Key & Compass presents:
Bullhockey 2: The Return of The Leather Whip
by B F Lindsay

Bullhockey 2: The Return of The Leather Whip is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by B F Lindsay. It was a participant in Spring Thing 2019's Main Festival. It is also, of course, a sequel to his game Bullhockey! that was released in 2018.

In this large game, it's Saturday morning. You play as a guy waking up to the sounds and smells of breakfast that your wonderful girlfriend is making downstairs. But when you reach the kitchen, Natalie isn't there. Or anywhere in the apartment. You soon learn that your evil ex-landlady, Mabel, who knows magic, has escaped from prison. She must've kidnapped Natalie again! But where are they now?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Map 1: Your apartment block

u u d d (morestreet) Mansionat Gate RavineEntrance (to alley) (to otherapts.) LookoutAve. atApts. AlleyEntrance CoinLaundry GateEntrance Natalie'sNook NewBathroom CommunityArea ParkingLot LivingRoom SmallKitchen MailboxRoom Natalie'sRoom Stairs Landing NarrowEntrance LoftBedroom

Map 2: Going around Mabel's mansion

knock on door (leave) Path atCave GardenFence MountainPath GrassyField FencePost NorthEnd ofRavine Judith'sSittingRoom NarrowRavine LockridgeLawn LockridgeHouse Mansionat Gate RavineEntrance LockridgeYard Cornerat Lookout LookoutAve. atApts. AlleyEntrance StreetCorner

Map 3: From Judith's yard into Mabel's mansion

u in d (leave) jump to ledge enter pool d u n knockon door u West Sideof Yard Judith'sSittingRoom LockridgeLawn MopCloset Path End Big Hole PathGap MountainCave SteepPath Top ofSlide LockridgeYard GrassyNook Mabel'sBackyard TreeBase On theOak BackSteps Veranda Crawl-space UnderHole

Map 4: Ground floor in Mabel's mansion

UnderHole Long HallNorth DankVestibule Long HallSouth NorthFoyer CavernousRoom GreenHallwayNorth NorthStairway LaundryRoom GreenHallwaySouth TheGallery WestFoyer RedHallwayWest RedHallwayEast DimCorner YellowHallwayWest YellowHallwayEast LargeKitchen BlueHallwayNorth Parlor DiningRoom SouthStairway BlueHallwaySouth MainFoyer Servants'Quarters MopCloset SmallBathroom d d d d u u u

Map 5: Two Dungeons

Tiny Cell TheDungeon ExerciseRoom PilloryStage SupplyRoom ConvenientStorageArea DankVestibule Dark Cell DungeonCorner TheGallery SouthStairway d d swing on whip fibbledeejinks

Map 6: Upstairs in Mabel's mansion

MasterBedroom Long HallNorth West Sideof Yard BigCloset Attic Bath NorthLavatory Long Hallat ThreeDoors Gym-nasium SouthLavatory GuessedRoom Long Hallat GreenDoor Conserv-atory PrivateDiningRoom Long HallSouth Study NorthStairway LockridgeYard SouthStairway GymCloset (via paper airplane) u u u d u d d

Map 7: Going to the Hotel

Lobby RavineEntrance AlleyEntrance HotelFront Pick-A-Spot Lot Sidewalkat Lot RentalRoom ChangingRoom CostumeSalesFloor GoblinsInc Front Cornerat Lookout StreetCorner

Map 8: Bunco Springs Hotel

u u in in (down) (casino) (cafe) d d w w (stab drive) (win) HotelFront (up) (fireexit) (fireexit) UpperNorthHallCenter End ofUpperNorthHall Room 215 Room 217 UpperHub Elevator HotelBathroom UpperSouthHallCenter On TheStreet End ofUpperSouthHall NorthHallCenter End ofNorthHall CleaningCloset LockerRoom LowerHub Elevator CenterHall Lobby SouthHallCenter End ofSouthHall


Loft Bedroom

> x me. x pajamas.

Don't bother exploring your home until you reach the kitchen.

> ne. n. d. d. e.

Small Kitchen

> call Natalie. knock on bathroom door. (Nothing.)

> n.

New Bathroom

> s. w.

Living Room

Don't skip checking the front door; you need to verify it's locked.

> w. (locked)

> knock on Natalie's door.

> s.

Natalie's Room

> n. e.

Small Kitchen

> open bin. x wrapper.

> x newspaper. take it.

You learn that Mabel Maybre, your former landlady, who kidnapped Natalie last year, has escaped prison.

The game banner is now displayed. You will now make a more thorough inspection of the apartment.

IMPORTANT: You must search the newspaper. This is a critical step that's easy to miss.

> search newspaper. (Part of page 3 is torn out, the society page.)

