Key & Compass presents:
The Case of LeAnne's Missing Bunny, Wendy
by Ryan Veeder

The Case of LeAnne's Missing Bunny, Wendy is a web browser text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Ryan Veeder. This game is a Haunted House Jam entry.

You play as Sheridan Mitchell. You need to rescue the rabbit, Wendy, from the Murder House and return her to her owner, LeAnne.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


d u u d Backyard Garage Kitchen LivingRoom Hallway MasterBedroom DiningRoom Entrance GuestBedroom Hallway Bathroom Basement


This game uses the third-person narrative voice.

> x me. x nikes. x jeans. x sweatshirt. x glasses.

> i. x carrot.

> x leanne. x sweater. x tights.

> x house. x bath. x moon.

> x bushes. take rose. x it.

> give rose to leanne.

> s.


> x sink. e.

Living Room

> x couch. x lamp. x rug.

> n.


> x screw. take it. x stain. x hooks.

> s. s.


Wendy runs west from here, but don't bother to chase her.

> x door. u.

Hallway (south end)

> n.

Hallway (north end)

> pull rope. (It breaks.) x rope. x trapdoor.

> e.

Master Bedroom

> x figure. (It's a mirror.) x mirror. x bedframe.

> w. s. e.


You automatically go west from the Bathroom in disgust.

Hallway (south end)

> w.

Guest Bedroom

> take flashlight. x it.

> open closet. x seashell. take it. listen to it.

> e. d. w.

Dining Room

> show carrot to wendy. (The rabbit's too afraid.)

> n.


> turn on flashlight. d.


> x pentagram. (Commentary note from Ryan here.)

> x crate. take it.

> x boxes. x shelves.

> u. s.

Dining Room

> turn off flashlight.

> drop stick. put crate on stick.

> put carrot under trap.

> take rope. (Wendy takes the bait.)

> pull rope. take wendy.

> n. n.


> give wendy to leanne.

*** The End? ***




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