigrew

A Christmas Quest is an online web browser text adventure game written with Adventuron and is © 2020 by Richard Pettigrew. It was an entry in the Adventuron Christmas Jam (2020) where it took 7th place.

In this small game set at the North Pole, you play as Yitshak the Elf on Christmas Eve. Santa is already flying around the world, delivering presents, but he's missing one. Find the missing present and bring it to Santa.

This solution is by David Welbourn.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a text adventure game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


NorthPole Kitchen BackGarden Stable OutsideHome SpaciousHallway LivingRoom StableStorageRoom InsideChimney Elves'Workshop Elves'Quarters Claus'Bedroom Claus'Bathroom Santa'sOffice u u d d

Note that locations in this game don't have official short names, so I had to decide on the naming scheme myself.


Outside Home

> x door. x snowman. x pot.

> take pot. take key. unlock door. open door.

> throw pot. drop key.

> e.

Spacious Hallway

> x table. take note. read it. drop it.

> u.

Claus' Bedroom

> x bed. search bed.

> take magazine. read it. drop it.

> e.

Claus' Bathroom

> x bath. x toilet. x log. flush toilet. x basin.

> w. d. n.


> x cooker. x cupboard. open it.

> x extinguisher. take it. x glove.

> x oven. open oven. x pan.

> x plug hole. x sink. x sprout.

> s. e.

Living Room

> x fireplace. use extinguisher. drop it.

> x sofa. x tree. search tree. x bauble.

> x pie. smell it. take it. eat it.

> u.

Inside Chimney

> x ledge. x present. take it.

> d. w. n. e. e.


> x reindeer. (He's hungry.)

> x saddle.

> s.

Stable Storage Room

> x racking. x rod. take it.

> x bait. take it. bait rod.

> x milk. take it. read label.

> x bottle. take it.

> n. w. w. s. w. n.

North Pole

> x hole. x fish. x pole. x sign.

> catch fish. x fish. drop rod.

> s. e. n. e. s.

Elves' Workshop

> x catapult. take it.

> x lockpick. take it.

> e.

Elves' Quarters

> x hammock. search it. x ball. take it.

> w. s.

Santa's Office

> x chair. x desk. open drawer.

> x spoon. take it.

> x shelf. load catapult. (with ball)

> fire catapult. drop it.

> x tin. take it.

> unlock tin. (with lockpick)

> x tin. x dust. read dust. drop tin.

> n. n. w.


Time to make up some milk formula with magic flying dust added in!

> take pan. turn tap. fill pan. turn tap.

> turn cooker on. put pan on cooker.

> make milk. (using powder, dust, and spoon)

> open bottle. take glove. wear glove.

> take pan. fill bottle. drop pan. drop spoon.

Oddly, the arctic cold outside isn't how you cool the bottle down.

> turn tap. cool bottle. turn tap.

> remove glove. drop glove.

> e. e.


> feed reindeer. take saddle.

> saddle reindeer. pet him.

> ride reindeer.

You and Alexander find Santa, and you give him the present.

*** Well done, you saved Christmas! ***



This game has a title screen and artwork for each location in the game. These are thumbnails of two of the locations. Please play the game to view the artwork in its intended sizes.




This is the response to CREDITS:

Credits / About 'A Christmas Quest'.

A Christmas Quest was authored by Richard Pettigrew for entry into the '2020 Adventuron Christmas Game Jam'. It is a browser based adventure game. It has been written to mimic the popular style of text based games from the 1970s through to the mid-1980's. The tool used to create this game is named Adventuron. Adventuron is the brain child of Chris Ainsley and is available for use at:

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Chris for developing Adventuron and for all the assistance and advice he has given me throughout the authoring of this game.

Press any key to return to the adventure.


Items are listed in the order you encounter them in this walkthrough. You have a carrying capacity limit of nine items, so don't bother taking useless items.

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