> put newspaper in bin.

> x eggs. x plates. x mug. x counter. x maker. x pot.

> x oven. x skillet. x bacon. open oven.

> x fridge. open right door. x mold. x milk.

> open left door. (You won't do it without a good reason.)

> x window. x screen. open window. look through window.

> n.

New Bathroom

> x mirror. x sink. x window. (locked)

> x curtain. x tub. x toilet.

> s. w.

Living Room

> x purse. open it. (+2)

> x quarter. x telephone. (No calls waiting.)

> look through window.

> x fan. x my chair. look under my chair.

> s.

Natalie's Room

> x bed. look under bed. x desk. x shelves. x mirror.

> n. ne.

Natalie's Nook

> x table. x candle. x bookcases. x pillow. look under pillow.

> s. u.


> x ledgeorx books.

> x banister. u.


Five plaques have appeared on the wall.

> x plaques. about. credits. about the author.

> for beginners. comments. (You can THINK ABOUT a topic for a hint.)

> think about Natalie. think about Mabel.

> x artwork. x owl. x set of decorations.

> s.

Narrow Entrance

You trip over your sneakers.

> x sneakers. take sneakers. sw.

Loft Bedroom

> take backpack. x it. open it. look in it. (empty.)

> x nametag. ("CHANGE MY NAME TO name" or "MY NAME IS name")

> take it. drop it. (It's gone, Tom.)

> x mass. x shirt. x socks. x jeans.

> open closet. x shirts. search closet. close closet.

> remove pajamas. (They're gone.)

> wear shirt. wear jeans. i.

> x wallet. open wallet. x photo. x license.

> close wallet. put wallet in right pocket.

> x keyring. (has apartment, car, mailbox #9, and utility keys)

> wear socks. wear sneakers. wear backpack.

> x piano. play piano.

> ne. n. d. d.

Living Room

> unlock front door. w.

Parking Lot

> lock front door.

> x car. unlock it. open it.

> look in car. (+2; greasy quarter)

> close car. (You auto-lock it.)

> w.

Community Area

> x bin. look in bin. x box.

> push button. (No new quarters.)

> x slot. ("Weekdays, 75 cents. Sunday $1.25")

> s.

Mailbox Room

> unlock mailbox 9. (Nothing in there.)

> x large boxes. look in #1. (The large boxes are locked.)

> n. n.

Coin Laundry

> look in washing. look in dryer. (+2; battered quarter)

> s.

Community Area

If you didn't search the trashed newspaper earlier, you won't be willing to buy a new copy.

> buy newspaper. (You use all three quarters and take the display copy.)

> read copy. (+10. Mabel's neighbor complained about Mabel.)

> put copy in backpack.

> e. n.

Gate Entrance

> x gate. n. n.

Mansion at Gate

> x vines. x mailbox. open it. (nothing)

> x mansion. x hedges. x gate. n. (locked)

We're going to try circling around the mansion, counterclockwise.

> e.

Ravine Entrance

> x pipe. x fence. x guardrail.

> n. (You have stuff in your hands.)

Put everything you're not wearing into the backpack or your pockets.

> put keyring in left pocket.

> n.

Narrow Ravine

> look in pipe. (+5; lantern)

> x lantern. x lid. (battery-operated)

> n.

North End of Ravine

> look in hole. (Find nothing, even with the lantern's help.)

> x steps. nw.

Your foot hits something near a fence post.

Fence Post

> x metal. take it. x shears.

> x post. x tree. x grass. search grass.

> w.

Grass Field

The oak looks like a way OUT, not IN.

> x oak. w.

Mountain Path

> x garden lamp. x trap door. (Padlocked shut.)

> ne.

Path at Cave

> x staff. take it. (+10. You now spot a SW path from here.)

> x cloth. take cloth.

> x debris.

> sw.

Garden Fence

> x fence. x vines. x hole.

Backtrack to the road:

> nw. se. e. e. se. s. s.

Ravine Entrance

> w. w.

Lockridge House

Note: You won't be able to reach this location unless you read the new copy of the newspaper earlier.

> x house. x mailbox. (dog-themed)

> open mailbox. x postcard.

> x dumpster. open it. (empty)

> n. (A dog arrives, sniffing you.)

> x dog. x tag.

We know from the postcard that the dog likes bacon. Let's go get some from our kitchen.

> e. s. s. s.

Parking Lot

> unlock front door. e. e.

Small Kitchen

> take bacon. w. w.

Parking Lot

> lock front door. put keyring in left pocket.

> put cloth, shears, lantern in pack.

> n. n. n. w.

Lockridge House

> n. (The dog arrives again.)

> give bacon to dog. (+10)

> n.

Lockridge Lawn

> knock on door. (You hear someone inside, but there's no answer.)

