Key & Compass presents:
Cheesed Off!
by Hulk Handsome

Cheesed Off! is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Hulk Handsome. It was an entry in the First Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction where it took 6th place.

In this silly game, you play as Ryan Veeder, world's greatest detective. You've been summoned by Chief Cheddar to the Delaware Museum of Cheese. He tells you that the Punster, your arch-nemesis, has "set up a collection of pungent punny puzzles in the museum, and if you don't solve them all, the entire place will explode and send de Brie everywhere!"

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


MusicHall BriedingGround NondescriptRoom Garden ofCheeseden FromageFoyer Church ofCheese DjokovicMonument CheeseBar


Fromage Foyer

> help. x me. i. (You're carrying twenty different cheeses.)

Examining all the cheeses is played straight.

> x manchego. x taleggio. x wensleydale. x livarot.

> x havarti. x munster. x provolone. x mascarpone.

> x brie. x parmesan. x chedder. ([sic]) x gouda.

> x feta. x curds. x danablu. x raclette.

> x camembert. x edam. x swiss. x morbier.

So, uh, shall we go clockwise, starting with northeast?

> ne.

Nondescript Room

> x bear.

> give Camembert to bear. (+1000; blue cheese knife revealed)

> take blue knife.

> sw. e.

Church of Cheese

What, you're telling me Gouda wasn't gouda nuff?

> x altar. x window.

> put Swiss on altar. (+1000; green cheese knife appears)

> take green knife.

> w. se.

Cheese Bar

> x stool. x sign. ("OUT OF BEER")

> put Morbier on stool. (+1000; yellow cheese knife appears)

> take yellow knife.

> nw. sw.

Djokovic Monument

> x statue.

> put raclette in hand. (+1000; purple cheese knife appears)

> take purple knife.

> ne. w.

Garden of Cheeseden

> x Eve. put Edam on hand. (+1000; red cheese knife appears)

> take red knife.

> e. nw.

Music Hall

> x stage. x harmonica. x stool.

> put Danablu on stool. (+1000; orange cheese knife appears)

> take orange knife.

> se.

Fromage Foyer

On entry, your six knives automatically unlock a secret north passage!

> n.

Brieding Ground

I suppose you thought you should put Taleggio in the nest, but no, that would be wrong.

> x Punster. x tree. x nest.

> put Curds in nest. (+1000; the Punster is defeated!)

*** The End ***






You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 7000, in several turns.

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