Bmissville was written in TADS 2, and—although it claims to have been written and produced by Tilli Productions, Santoonie Corporation—this was released in 2002 by Anonymous.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

Block H
Swarde→ East
of gate

Ugh. What an awful game. But then, it's supposed to be dreadful.

>credits. take all. search mattress. unlock door with key. open door. s.

>s. put all in bin. e. e. [win]


In the cell, you can examine the bars, door, cot, mattress, blanket, and window. The last three items are takeable. You can look through the window to see the gaurd [sic], and then examine the gaurd. You cannot get on the cot or the mattress.

You cannot retrace your steps. If you try, it's either fatal or not implemented.

Going east from the trash bin is fatal unless you've put everything else into it. The gate itself isn't implemented.