> x garden. x door. x window.

> s.

Lockridge House

> push dumpster north.

Lockridge Lawn

> knock on door. (Now she answers the door!)

You introduce yourself to her and she says she'd invite you in, but she's out of coffee. Well, you know where to get that...

> s. e. s. s. s.

Parking Lot

> unlock front door. e. e.

Small Kitchen

You'll want not just the coffee pot, but the mug and milk as well.

> take pot. take mug.

> open right side. take milk.

> w. w.

Parking Lot

> lock front door. n. n. n. w. n.

Lockridge Lawn

While holding the coffee pot, milk, and mug:

> knock on door. (+15. She invites you in.)

Judith's Sitting Room (on the large red velvet couch)

Note: you've taken off your backpack before you sat down.

> x Judith. ask Judith about Mabel. (Judith has a mojo.)

> tell Judith about Mabel.

> tell Judith about Natalie.

> tell Judith about new newspaper. (She says something's interesting about the pile of leaves in her backyard.)

> think about mojo. (Natalie keeps hers in a small bag tied to her waist.)

> ask Judith about staff. (Good aura. It may prove crucial.)

> ask Judith about mountain.

> stand. n. (+10)

You leave the pot with her. She leads you to the yard and gives you a copper key to the backyard gate.

Lockridge Yard

Judith invites you to look under the leaves and push them back when you're done.

She also permits you to borrow stuff from the shed, as long as you ask first and return the items afterwards.

She finally says to say 'help' or her name if you find danger, then starts gardening.

> x copper key.

> x pile. search pile. x board.

> look under board. (noxious hole)

> x shed. open shed. (Judith has to unlock it for you.)

> x kiddie pool. x rake.

> ask Judith about pool. ask Judith about rake.

> x hose.

You'll need your hands free to climb the mountain here. Leave the rake.

It may surprise you that you can wear the staff, but you can if you're wearing the backpack as well.

> wear pack. wear staff.

> put keyring in left pocket. put copper key in left pocket.

> take pool. put pool in pack.

> close mug. put mug and milk in pack.

> ne. e.

Path Gap

> x grille. lift grille. (bolted but loose)

> look down. (Spot a window in Mabel's roof)

> w.

Path End

> x ledge. take staff. remove pack. close pack.

> throw pack at ledge. throw staff at ledge.

> jump to ledge. (+10)

Big Hole

> take staff. take pack. wear it. s.

Mountain Cave

> x torch. x formation. s.

Top of Slide

> x slide.

> open pack. take pool. inflate pool.

> close pack.

> drop pool. enter pool. (+15)

You slide down the mountain, smash through the grating, and land in...

Mabel's Backyard

The kiddie pool has burst. You exchange a few words with Judith.

> x pool. x door. x grass. x tree.

> w.

Grassy Nook

This grass is quite dangerous, but you need to know it's here. If you try to cut this grass with the shears, the grass will swallow them!

> x grass. search grass. (It attacks you!)

> e. e.

Tree Base

You need to be hands-free to climb the oak tree.

> x tree. x canopy. wear staff.

> u.

On the Oak

> look in hollow. (You find notebook paper which it blown from your grasp.)

> d.

Tree Base

> take notebook paper. (It's blown west.)

> w.

Mabel's Backyard

> take notebook paper. (It's blown west.)

> w.

Grassy Nook

The notebook paper is bobbing on the grass stalks. Do NOT try taking the paper from the evil grass!

> z. z. z.

The paper blows west to Judith, who reads it, folds the paper into an airplane and throws it back. It's now back east on the trap door again.

> e.

Mabel's Backyard

> take airplane. unfold it. read notebook paper.

> put note in pack.

> x house.

> s.

Back Steps

> x grass. search grass. (find a brass handle)

> x awning. x veranda. x steps. x ivy.

> s.


> x carpet. x door. x fixture. x windows.

> s. (locked)

> n.

Back Steps

> cut grass with shears. (Works, but shears fall apart into separate blades.)

> x left shear. x right shear. put all shear in pack.

> x door. open door.

> in. (Too low while wearing the backpack.)

> remove pack. take staff. put staff in pack.

> in.

Darkness / Crawlspace

> take lantern. turn it on.

> s.

Under Hole

> x debris. x block. smell.

> u.

Your head hits a crossbeam. You're looking into a cleaning closet.

> u.

Mop Closet (in the hole in the floor)

Careful, this room can be deadly.

> search sink. unplug sink. SPACESPACE

You throw the mop head onto the pile. The water drains.

> out. (+10)

You're now standing in the now-empty sink.

> x heap. move heap. (You're on the sink, 8 feet away.)

> x shelves. x chemicals. open cabinet. (Too far.)

