Key & Compass presents:
Buried in Shoes
by Dominic Delabruere

Buried in Shoes is a Z-machine interactive fiction story written with Inform 6 and is © 2008 by Dominic Delabruere (writing as "Kazuki Mishima"). It was entered in IF Comp 2008 where it took 13th place.

In this surreal yet serious story based on a historical event, you play as a child experiencing several events relating to shoes. (To say much more would be a spoiler.)

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 3 of the story.


⬜︎ out ⬛︎ go search shoes sleep out d ⬜︎ ⬜︎ AlmostTotalDarkness in u ⬜︎ ⬜︎ Existence Existence TrainStation Closet TourBus ShoeRoom TheStreet YourBedroom Shop Hallway PinkBathroom YourParents'Bedroom DIS-INFECTION Train DIS-INFECTION Betweenthe Cots (end) (start)


There's a Biblical quote from Isaiah 2:4.

[Press a key to continue.]


If you really need instructions, type ABOUT and read them, but if you already know how to play interactive fiction, I suggest saving ABOUT until the game is over. There's some explanations in there.

> x me. i. out.


The person might be an angel? Hard to tell.

> x person. x shoes. search shoes.

[Press a key to continue.]

Shoe Room

The game says you're in Washington now. The presence of the tour bus outside suggests you're a tourist.

The game's ABOUT text will reveal that this is a real exhibit in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; see the victims' shoes on their website.

> x shoes. x slab. x hole. x sun.

> smell shoes.

> search shoes. x alarm. (A museum guide tells you to leave.)

> x guide.

> w.

Tour Bus

You only get one turn on the bus to do anything before you fall asleep.

> sleeporx windowsorx busorx seats.

[Press a key to continue.]

The person from the closet tells you "We're moving to another perspective."

[Press a key to continue.]

Your Bedroom

> x bed. look under bed. take shoe. x shoe.

> x window.

> x wardrobe. open it. enter it. close it.

Almost Total Darkness

> sleep. open wardrobe.

Your Bedroom

> out. s.


You get a room description, but then you're briefly elsewhere.

[Press a key to continue.]

Between the Cots

You inhale disease. (!?)

[Press a key to continue.]


> e.

Pink Bathroom

The cabinet is strange.

[Press a key to continue.]


These showers do not release water.

[Press a key to continue.]

Pink Bathroom

> x cabinet. open it. x bag. take bag.

> x toiletorx sink.

> w. s.

Your Parents' Bedroom

> x bed. look under bed.

> take photograph. x it. (Parents on two-person bicycle.)

> n. d.


> x father. x debris.

> take glass. (Your name is Hebel.)

> show photo to dad. (Keep it safe.)

> show shoe to dad. (He takes it to keep it safe.)

> show bag to dad. (Dangerous; he takes it away.)

> ask dad about grandmother. ask dad about mom.

> ask dad about Bluma. ask dad about dad.

> ask dad about shop.

> kiss dad. n.

The Street

From the glass breaking and the German, we can guess that this is Kristallnacht in 1938.

The men attack you. If you have the photograph, they tear it and throw it away.

> x men. x moon. pray.

> s. (or any other direction)

[Press a key to continue.]


Big uniformed men usher you out.

Train Station

The bag of pills and single shoe, if you had them before, will be gone from your inventory.

> x train. x sun. w.


No water from showers.

[Press a key to continue.]


Someone, and it could be anyone, asks "Do you forgive me?"

Yes or no? yesorno.

*** Yes. *** (if you answered yes)

*** No. *** (if you answered no)

> undo. about.

Please read "On the significance of the shoes", the "Credits and acknowledgments", and the "Dedication".




From the response to CREDITS:

"Buried In Shoes" was written by Kazuki Mishima. The Inform interactive fiction system, version 6 and the "menus.h" menu system for Inform were created by Graham Nelson. I must thank my helpful beta-testers, who tried to make me see reason: Tomasz Pudlo, Alexander Deubelbeiss, Carl Muckenhoupt, Wesley Osam, Reiko Yukawa, Tim Partridge, Hakim Cassimally, and Gemma Bristow. I also thank Lucian P. Smith for coordinating the beta-testing effort.


Inventory items in this story are just extra bits of business for players who like to explore and pick up stuff. You don't actually need anything.

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