Key & Compass presents:
A Christmas Game
by Luke A. Jones

A Christmas Game is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2016 by Luke A. Jones. An Inform port was released in February 2019, but I haven't tried it yet.

In this game, you play as a homeowner on Christmas Eve. Although you have no money, you need to find the seven items on your shopping list and bring them home to have a Merry Christmas. Featuring Santa, Jon Pigeon, and Ebenezer Scrooge.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the Quest version of the game.


Santa'sChristmasEmporium YourGarden ElvesWorkshop YourHome TibStreet Stable Butcher'sShop ChesterStreet TownSquare The CrossKeys Inn Backroomof CashConverters Ebeneezer'sCashConvertors GardenCentre u in d out


Your Home

> x list. take list.

> x calendar. open it. take chocolate. x it. eat it.

> x sofa. x armchair. x boxes. x paper.

> n.

Your Garden

> x shed. x ground.

> open shed. x spade. take it.

> x toolbox. take it. (too heavy!)

> dig. x hole. take carrot. x carrot.

> put spade in shed.

> s. out.

Chester Street

CAUTION: The pigeon is really foul-mouthed.

> x pigeon. x KFC. talk to pigeon.

> ask Jon about KFC. take KFC. ask Jon about Christmas.

> ask Jon about Santa. ask Jon about turkey.

> ask Jon about crackers.

> e.

Town Square

> x gluhwein. take it. drink it. x cup.

> x leader. x singers.

> sing. (The carol leader gives you Port.)

> x port.

> n.

Santa's Christmas Emporium

Note: You don't need the holly or the teddy.

> x holly. x scarf. x teddy.

> take scarf.

> x Santa. talk to Santa.

> sit on Santa. (He gives you a parcel and card.)

> i. x present. x card.

> ask Santa about Rudolph.

> open present. (No, you'll save it for tomorrow.)

> d.

An Elves Workshop

> x chief. x gang. x poster.

> take poster.

> talk to chief. ask chief about poster.

> ask chief about writer. ask chief about Santa.

> ask chief about elves. ask chief about toys.

> u.

Santa's Christmas Emporium

> ask Santa about elves.

> ask Santa about Chief Elf. (Needs to be happy or drunk.)

> d.

An Elves Workshop

> ask chief about beer. ("Chance would be a fine thing!")

> u. e.

Tib Street

> x bench. sit on bench. (You find and take a mobile phone.)

> x phone. (7 missed calls from Marley)

> e.

A Stable

> x reindeer. x foot. x nail. take nail.

> x straw. x trough. x oats.

> stroke reindeer.

> give carrot to reindeer.

> x dung. take dung. (using the empty plastic cup)

> s.

The Cross Keys Inn

> buy beer. (Man says landlady is out back, maybe asleep)

> x man. talk to man.

> x satsumas. ask man about satsumas. ask man about weather.

> give scarf to man. (He gives the satsumas.)

> x jukebox. (needs coin)

> x table. (isn't level)

> x machine. play machine. (You win a pound coin.)

> x coin.

> turn on jukebox. (using the coin. Landlady arrives.)

> x landlady. talk to landlady. buy beer. (Make yourself useful.)

> ask landlady about pool table.

> fold card. use card on table.

> buy beer. (The landlady gives you one.)

> x beer.

> w. se.

A Garden Centre

> x tree. x gardener. talk to gardener.

> ask gardener about tree.

> give dung to gardener. (He gives you the tree.)

> nw. s.

Ebenezer's Cash Convertors

> x Scrooge. x Skyrim.

> talk to Scrooge. ask Scrooge about Skyrim.

> give phone to Scrooge. (He gives you the Skyrim.)

> w.

The Backroom of Cash Converters

> x Bob. x computer. x spreadsheet.

> talk to Bob. ask Bob about Scrooge.

> ask Bob about computer. ask Bob about jokes.

> give poster to Bob. (He gives you the Bumper Special, quits, and leaves.)

> x Bumper.

> e. n. n. d.

An Elves Workshop

Bob Cratchit is now here.

> ask Bob about jokes.

> give beer to chief. (The elves go back to work.)

> look. take crackers. x crackers.

> u. s. w.

Chester Street

> ask Jon about landlady. ask Jon about Bob.

> ask Jon about rake thin man.

> ask Jon about jokes. ask Jon about Chief Elf.

> in. n.

Your Garden

Had trouble guessing the correct command:

> pick lock. (with the nail)

> x toolbox. x oil can. take it.

> s. out. w.

A Butcher's Shop

> x turkey. x butcher. (Robin U'blind)

> x bike. (basket of parcels and stiff pedals)

> talk to Robin. ask Robin about turkey.

> ask Robin about bike. ask Robin about oil.

> oil bike. (using the oil can. Robin gives you the turkey, then leaves.)

> e.

Chester Street

> in.

You return home with everything you need and you settle in for a pleasant evening. You awake to a gentle knocking at the door. James wants you to come somewhere with him...

Congratulations and thanks for playing!

*** The END ***





The credits are displayed at game's end when you win:


Written and coded by Luke Jones (email redacted), using the Quest text adventure engine (

Thank you to Alex Dimmer for creating the artwork and to Jennifer Thompson, Daniel Buxton and Joe Dillon for alpa and beta testing, and for their excellent suggestions for improvements.

Thanks also to the excellent support from the Quest forum members.

I was inspired to write this game after playing the wonderful text adventures of Robin Johnson, you should check them out:

If you didn’t get James’ character (The Rake Thin Man), then you should watch The Snowman by Raymond Briggs (the music at the end of the game is the theme music by Howard Blake)

The pigeon was inspired by the twitter account @pigeonjohn

Merry Christmas! Be excellent to each other.

Luke xx


Wanted items for Christmas | Useful items | Useless items

Wanted items for Christmas

These are listed on your shopping list. When you have all seven, return home to win.

Useful items
Useless items

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