> x bulb.

> enter hole. open cabinet. take broom. x broom.

Get back to the relative safety of the sink.

> enter sink. move heap with broom.

The mop heads fill the hole, but now the cabinet is creeking.

> z. z. (The shelves fall onto the heap.)

> open door. (+20)

Dim Corner

> drop broom.

> w. s.

Small Bathroom

> x toilet. x sink. x tub. x tiling.

> n. n.

Servants' Quarters

> x kitchenette. open fridge. x carpet.

> s. w. w.

West Foyer

> x door. (deadbolt locked)

> turn off lantern.

> e. s.

Large Kitchen

> x windows. look through windows.

> x counter. x stove. x oven. x sink. x outlet.

> x drawers. open drawers. (empty)

> s.

Dining Room

> x opening. x platter. x long chain. (It's a dumbwaiter.)

> x chair. x carpet. x windows. look through windows.

> e.

South Stairway

Stay on the ground floor for now.

> x staircase. e. s.

Main Foyer

> x door. x glass. n. n. e.


> x carpet. x sideboard. x chair.

> n.

Yellow Hallway West

> x carpet. e.

Yellow Hallway East

> look through windows. n.

The Gallery

> x floor. (A trap door?)

> open square. stand on square. (Not that easy.)

> x partitions. x pedestal. x paintings.

The paintings are... odd.

> x south painting. x servers. (Dining room scene; server with beads)

> x west painting. x woman. (Ballroom scene; woman with rings)

> x east painting. x gentlemen. (Lounge scene; gent blowing smoke)

> w. n. e.

North Stairway

> e. (locked)

> w. n.

North Foyer

> x door. x linoleum.

> s. w.

Cavernous Room

> x fireplace. x andirons. x curtains. x chair.

You must have examined the south painting in the gallery first before this next scene works:

> sit on chair. (You're now in...)

Grand Ballroom (on the round chair)

Although you're a passive observer in this flashback scene, you do need to pay extra attention to things to see if some number is subtly suggested.

> x hostess. x bejewelled woman.

See a flash and hear a tap; some jewel fell to the fireplace.

> x fireplace. x windows. x tables.

> x glasses. (You count twenty.)

Bejewelled woman returns. Hostess calls Norma, a cook.

> x Norma.

Hostess tells Norma that Alice lost a silver ring. They search for it.

> x round chairs. (countless)

> x square chairs. (Twenty of those.)

> x chandelier. (Twenty candles.)

> z.

Husband of hostess enters.

> x man. z. x fireplace.

"Perhaps it's in the dining room?"

> z. z. z. z. z. z.

Flashback ends. You're back in...

Cavernous Room

> stand. search fireplace. (find an ash clump)

> clean clump. x ring. put ring in pack.

> s. s. s.

Dining Room

> sit on chair. (A second flashback...)

Grand Dining Hall (on the large comfy chair)

> x table. listen.

Serving girl enters and moves towards opening.

> x girl. (She pulls the chain.)

> x opening. (She's pulling something else?)

> x chandelier. (Thirteen candles.)

She pulls out a rock, puts it into her apron pocket, and pulls out beads?

> x beads.

She quickly puts beads and rock into the opening, and pulls the chain again.

> z. (Norma enters.)

> x Norma. (She proceeds to yell at then fire the girl.)

> z. z. z. (Girl leaves.)

> x chairs. (You count thirteen chairs at the table.)

> x glasses. (One per chair.)

> x dishes.

> z. z. z. z. z. z.

The flashback ends.

Dining Room

> stand. look in opening. pull chain. (It rises.)

> search opening. take brick. take beads. (+10)

> x necklace. put necklace and brick in pack.

> e. e. n. e.


> sit on chair. (A third flashback...)

Elegant Sitting Room (on the club chair)

> x gentleman. x sideboard. x harp. (Five parlor chairs near it.)

> x card table. (Five chairs at that table.)

Woman enters.

> x woman.

> x chandelier. (Three groups of five candles.)

> x holder.

Woman says she's fired Settie, the new girl.

> x coffee table. (Five glasses on it.)

> z. z. z. z. z. z. z.

Man does something with the sideboard.

> z. z. z. z. z.

Flashback ends.


> stand. x sideboard. (left and right leaves.)

> open left leaf. (+10; cigarette holder)

> x holder. put it in pack.

> close left leaf.

> n. e. n.

The Gallery

Dials have appeared underneath the paintings. Set the dials to the numbers suggested by the rooms you saw in the flashbacks.

> x west painting. (The lady is missing.)

> set green dial to 20. push it.

> x green receptacle. put silver ring in it. (Both disappear.)

> x south painting. (The server is missing.)

> set red dial to 13. push it.

> x red receptacle. put necklace in it. (Both disappear.)

> x east painting. (The man is missing.)

> set blue dial to 5. push it.

> x blue receptacle. put holder in it. (Both disappear.)

Something changed: a north painting has appeared.

> x north painting.

> x guest. (Armchair has appeared.)

> x armchair. sit on it. SPACESPACESPACE

Candlelit Room (on the large ornate arm chair)

They are calling for Uncle Martin to knock on the table.

> x writing paper. x instrument. x spectacles. x figure.

> knock on table. (They can see you!)

They want you to write something. This is really difficult to guess, in my opinion. And if you write nothing at all and wait too long, painting and armchair will be gone and you'll be truly stuck.

> write open door.

Agnes picks up a wooden stick, and raps the floor with it in a specific way. The seance ends.

The Gallery

> take staff. hit square with staff. (The trap door is now a dark square.)

> x square. (Black portal?)

> d. (+20. One-way trip to...)

Darkness / Dank Vestibule

> turn on lantern.

> x rock. n.

Supply Room

> x whip. take it.

> x bench. x bric-a-brac. x pegs.

> n.

The Dungeon

> x skull. (It's male with jet black sockets.)

> look in sockets.

A vision: you see someone much like you, shirtless and manacled, being flogged by a masked woman. He's Martin, the adventurer. She's Norma, the cook. She stops to get back to work, kisses him, then knocks him unconscious. Then she uses a staff to hit the center of the floor five times and she fades away.

> w.

Tiny Cell

> x remains. x hole. (It goes straight up?)

> u. (revolting)

> search hole. (Something covering the hole on the top side.)

I assume we're currently underneath Judith's back yard. But we can't get out this way.

> e.

The Dungeon

> hit circle with staff. (Another black portal.)

> d.

Dungeon Corner

> x niches. w.

Dark Cell

> x chair. think about chair. e. n.

Convenient Storage Area

> x bench. x niches. x niche. search niche. (find a key)

> x rusty key. put it in left pocket.

> n.

Exercise Room

> x stairs. x scaffolding.

> x lever. (Currently pushed down.)

> x door. x loop.

> d. (Getting off the stairs.)

> pull lever. (Part of east wall moves, but it's halfway up the wall.)

> x opening. s.

Convenient Storage Area

> sit on bench.

> think about rusty key. think about huge loop.

> think about whip. think about pillory cave.

> n.

Exercise Room

Very unfairly, a plain "whip loop" gives a very misleading response compared to the more useful responses to "whip loop with whip".

> u. (You want to be on the stairs to gain a little height.)

> whip loop with whip.

> swing on whip. (+15)

Pillory Stage

> take old paper. read it. put it in pack.

> x pillory.

> s. (The passage turns right to...)

Dark Cell

You'd think you'd need to get that whip back since it's in the game's title, but no, you just leave it where it is. Continue the game without it.

> sit on chair. call fibbledeejinks. (+10)

South Stairway

It's time to start exploring upstairs.

> turn off lantern.

> u.

Long Hall South

> e. (handle turns, but door doesn't open)

> w.

Private Dining Room

> look in openingorsearch opening.

> e. n.

Long Hall at Green Door

> e. (handle turns, but door doesn't open)

> w.

Guessed Room

> x window. look through window.

> open closet. (You open the left side)

> x hanging rod. x shelf. search shelf. (nothing)

> open right door.

> x hanging rod. x shelf. search shelf. (Find a small box)

> x box. (Yardmojo, a stone that scares away evil plant spirits.)

> open box. x stone. put box in pack.

> e. n.

Long Hall at Three Doors

> e. (handles turns, but door doesn't open)

> x panel. (closed with keyhole and handle)

> nw. (locked)

> sw. (locked)

> unlock pastel blue door with rusty key.

> unlock pastel pink door with rusty key.

> put rusty key in left pocket.

> nw.

North Lavatory

> x counter. x cabinet. open it. x mirror. w.


> x tub. x window. x floor. se.

South Lavatory

> x Ben. x spectacles.

> take Ben. (You need both hands empty.)

> wear pack. wear staff. put lantern in pack.

Caution: Although you need to get Ben downstairs to the gallery, do not try to carry him down the stairs. Use the dumbwaiter!

> take Ben. ne. s. s.

Long Hall South

You put the bust down.

> take Ben. w.

Private Dining Room

> put Ben on platter. pull chain. e. d. w.

Dining Room

> take Ben. e. e. n. (You put the bust down.)

Blue Hallway North

> take Ben. e. n. e. (You put the bust down.)

Yellow Hallway East

> take Ben. n.

The Gallery

> put Ben on pedestal. (+15)

> x Ben. x spectacles. take spectacles. (They're real now.)

> wear specs. (You see a greenish-white figure?)

> x figure. (He's staring at your staff.)

If you touch the ghost, he knows you know he's there and he flies away. If you drop the staff, the ghost will attack you a few turns later. It's okay to let him follow you around or scare him off; either way, feel free to ignore him until you get to the attic.

> w. n. e. u.

Long Hall North

While wearing the specs, you'll now be able to see inscriptions on upstairs doors and stands beside them.

> x stand. read inscription.

> w. (handle turns, but the door doesn't open)

> s.

Long Hall at Three Doors

> x stand. read inscription.

> s.

Long Hall at Green Door

> x stand. x inscription.

> put cloth ring on stand. (+5; stand and inscription vanish)

> e.


> x piano. open piano. look in it.

> x fork. take fork. put fork in pack.

> x bench. open it. x show tunes. take Hot Time.

> close bench. sit on it. play Hot Time.

> put Hot Time in pack. stand.

> x window. look through window.

> w. s.

Long Hall South

> x stand. read inscription.

> put fork on stand. (+5; stand and inscription vanish)

> e.


> x desk. x chair. spin chair. x carpet.

> stand on desk.

> sit on chair. x desk. open drawer.

> x puncher. put it in pack. close drawer.

> spin chair.

You must be sitting on the chair for this to work:

> search desk. (Find and open a hidden drawer!)

> take glass. x it. close hidden.

> w. n. n.

Long Hall at Three Doors

> put glass on stand. (+5)

> e.


> x bleachers. x hoops. x flooring. x markings. x window.

> sit on bleachers. ("clink")

> look under bleachers. (Take a bronze key.)

> x bronze key. put it in back pocket.

> stand.

> ne. (An avalanche of equipment falls out!)

> x balls. search balls. (You take a burnt torch.)

> x torch.

> ne.

Darkness / Gym Closet

> turn on lantern.

> x fan. (Plug cut off, square compartment)

> x cord. x compartment. open it. look in it. (empty)

> x compartment. ("D x 4")

> take fan. put fan in pack.

> sw.


> turn off lantern. w. n.

Long Hall North

> put torch on stand. (+5)

> w.

Master Bedroom

> x nightstand. open drawer. take drawer.

> x opening. search opening.

> open cabinet. look in it. (A black book and a key falls out.)

> take book. x book. put book in pack.

> look. take odd key. x it. (long and gold-colored with metal ring)

> put odd key in back pocket.

> s.

Big Closet

> x pile. search pile.

> look. x brand new key. take it. put it in back pocket.

> n. e. d.

North Stairway

> unlock door with bronze key. put bronze key in back pocket.

> e.

Laundry Room

> x outlets. x counter. search counter.

> x magic box. (For re-sizing clothing; read back of box.)

> read back of box. take magic box.

> put magic box in pack.

> w. u. s.

Long Hall at Three Doors

> unlock panel with new key. (Red button revealed.)

> x red button. push it. (Stairs come down. The ghost flies up.)

> put new key in back pocket.

> x stairs. u.


> x roof. x window. x sill.

> x work table. (near window, okay to sit on.)

> x card table. x old sheet. x old tablet. x instrument.

> ask ghost about ghost. (He wants you to open the window.)

> sit on work table. open window.

You now get to ask the ghost about something. You have one chance to guess right.

> ask ghost about Natalie. (He writes something and leaves.)

> x tablet. ("B S Hotel")

> look through window.

> throw stone out window. (The tall grass is now safe.)

> stand.

Escaping out this window is a very difficult puzzle and you can't do it until you get batteries for the fan, and no, the batteries you need aren't in the battery-operated lantern. Head back to the gallery.

> d. n. d. w. s. e.

The Gallery

So difficult to guess this. How are we to know that putting the specs back on Ben might do anything whatsoever? And nothing in the game suggested that this statue might animate or have something inside it.

> put specs on Ben. (He spits out batteries before he and the specs turn back to stone.)

> x batteries. take batteries.

Return to the attic:

> w. n. e. u. s. u.


Okay, here's the escape plan: you'll be shrinking yourself down, getting in the paper airplane, and the fan will blow the airplane and you riding it out the window to freedom. Before shrinking down, you'll need to put batteries in the fan, punch holes in the airplane to make it more aerodynamic, and put everything where you need it to be so this will work. Also, there's a time constraint with the shrinking powder plus a hands-free constraint too, so you have to pay attention to inventory management too.

Figuring this all out was very difficult. Lots of trial and error. You'll want to SAVE before shrinking in case you mess up on any of the details.

> take creased note. fold it.

> take puncher. punch hole in airplane with puncher.

> put puncher in pack. put airplane on sill.

> put fan on work table. put batteries in fan. close fan.

Take a moment to make sure you're wearing everything you can and have anything else in the pack.

> sit on sill.

> save.

> pour magic on me.

Sunny Mesa

> put magic in pack.

Impossible to guess this, and you need to be hands-free for it to work:

> jump on button. (+15. You fly to...)

West Side of Yard

You grow then auto-take the airplane and the blue stone on arrival.

> x ladder. take ladder. (You lean it against the fence.)

> u. (+5)

Lockridge Yard (on the black trampoline)

> x trampoline. stand.

> tell Judith about mansion.

You tell her everything as you hear the US postal truck go by. Judith suggests that Mabel and Natalie will be disguised and to use a mojo that's strongly connected to Natalie. Then she waves you off to...

Lockridge House

You can't return to Judith nor get your coffee pot back. Sorry. Head to the mailbox room:

> e. s. s. s. w. s.

Mailbox Room

> unlock mailbox 9 with mailbox key. (You take a package key.)

> put keyring in left pocket.

> x package key. read it. (It's for box 3.)

> unlock box #3 with package key. (You take a square package.)

> x square package. open it.

> x stuffed frog. (It's Ribbit, Natalie's favorite childhood toy.)

> x notepaper.

> take Ribbit. hug it. (It points north.)

> n. e. n. n. e.

Alley Entrance

> x alley. s. (Not interested.)

> hug Ribbit.

Normally, at this point, I'd use Ribbit to lead us to Natalie, but there's a problem. She's is inside the hotel as the ghost told us, but the hotel entrance is blocked by a doorman. To get past the doorman, we'll need a hotel employee disguise. To get the disguise, we'll need some money. And the only money available will be grabbed by someone else if we play normally.

Instead, we'll use our advance knowledge from previous play sessions to go get the money right away.

> e. n. n. n. w.

Pick-A-Spot Lot

If you don't find the bill within a few turns, it'll be blown away to the east, and the guy at tke kiosk will grab it.

> search cars. take bill. x bill.

Once you have the bill, you can relax again and examine the scenery before moving on:

> x cars. x windows. x big sign. x granite wall. x side wall.

> e.

Sidewalk at Lot

Once Harold is here, he won't let you into the lot without a ticket.

> x kiosk. x man. x magazine.

> n.

Hotel Front

This business with the doorman, of course, makes no sense. How is anyone supposed to get a room key in the first place without entering the hotel?

> x Scottie. w. (Scottie wants to see your room key.)

> ask Scottie about hotel. ask Scottie about Natalie.

> ask Scottie about uniform.

> s. s.

Goblins Inc Front

> x placard. (Costumes for sale or rent, including custom made ones.)

> w.

Costume Sales Floor

> x Marky. x tome. x counter.

> ask Marky about costumes.

> n.

Rental Room

> x uniform. take it. s.

Costume Sales Floor

> ask Marky about uniform. (It's Robert's actual hotel uniform.)

> smell uniform.

> w.

Changing Room

> x mirror. x door.

> remove pack. wear uniform. (It goes over your normal clothes.)

> wear pack. e.

Costume Sales Floor

> give bill to Marky. (You've bought the costume.)

> e. n. n. (+15)

Hotel Front

Scottie chews you out for not looking your best and tells you to use the service entry just to the right inside. No drinking on the job!

But you're in...


> x desk. x pigeonholes. (101 to 130, 201 to 230)

> x sign-in book. (BSL and PS?)

> take clip. (It's out of reach.)

> x bell. x bench. (For bellhops to sit on.)

> n.

Locker Room

Oddly, there's no advantage to keeping the uniform on once you're inside the hotel.

> x bench. x lockers. search lockers.

> remove pack. remove uniform.

> put uniform in pack. wear pack.

> w.

Cleaning Closet

I have no idea why this room exists.

> x sink. x cart.

> e. n. u. sw. sw.

Upper Hub

> hug frog. (points to room 217)

> listen to 217. (You hear no talking.)

> knock on 217. (Too dangerous.)

> in.


> push button. z. w. e.

Center Hall

> x posters. x shelves. e.


Now that you're out of costume:

> push bell. (Frank arrives.)

> x Frank. (He has a large ring with a single key.)

> ask Frank about room 217. x block.

> ask Frank about block.

> ask Frank about sign-in book. (Frank pulls the paper clip out.)

> take clip. (Not while Frank is there.)

> ask Frank about casino. ask Frank about cafe.

> ask Frank about Scottie. ask Frank about Natalie.

> ask Frank about clip. ask Frank about odd key.

> ask Frank about Frank. ask Frank about favorite color.

> w. e. (Leave and come back; Frank will be gone.)

> take paper clip.

> w. w. in. push button. z. w.

Upper Hub

> unlock door 217 with odd key. (+20)

Room 217

> x statue. hug frog.

> x bed. x night table.

> open drawer. look in it. close it.

> x lamp. x brown door. x narrow door.

> x window. look through window.

> s.

Hotel Bathroom

> x statue. x sink.

> n.

Room 217

> n. (Locked)

> save.

> straighten clip. put wire in tiny hole. n.

Room 215 (on the old plush couch)

We seem to have found the game's author!? What? You only have a few turns to do anything while Brian monologues.

> x man. x computer. x note tablet.

You learn about the commands MARBSTATUE something and UNMARBSTATUE something. Then you're back in Room 217 without the odd key or the wire.

Room 217

There's several turns where you must be patient and passive and let Natalie tell her story without interruption.

> z. (Natalie becomes human. The man next door yells "knock on the blue door when you've convinced her to be with me!")

> z. (Natalie says she met him through work.)

> z. (His name is Brian Littleness. He got flirty.)

> z. (He invited her to dinner. She said no, of course.)

> z. (He had a strange glow in his eyes and was sad.)

> z. (Something's not quite right about him. Her mojo didn't stop this.)

> z. (This morning, she was cooking breakfast, then found herself here with him.)

> z. (She kicked him. He said he would make her love him.)

> z. (Then she was locked in here and Mabel appeared. Mabel wanted to torture Natalie, but Brian turned her into a statue.)

> z. (He's keeping Mabel here just in case she agrees to give him "love magic". Natalie tried to kick him again but then she became a statue too. NOTE: "he called out a couple words"; that's your clue to CALL UNMARBSTATUE at the appropriate time.)

> z. (You give Ribbit to her. She's happier and you tell her your story.)

Okay, now it's your turn to look at what's new and ask Natalie some questions:

> e. (It's locked and you're trapped.)

> x mojo. x violet bag.

> ask Natalie about Natalie. ask Natalie about Mabel Maybre.

> ask Natalie about Brian. ask Natalie about Ribbit.

> ask Natalie about her mojo. ask Natalie about contraption.

> ask Natalie about Bunco Springs Hotel.

> think about Natalie. think about Mabel.

> think about note tablet. think about contraption.

> think about Bunco Springs Hotel. think about Ribbit.

> think about blue door.

Time to act, and frankly, I don't know how anyone is supposed to figure out that you need to call out an instruction you've never used before to Brian's computer in the other room. The one clue hidden in Natalie's long recap speech is far too subtle. And how many other games have you played where yelling a magic spell to a distant computer is a game mechanic?

> knock on blue door. call unmarbstatue Mabel.

> z. z. (You suddenly now look like Brian.)

> z. (+20)

Brian, disguised as you, enters via the blue door.

Then Mabel, disguised as Natalie, emerges from the bathroom. They leave together, leaving you (as Brian) and the real Natalie still trapped.

The bathroom is now locked and inaccessible, but Room 215 is now free.

> n.

Room 215

Note 1: If you drop the staff and try to approach (attack, stab, take, touch) the drive in any way, then you become brainwashed, evil, and eventually a statue in duplicate Natalie's lair.

Note 2: If you are protected by the staff, blunt attacks with the brick or staff won't work against the drive. You must stab it to win the game.

> x computer. x drive. (evil ooze?)

> stab drive with left blade. (+20)

Many things happen: Drive becomes a purple face which is swallowed by the blade. You become yourself again. The doors unlock. Natalie's gone. You leave the hotel, seeing Mabel and Brian arrested.

Back home, you find Natalie! You have a very very long talk about all the events. It goes well.

The next day, you're both at Judith's for breakfast. Judith's arrangement with a cleaning lady is making sure all evidence you were in the mansion vanish. You leave Judith's and Natalie returns home to make lunch.

On The Street

> read red letters.

> s.

*** You have destroyed evil and won! ***



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I would like to thank the incredible team of authors, including Graham Nelson, Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin, Hanon Ondricek, etc etc, for the wonderful design system, Inform 7, that I used to create this game. They and others also helped me to understand some of Inform's finer points, particularly via, a bulletin-board service on the internet, set up for new authors like me.

Many thanks also go to the following--Mike Spivey, Brian Rushton, McTavish, and Roger Durrant--for their arduous efforts at testing this game. Special thanks to Roger Durrant for coming up with the title for this game. Another special thank-you to Mogwai for his comments and help.

I would also like to thank my girlfriend--who declined to be named (and her name is NOT Natalie)--for her input on the many puzzles and map layouts in the game.

Also, many thanks in advance to the IF players who will hopefully try their hand in this work of interactive fiction.


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So you have earned your-score out of a possible 316, in several turns.

Thus is the extent of your worth.

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